The Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. If you are one of my eight loyal blog fans, I appreciate you and hope you learn something about me you don’t already know. If this is your first visit to ‘From Inmates To Playdates’, I sure welcome you to visit any ole’ time. I just love having company. There’s copious amounts of Dr. Pepper in the fridge and there just might be a hidden box of Tagalongs in the corner cabinet.

For starters, I started blogging in June, 2006 for myself and 200 of my closest friends on mySpace. After deciding that me and this bloggy gig could be a happy couple, I decided to take the bloggy plunge and join the blogosphere. That whole Inmates to Playdates title? Well, let me just say that my title has nothing to do with me finding love in jail. Before hanging up my handcuffs to be a stay-at-home-mommy, I spent my time walking the hallowed halls of the Regional Jail as an inmate counselor. If you want to know more about my kind of crazy, you can visit my About Me page!

I am 37 years old and I am married to McDaddy who happens to be the most patient man on the planet. He is a control systems genius engineer and also a member of the WV Air National Guard. He was recently deployed for six-months at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he diligently protected our butts, our freedoms and whatever else needed protecting . I talk about him often here at Inmates and I am so proud to be his wife. Oh, and did I mention he is hot? Because, clearly, he is.

I have a eight-year-old son named Stevie. He is a cool kid who loves Legos, Sonic, and his beloved DS. He is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known and I’m not at all just saying that because he is mine. He is thoughtful, polite and loving. (He’s also very smart but I don’t want to sound like one of those mothers).

I also have a five-year-old son named Alex. He has two speeds. Asleep. And wide open. It is comical to watch him in action. He loves to run, jump, climb and bulldoze. He loves Lightning McQueen, Sonic, and Tom & Jerry, and any little trinket he can carry around in his hands all. day. long. He is sweet, independent and cute as a button.

My boys are the joy of my life and I am thankful for the privilege of being a [stay-at-home] mother even though I rarely stay at home. 

I have a truck-load of quirks and I am gifted in the art of conversation. Just ask me. I enjoyed my time in jail very much but I enjoy motherhood even more. I love the Saturn Sky, Reality TV, and Dr. Pepper. This blog is like a bag of chex mix. Sometimes you get a boring ole raisin and sometimes you get a M&M. Either way, when enjoyed together, it is a great mix.

I have talked at length about my funeral, watching an embalming and even pap smears. Some days I talk about my sweet boys, my hubby or my Jesus.

I host a fun bloggy carnival on Tuesdays called What I Learned This Week. I’d love for you to join me sometime.

Although I realize you have a lot of stops to make, I invite you to nose around and enjoy my daily dose of crazy. Believe me, there is plenty to go around.

Thanks for stopping by From Inmates To Playdates! And thanks to the gals over at 5 Minutes For Mom for hosting this soiree.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the hundreds of prizes being offered at the party. Hear me, I said hundreds!!!

Happy Blog Hopping!


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    Love your blog! I’m a new blogger, and decided to join the blog party because of your post! I mentioned you in my “party” entry. But I don’t know how to “link up” or “backtrack”. Sorry!!
    Laurie recently posted…Its A Party!!My Profile

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    I am now following from the UBP11, I must say your title totally caught my eye! I am currently going to school for my bachelor’s in criminal justice! This is why I love the UBP, I find totally awesome bloggers!

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    Hi! Just stopping by on the UBP11 Tour! I love your site and getting to know you.

    I have followed you – I hope you’ll do the same for me!

    I own a KIDS COOKING STORE called BITE SIZE CHEF – it’s a FUN place, I hope you’ll stop by!

    Our blog is Little Bites
    Our Facebook is http://www.facebook/bitesizechef
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    Hope to talk to you soon!

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    Stopping by for the UBP! Your previous job certainly is attention-grabbing. I’m glad you revealed what it meant! I have a son too, he’s 2.5, and I have another baby due in June. I’m a SAHM and I write (mainly science ficiton, though I have a kids’ Christmas book I’m hoping to find a home for this year) when I can get everybody to bed.

    I hope you’ll come stop by Science Fiction Mommy:

    Enjoy the party!

    Eileen Rhoadarmer – Science Fiction Mommy recently posted…Late March Kiddie CraftsMy Profile

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    Hello! Lovely Blog I’m stopping by from UBP11, I cant to read more..

    I’m your newest follower,
    Karina @

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    We LOVE your blog! we are Thrilled to say we are your newest followers and {blog} friends! my sister and I just created a blog and would LOVE for you to come take a peek and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow us and become our newest {blog} friends as well;) (family blog)

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