American Idol Recap – Top 13

THIS is American Idol. I love that Ryan makes those four little words so dramatic.

Oh yes ma’am, you guessed it. When I heard the words Top 13, I knew immediatly that I’d be doing a Thursday Thirteen recap post as I watched American Idol because I have an opinion about everybody and everything and why not share it in real time? (Or almost real time).

Lauren Alaina  (Any Man Of Mine) –  I love Shania Twain and I like Lauren. I always feel bad for the first one out of the gate. By the end of the night it’s hard to remember the first performance and I don’t think Lauren did enough to make it memorable. She was memorable during auditions and she shoulda stuck with something that woulda stuck out. (That’s a lot of stuck, don’t you think?) It reminds me of a karaoke CD we have around here somewhere. I do think she is pretty as a doll, though.

Casey Abrams  (With A Little Help From My Friends) – First of all, I think Casey’s beard makes him look a lot older than he really is. With that said, I think that boy can really sang. Ladies and gentleman, Casey knocked it out the park. When that gospel-y choir came out it added another level of awesomeness to his performance and the raspiness of his voice just topped the whole thing off. And THAT ladies and gentleman is how you make yourself memorable. His performance was so great that Steven Tyler said something about a “plethora of passion” whatever that means. Am I the only one that gets lost in Steven Tyler’s intellectual profoundness?

Ashton Jones  (When You Tell Me That You Love Me) – On a fashion note, Ashton’s dress is adorable. I love the color and I love the hangy sleeve. She did a good job, but nothing about her performance made her stand out, unless you count her hair because it does make her stand out.

How many times can Jennifer Lopez utter the word amazing in a two-hour time period?

Paul McDonald  (Come Pick Me Up) – McDaddy pointed out that Paul looks a lot like Kenny Loggins, and that’s funny to me because his dance moves are a little, well, footloose. I have never heard this song and chances are I won’t remember it three minutes from now. The performance didn’t do much for me, but his jacket/shirt combo did.

Pia Toscano  (All By Myself) – CHILLS. Pia is singing this song as if she is all by herself on that big stage and not being watched by millions of people. Very few people have been successful when singing Celine’s songs on The Idol (as I’m sure Randy will point out ) because most of them don’t have the chops. Pia. has. the. chops. In the words of Steven Tyler, you just slammed it.

James Durbin (Maybe I’m Amazed) – James reminds me of Adam Lambert, only without the guy-liner. He did a wonderful job tonight and I am surprised that he can sing Judas Priest one week and Paul McCartney the next. Both, with great success.

Either James is extremely tall or Ryan is a midget.

Haley Reinhart (Blue) – I loved this song when LeAnn Rimes sang it and I still love it today. Haley didn’t put much originality into the performance, but I liked it and thought she did a great job. Not sure what planet Randy was on, but that performance was anything but boring. Dawg, I must say I disagree.

Jacob Lusk (I Believe I Can Fly) – Oh. Shucks. Anytime the gospel choir enters the scene, I automatically give out bonus points. Jacob has a set of pipes and he sure as heck showed them off tonight. He made it look effortless. Very nice.

Thia Megia (Smile) – Is it just me or did something big happen in the middle of this song? And by big, I mean some sort of sound malfunction. I wasn’t overly impressed with this performance, but I thought she did a good job. Especially when you consider the fact that she is only fifteen years old.

Stefano Langone  (Lately) – Love Stefano. He did his thing and I was tapping my toe. The arrangement was crazy different but I liked it. I’ve been rooting for Stefano since he sang “I Need You Now” the song that won him a wildcard spot in the Top 13. Very talented, that boy.

Karen Rodriguez (I Could Fall In Love) – I, for one, was happy that Karen sang in English. I don’t feel quite as connected to the singers when they sing in another language. She might as well have been first out of the gate because I won’t remember that performance after the commercial.

Scotty McCreery (The River) – I was just sure Scotty was going to bust out his infamous “Baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low” and even if that were the case, I would have loved it. I think Scotty is a cutie patootie with a very distinctive voice.  Scotty, I just love you! I know your mama is proud!

Naima Adedapo (Umbrella) – Sheesh, it took me three tries to get her name spelled right. I cant imagine what Kindergarten must have been like for her. Naima’s got a lot going on with that get-up she’s wearing, but she seems very comfortable on stage, and I give props to anyone who can dance like that. That arrangement was off the hook and I had a hard time keeping up. She is definitely a unique individual and I enjoyed her performance.

Best of the night: Pia, Jacob and Scotty

Should go: Thia or Karen

What did y’all think?


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    I LOVE your blog. It always brings a little ray of sunshine into my day.
    I also LOVE James Durbin. I think even though he does get all rock star most of the time he also has some PIPES!
    And just in case you were wondering, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Steven Tyler!

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