Long and Random

The list of stuff I learned this week is long and random.

You know, kind of like every post I do around here.

Long. And random.

I will try to keep the commentary to a minimum, but you know that usually doesn’t go well. I am watching The Bachelor, but only because Emily is from West Virginia and I want to see if Brad will FINALLY MAKE A DECISION. I vowed to quit watching The Bachelor after the 294th time I heard Chris Harrison utter the words, “The most dramatic rose ceremony ever.” I like drama more just as much as the next person, but really, can EVERY episode be “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever?” I think not. I was nosing around on Facebook and saw a bunch of posts about Emily and Brad and I knew I needed to get in on the action. And as is generally the case, it was, “the most dramatic proposal ever!”


Here’s the long and random list of things I learned this week:

1. March 14, 2011 is National Pi Day. In honor of the event, I enjoyed some nice, round Thin Mints.

2. Baseball is an expensive sport. Especially with two kids playing for the first time.

3. Little League players cannot slide into first base.

4. I have a lot to learn about baseball.

5. Reunion is a tough word for a second grader to learn to spell.

6. Ice Blocking is an outdoor activity similar to sleigh riding, only without a sled. And snow.

7. The Wal-Mart sells caskets.  And so does Costco. Neither of them have a solid mahogany one though.

I ran into my funeral director friend at the ball-field over the weekend. I reminded him that if I ever come across his embalming table, I’d like for him to leave me about 1/8 of an inch, instead of wiring my mouth completely closed for all of eternity.

8. A fly-swatter is a wonderful instrument for setting off a mouse trap for the express purpose of re-applying peanut butter.

I don’t really know why I added the word ‘express’ in there, it just sounded fancy.

9. Payola is an official approved Words With Friends word.

10. When the iHop frigs up your pancakes, (and by frigs up your pancakes, I mean runny in the middle and not cooked fully), there is at least one iHop manager in a West Virginia restaurant, who will tell you that discounting the bill by $1.00 is okay.

I am not typically one to complain about food in a restaurant, but when you’re having pancakes at the International House of Pancakes, you kinda expect your pancakes to be done. Totally different story if you happen to be eating pancakes at, oh I don’t know, the International House of Eggs.

11. My son is just as meticulous as I am.

12. Cookie dough is an excellent fundraiser for an elementary school.

13. The perfect time to go to Chuck E. Cheese, if there is a perfect time, is Monday afternoon at 3 PM.

14. I heard this week that hot movie popcorn is best enjoyed when you drop peppermint patties into it.

It is my goal to try that this week on popcorn day at Stevie’s elementary school.

15. According to Time, The iPad was the #1 Gadget in 2010. The iPhone 4 was #6.

Ineed an iPad.

16. Dragon Dictation is a really cool iPhone APP, however, it will not allow me to dictate the name, McDaddy.

17. Even if you don’t trap a mouse in one of the many glue traps in your home, you will probably get lots of ladybugs.

18. I told y’all it was LONG. And RANDOM. So, what’s new?

What did YOU learn this week?


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  1. says

    I better go ahead and tell my hubby that he better NOT buy me a Walmart casket. Target, maybe, but NOT Walmart.
    I think ice blocking looks like fun but those ice blocks on Sister Wives were too little! They kept falling off of them.
    What did you think of the Bachelor?

  2. says

    Suggestion: you need to add a baseball tag to your tags, because there was certainly baseball in this, and more to come, I’m sure! Great post, and always so fun to read. We’re starting t-ball at age 3, so you can imagine the excitement and cost there too. Hopefully your kids at least keep their mitts on (not throw up in the air during a game for fun)! I had an exboyfriend too, who did Milk Duds and popcorn. One to definitely try!

  3. says

    I just learned this…you can type a big long comment, hit submit and it will lose your comment!

    Here were my thoughts in sum: you should consider adding a “baseball” tag to this post, as I’m sure more are coming! I think you’re lucky your boys are starting now. My 3-year-old is enjoying throwing his mitt up in the air for fun during a practice, and running to me, excited, instead of around the bases!

    I had a friend too, who loved Milk Duds and popcorn. Should try it!

  4. says

    You made me laugh with this post! International House of Eggs? Not wiring your mouth completely closed upon death? Seriously……funny.
    I linked up for the first time here. Please let me know if I broke any of the rules….I’m not that much of a rebel. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this.
    Be blessed,


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