What I Learned This Week [At The Baseball Field]

I know that there are probably at least a hand-full of y’all who are sick to death of hearing about baseball. You have to understand that at least one of us is ate up with it around here.

I won’t mention which one.

Opening ceremonies took place on Saturday morning and I was all antsy about the busy schedule and the fact that McDaddy and I couldn’t sit in the bleachers together and watch our boys play ball. The antsiness continued throughout the day and by the end of the evening, I was pooped, physically and emotionally.

It only seemed fitting that I devote an entire post to things I learned at the baseball field this week.

1. White baseball pants are a joke. A big fat, dirty, dusty joke that requires a lot of attention. As of the fourth wash today, one pair of pants still had a light brown ring around the bottom.

2. It’s probably not the best idea to allow the dirty, dusty pants to sit in a laundry basket for two days before attempting to get them clean.

3. The smile of an eight year old, after his first run ever scored in a baseball game, could light up the world. And so could his mama’s.

4. Over excited mothers might need a pantyliner. Ahem.

5. Packing your own drinks and snacks will save a bundle of money.

6. The concession stand is a hopping place on a Saturday.

7. Watching baseball in 84 degree weather is more enjoyable than watching in 44 degree weather.

8. As with anything I suppose, the politics and the drama abounds.

9. Either decide to scrub cleats after each game, or decide not to complain about dirty shoes.

I’ll just scrub, thank you very much.

10. Any battery other than the rechargeable ones are not worth fifteen cents in my digital camera. Duracell, I took 7 (count them, SEVEN) pictures before the battery crapped completely out. Furious? Oh yes I was.

11. Clear the schedule, baby. Clear the schedule.

12. It will take me a sweet forever to learn ALL of the rules.

13. The voice won’t be around for long if you scream like a crazy person.

What did YOU learn this week?

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  1. Danielle Milam says

    I, too, am eat up with baseball fever – or softball in my case! And the smile on j’s face could have lit up the world too! She’s never been on a winning team at anything and when they crushed the other team on saturday, you couldn’t wipe the smile from her face!

  2. says

    LOVE it and can picture it all! Having 84 degree weather? That would be a norm for us, or warmer yet, yet we were int he 40’s with rain, and I was happy my son is a t-ball dropout so we didn’t have to sit in it! 🙂 Maybe one day….after age 5 or something. Anyhow, so glad the spring is bringing in fun for you and your family!

  3. Pam says

    Oxi-Clean spray works great as a pre-treat for those white pants! When my oldest played football his pants were a very light gray and very difficult to get clean (I’m like you and thought they had to be spotless!) I used the spray as the pre-treat and then added a scoop of the powder with my regular detergent and it worked great!

  4. says

    I have to say, having crisp, perfectly white pants anytime after the first game is kinda a no-no. The amount and degree of stain on the baseball pants is pretty much like a status symbol.
    Not sure if that holds true for the moms’ pants 🙂

  5. Erika says

    I have to say ” Thank you Jesus” when my son was 5 years old he played on season of T-ball, hated it and off to spring soccer he went. I never told him at the time I disliked this sport. (even though I played softball in 8th grade as was shortstop and 2 basemen. I just prayed he wouldn’t like this long season boring sport . lol


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