Back To Reality

Things I am missing tonight:

My patio chair on the deck where I’ve blogged from the past two weeks. 
The sound of the waves.
The view of the ocean from the kitchen sink, the shower, the living room, and the toilet. Yes, I said toilet.
My sister-in-law and her family who stayed in the same apartment as we did.
Laying in bed playing Words With Friends while listening to the waves.
My 8:30 pm appointment with the sunset
Having a pool within 30 steps of my front door.
Carefree daily living

Things I am not missing tonight:

The spotty internet service.
The flat pillows
The strange bed
The anticipation of the 15 hour drive home.
My Tivo

We departed Florida at precisely 4:35 AM (Yes, I said AM) and made two stops to eat and two stops for gas. It was a perfectly uneventful drive and the kids were angels. I didn’t cause any commotion either. Even though we had a great time hanging in Florida with McDaddy’s family, it is good to be home.

It is back to reality, where I am facing a mound of laundry, stacks of mail, meetings, appointments, the start of school, and suitcases that need unpacked and put away.

Happy Monday y’all!


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