American Idol – Top 11 Again

I am sitting on my big, blue bloggy couch live-blogging American Idol. My feet and legs are tired because I spent six hours today unloading, sorting, distributing, deciphering and loading cookie dough for a school fundraiser. Then, I hurried home, changed clothes, rushed out the door and went to church with my fellas. I am tired as all get out and thankful to finally sit down and relax. I’ve got about two cents and some change left in me and I plan to use every bit of that as I navigate through this week’s Elton John Extravaganza.

Did you hear me? I said Elton John.


In an emotional move last week, the judges used their one solitary save to keep Casey in the competition. I’m not sure how I feel about that decision. I like Casey and I feel like he is very talented. I just wish we would see more of the Casey-that-played-the- bass during Hollywood week. That Casey is unique and memorable.

Did I mention tonight is Elton John night? It should be an eclectic, entertaining night of music. I would never think to compare Lady GagGag to Elton John, but man, he did wear some crazy get-ups back in the day.

In the words of Simon Cowell, (I miss you, Simon!) off we go!

Scotty McCreery– “Country Comfort”  – I was not a bit surprised to find out Scotty was singing this song. I was surprised, however, to discover that Elton John sang anything with the word, “country” in it. Scotty did an awesome job and I think he could leave the show right now and be the male equivalent of Taylor Swift. There’s not a whole lot that Scotty needs to do because he knows what works and he follows his script. He sings like a songbird and I’d love to hear him say, Babylockthedoorsandturnthelightsdownlow just one more time.

Naima Adedapo – “I’m Still Standing” – Naima is one funky gal. I found myself bopping up and down to the beat of this song, but I’d be surprised if she still finds herself standing come tomorrow night. Rather, I think she’ll be on the left side of the stage, on a stool awaiting her fate. The jury is still out on her voice, but I must give her props for the unique performances she delivers week after week.

Paul McDonald – “Rocket Man” – So first of all, I love his wardrobe choice. That suit is the bomb diggety. The song, however, is not the bomb diggety. In my opinion, Paul would be really good at sittin on a bar-stool, on a stage, in a dim lounge at the Excalibur in Vegas. American Idol? Um, I’m just not so sure. With two people being evicted from the island this week, I’m thinking Paul might be in danger.

Pia Toscano –  “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me is one of my favorite Elton John tunes of all time. I’m sure Pia and her pipes will do a great job on the song because hello? It is a ballad and ballads are her thing, especially with a full blown gospel choir backing her up. There’s just something about a gospel choir. Just as I suspected, she slayed it. She seems comfortable and in her element on that stage but I’m waiting for the time when she’ll break out and do something different. I just want to know one thing. Where in the heck was I when the good looks, singing talent, great bodies, and sexy legs were handed out? Really. Where was I?

Stafano Langone – “Tiny Dancer” – I was so sad to find out that Stefano was in the bottom two last week. If he would sing every song the way he sang, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” things would be a lot simpler for him. I think he’s doing a good job on this song, but I thought the same thing last week and look where that got him. Nice job, Stafano, but dawg, you shoulda sang “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” and kicked it up a notch.

Lauren Alana  – “Candle In The Wind” – This is another one of my favorite Elton John songs. This is a lofty ambition for Lauren and it will be a toss-up as to whether or not she can pull it off. I’m not a big fan of the arrangement, but she seems to have good control of the song. I think Alana did her thing this week which is good if she expects to compete with the likes of Pia and Casey.

James Durbin – “Saturday Night’s All Right” – James reminds me of Adam Lambert. And now there is a piano on fire which is such a waste because oh my gosh I love a grand piano. Especially a red one. In true James fashion he is entertaining the crowd. He brought his game to the field this week and I really enjoyed the performance even though I am not a big fan of hard rock. Very nice.

Thia Megia – “Daniel” – Before I get started, I have to ask if that is the same red piano that was engulfed in flames just minutes ago? Because if it is, I totally want to know how they did that. Not a lot to say about this performance because it is boring. Thia’s been on borrowed time for weeks and I think this might be it for her. I’m thinking Daniel just put the final nail in Thia’s coffin.

Casey Abrams – “Your Song” – I think Casey did a good job on this song and I was sure they just cut his hair, which is weird to me because it doesn’t look much different than it did before they cut it. He showed the world that he belongs in the competition and with that performance, I’ll bet he won’t be in the bottom two this week.

Jacob Lusk – “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – About halfway through the song, McDaddy pointed out that Jacob was crying. How in the heck can ole’ boy sing like that with crocodile tears rolling down his face? I like Jacob and I think he did it tonight. Most memorable performance of the night, in my humble opinion.

Haley Rinehart – “Bennie and the Jets” – I love the piano arrangement and I love that she is propped up on the piano, but OHMYWORD, how does one get down from there on live television? Haley is having a big-eyed time with this song and finally, FINALLY she came out of her shell. She’s rockin’, I’m tapping my toe, and I’m saying I spoke to soon. She trumped Jacob. I. Like. It. Very nice.

I can’t believe the show is over and we didn’t hear one person sing, Can You Feel The Love Tonight? I was sure, SURE I TELL YOU, that someone would sing it. But now that I think about it, maybe they’re saving that one for tomorrow night.

Best of the night: Haley

Worst of the night: Thia

Going Home: Thia and Paul McDonald

You Capture – Vibrance

Unfortunately, my laptop is still on the fritz, which makes me sad because for one, it is pink, and second, because it is mine. I am using McDaddy’s laptop which is sort of like driving a rental car.  Which would be awesome if I were driving a Saturn Sky. Instead, I feel like I’m driving around in a rental van that is strangely unfamiliar and bigger than the one I’m used to driving.

Still, I’m thankful to have something to drive.

The other option is to hook an old-school monitor in to my laptop, but for some reason I have trouble following the cursor on the monitor while using the keyboard on the laptop which should come as no surprise because that would require concentration.

I miss the ease of my keyboard and the ease of downloading (or is it uploading? I never know.) pictures from my card directly onto my computer. McDaddy’s computer requires a card reader? stick shoved into one of the holes on the side of the laptop and Lord only knows what happened to the stick since the last time I used it. I’d bet the farm that McDaddy has no earthly idea where the stick is as this point because I have no idea where the stick is. So for those of you keeping score that means if I don’t know where something is, chances are, McDaddy doesn’t either.

Since my iPhone has a really good camera I don’t have to worry about that crazy card reader stick, so that means I can proceed with You Capture business as usual.

This week’s You Capture challenge is Vibrance.

Nothing says vibrance like some bling, (Hey Kate, can I come to the wedding?)


and more bling.

And of course a Vibrant Sunburst yellow Saturn Sky.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Have a vibrant Wednesday, y’all.

I’m a little teapot, short and stout

here is my handle, here is my spout.

I remember singing that song in my nursery school class. Or maybe it was Kindergarten. At any rate, I couldn’t help but think of that song when I saw this cute little teapot, also known as the neti pot.

I’ve responded to several e-mail inquiries regarding the neti pot. And before you ask, I solemnly swear that I will NOT display pictures of myself (or anyone else for that matter) actually using the sucker. Now that’s not to say I don’t have pictures of myself with the neti-pot sticking out of my nose, mind-you, because thanks to the flip-around function on the iPhone it is entirely possible to take a picture of yourself while holding the neti-pot in your nostril. It’s not pretty, but I do have it. I’ll spare you the mental picture though because even I have my limits.

This is what I learned this week about the neti pot.

Keep in mind that I have been miserable with nasal congestion for the better part of three months, so I will try just about anything. 

For those of you who have no earthly idea what a neti-pot is or what it is used for, allow me to give you a little background information.

The neti-pot is typically filled with water and some sort of saline solution and is used to irrigate and cleanse the nasal passages. And can I just say if you have never suffered from allergy problems or nasal congestion consider yourself lucky. I happen to live in a city that is surrounded on all sides by chemical plants. In my 37 years of life I have never had the ability to breath clearly. For some reason, the last three or four months have been particularly bad and just since Christmas I’ve used approximately three gazillion tissues.

I did a little online medical research and decided to give the neti-pot a try in hopes that it might help my condition. I recalled an incident that happened years ago when I was visiting McDaddy’s sister and her family. My brother-in-law (who is always one step ahead of the general public when it comes to anything whatsoever) busted out a little ceramic pot that he proceeded to put in one of his nostrils. I classified him as a freak right there on the spot and just about gagged watching the whole thing go down.


And here I am, years later, jumping right on the freak train.

So without further ado, here’s how the neti-pot works:

STEP 1: Empty contents of the “all-natural, ultra-fine grain quick dissolving saline solution” packet into the pot.

NOTE: The package suggests that first-time users start with half of a packet until accustomed to the using ‘the system’.

 STEP 2: Fill the pot half full with warm water.

NOTE: Using water that is extremely hot or extremely cold will be a shock to your nose and is not suggested.

STEP 3: Stir thoroughly until dry ingredients have completely dissolved.

Now here’s where it gets tricky.

STEP 4: Lean over the sink with your head bent down so that you are looking into your sink. While holding the little pot in your right hand, insert the spout into your right nostril so that it forms a comfortable seal.

STEP 5:  Breathe with your mouth open as best you can or else you will think you are waterboarding yourself.

STEP 6: Rotate your head so that the right nostril is directly above your left. Raise the handle of the pot toward the sky so that the solution enters the right nostril. Within moments, the salty solution will begin to drain out the left nostril (and probably down the back of your throat). Do that for as long as you can stand it or in my case, until you choke on the saltwater.

STEP 7: Do not inflate or “snort” solution into the nose or you will gag and possibly puke.

STEP 8: Repeat the procedure on the other side.

STEP 9: When the pot is empty (or when you can’t take another drop of salt water in your nose), exhale through both nostrils to clear them of excess mucus and solution. Gently blow your nose into a tissue.

STEP 10: Spend the next hour attempting to get the salt taste out of your mouth.

NOTE: It takes me about forty minutes to complete this process. I can only take the salty contents in small doses, so I must pour, blow, rest, repeat. And it works for me!

I say it all the time people, this blog is about so much more than just entertainment.


What did YOU learn this week?

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Letters To Crazy People

Disaster struck here at the McResidence on Saturday morning. The backlight went out on my new Dell laptop. To be clear, the laptop isn’t actually new, but its the newest computer in the house and barely more than a year old. McDaddy spent a good part of the weekend researching the source of the problem and it sounds like the laptop is going to need a new screen. His research revealed that this is a common problem among my model of Dell laptops. I will be calling the fine folks at Dell tomorrow to inquire about my rights. In the meantime I am using his Dell (which used to be my Dell) to type this post.

Since I’m already aggravated, I thought I might as well add insult to injury and write some letters to crazy people. Interestingly enough, several visitors each day are referred over here from Google searching for precisely that. So, may I present to you the widely famous (or something like that), letters to crazy people.


Dear Richard Tang Yat Sun,

While I appreciate your offer to “share a ratio of US 24.5M” once I provide you with enough personal information to do some serious damage, I must respectfully decline your offer to ‘commence arrangements”.

“Yours with the kindest of regards”,

One of the thousand unsuspecting souls you e-mailed last Tuesday


Dear Steve Jobs,

Having the capability to create e-mail folders in your next update would be fabulous. Could you work that out for me, please?

With sincere appreciation for your iAwesomeness,

An iJunkie


Dear People Who Sell Stuff,

If your product must come with a sticker, the sticker should be placed somewhere that will not affect the general use of the product. Recently, I spent twenty-five minutes removing a sticker from a mirror that I was not able to use until I did that. My time is more valuable than that.

Really, it is.

An aggravated consumer


Dear McDaddy,

I love you. I really, really love you. But for the love of all that is sweet and gentle and kind, will you PLEASE remember to turn off your alarm clock the next time you leave town. Being awakened at 5:40 AM is not my idea of fun, especially since I am required at that ridiculous hour to figure out how to turn the alarm off.

Dazed and Confused,

Your Wife


Dear Dr. Pepper People,

For some reason you have decided that the caps on the 24 ounce bottles of Dr. Pepper need to be sealed like Fort Knox. It is hard to get my fix when I can’t even open your silly bottles. Can you have someone check on that for me?

With appreciation,

My Left Hand


Dear Parents,

When participating in a fundraiser, please make every effort to send in your order form neatly and legibly prepared so that the people processing your order won’t have to decipher your crazy. Oh, AND, a deadline is just that. A deadline.


A tired and weary fund-raising chairman


Dear Steven Tyler,

I love your music and I love your squeal. I also get that you are a super cool rocker with tens of thousands of fans, because  I am one of them. However. Your language on American Idol is a little over the top especially when you consider that many of the contestants on the show are minors. You’re livin’ on the edge. And you’re Crazy.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration,

A concerned mom blogger from Charleston, WV


Dear Stevie and Alex,

The toothpaste is supposed to go in your mouth. Not on the counter. Or the door. Or the back of the toilet.


Your mama


Dear General Motors,

On the off-chance that you find a Saturn Sky sitting on one of your lots, I’d still love to have one!

The Sky’s The Limit,



Have a great week, crazy people!

Thursday Thirteen – Things I Wish I Knew

I missed posting yesterday because the sickness ravaged my little house, effectively taking out two of us within a twelve hour period. Stevie started in with the P&Ps about 8:00 PM and I followed suit starting the next day at 7:00 AM. It was a rough 36 hours. I’m pretty sure Death came looking for me twice, but thankfully I was able to avoid him both times. What’s even more interesting is that McDaddy had the exact same sickness, at the exact same time, 200 miles away from us.

I appreciate those of you who inquired about my condition on Facebook. While I am not 100% better, I am much better. The saddest part about the whole sickness is that I missed Motown night on American Idol. I am watching it tonight on my beloved DVR but I won’t be live blogging it because, well, because it wouldn’t be live blogging. Oh, and have I mentioned that after three weeks away, McDaddy is FINALLY HOME! He doesn’t like for me to mention the fact that he is away from home because he’s convinced a crazy person might break in on us. Anyway, he’s home now and I couldn’t be happier. If I were live blogging American Idol I would say that PIA owned that stage. And then I would say that Naima’s outfit rocked.

I had prepared a partial Thursday Thirteen post with full intention of finishing it before Thursday arrived, but then I got sick and I was busy trying not to die and I forgot all about it. But, better late than never, right? 

May I present to you, 13 things I wish I knew:

1. How to speak Vietnamese – Few things aggravate me more than my Vietnamese nail technicians communicating with one another in their mother tongue. I have a sneaking suspicion they are talking about me, especially when I ask, “Are you talking about me” and they giggle. If you are providing a service that I AM PAYING FOR, I deserve to know what you are saying.

2. How If O.J. really did it – I recognize this sounds absolutely ridiculous. However. I was in California visiting family during the “infamous Bronco chase” and I made my uncle drive me around to get pictures of OJ’s house, Nicole’s house, and The Mezzaluna. I would love for O.J. to sit down with Oprah and spill his guts, because I believe he did it.

3. HTML Code – If I were proficient in HTML code, my bloggy life would be so much simpler. Plus, I could design stuff. And I enjoy designing stuff. So yeah, HTML code.

4. Why Spammers Can’t Be Stopped – I have used every opportunity at my disposal to block spammers. Blocking e-mail addresses, blocking IP addresses, and blocking blog addresses. YET. They still find a way to show up. I am convinced that the bottom level of the hottest place I can think of is reserved just for spammers. We can send a man to the moon, but we can’t stop spammers? Why is that?

5. How/When the phone cord got severed. Early this morning I approached the nebulizer to attach the inhaler part of it. I found one of the glue traps upside down on my computer cord and the cordless phone power cord beside of it was severed. NOW. My first thought was that my Roomba took hold of the glue trap and carried it to the pile of cords where it got lodged on my computer cord before running over and severing the cordless phone cord. That is, until, I was on the phone with Jill, and she suggested that the mouse returned, got stuck in the glue trap, worked its way across the room to the cords and gnawed on the phone cord until he was able to work its way loose from the glue trap. Thanks Jill, but I’m sticking with the Roomba scenario.

6. And speaking of the mouse Where in the heck is that stupid mouse – You may recall that McDaddy and I had a 3.5 hour standoff with a mouse about a month ago. Four weeks and eight traps later and the stupid thing has not been seen since. I think I would feel better if we could capture his sorry butt.

7. Worrying is a waste of time – Would you believe that I am still learning this at the ripe age of 37. I’ve come a long way but I still get that sinking feeling in my stomach when I’ve got something on my mind. I wish I could get it in my head that worrying does me NO GOOD.

8. More About Cars – McDaddy is a car fanatic. He talks about torque, lifts, and gear ratios. I think it would be fun to actually understand and engage in the conversation.

9. Where all the lost socks are hiding out – Without fail I end up with three or four spare socks each week whose partners have fallen victim to the laundry. I wish I knew where to find them, especially the really nice, GAP socks which have been purchased specifically to match a certain shirt.

10. Why Brad Bell transferred Don Diamont from Y&R to B&B – For those of you who are lost – Brad Bell is the head writer on The Young and The Restless. Don Diamont is arguably the most handsome man on daytime. B&B is, of course, The Bold and The Beautiful. For the life of me I cannot figure out why Brad would move him from Y&R to B&B. He’s a hunk and I miss him seeing him everyday.

11. Sign Language – My academic pursuits have been over for 13 years, however, if I were to start a new program it would be sign language. When the kids were small, I taught them a sign a week for lots of months. I know a wee little bit of sign language, but its like anything else – if you don’t use it, you lose it.

12. Why the check-engine light has been on in my van for months – As much as this bothers me, I know it bothers McDaddy even more. I’d love to know why that light won’t go off.

13. The source of my chronic nasal drippage – That’s the sweetest way I know how to put it. Since Christmas, I’ve been dealing with a chronic drainage problem. Only back then, in December, I had no idea it was going to be a ‘chronic’ problem. Now that its almost April though? Definitely chronic.

Anything you wish you knew?

A wonderful day to host a giveaway

It’s Thursday and it’s Spring. I am just coming off of the sickness and haven’t had the where-with-all to write a coherent blog post, so I thought today would be a wonderful day to host a giveaway.

Head over to my giveaway page for your chance to win a $55.00 promotional credit to CSN Stores where you can choose something great from any of the 200+ stores.

What are you waiting for? Get over there!

I Love My Job

Thanks to muddy ballfields, I scrub mud from tennis shoes and cleats almost daily. I pick up countless hot-wheels every single day. There are transformers on the table and CARS color changers on the bathtub. I step on Legos and I admire drawings of Sonic the Hedgehog and his posse. I dodge paper airplanes that soar from our loft. I AM the mother of boys.

And I love my job!

My boys are sweet and loving.

lightning fast,

 wonderfully creative,

 super talented,

 hysterically funny,

fiercely independent (at times),

and crazy adorable.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

This post is linked to You Capture. This week’s challenge is: Youth

What I Learned This Week

Well hello, Tuesday. Where did you come from? Seems like I wrote the last installment of What I Learned This Week a day or two ago. Time is a passin’ me by. When I was a kid the school year seemed like a million months long. Now that my own kiddos are in school, um, not so much. Why is that?

I am more than super excited to watch the first episode of “Dancing With The Stars” tonight. I’d like to give my boy Maksim Chmerkovskiy a shout out and let him know he has at least one crazy girl in West Virginia who is crazy about him and his swagger. That’s what I call it you know. That thing he does with his hips. His swagger. It makes me smile and I could watch him dance for hours.

I love to share what I learned each week because that’s just the type of girl I am. Hopefully something I say will help one or two or ten of you.

1. Regardless of their claim to “give you a brilliant clean without re-washing thanks to its unique All in 1 technology”, Finish Powerball Dishwashing tablets cannot hold up to its end of the bargain if it does not dissolve properly. In fact, it will leave a big, fat mess in your dishwasher.

2. Ritz Dairyland Cheddar Crackers are better than the Ritz Sweet Home Sour Cream and Onion ones.

3. If your dog is “in season, or incontinent due to behavior, age, or medication” the doggie diaper just might be the answer to your troubles. You can opt for a washable fabric or disposable one.

Google it. Go on, I’ll wait.

4.  Mizzen is an official word on the Words With Friends. A mizzen is a mast of a ship.

5. The exterior shots of Seattle Grace hospital (Grey’s Anatomy) is actually Fisher Plaza which houses Seattle’s affiliate KOMO-TV.

6. Sadly, Derek Hough is taking Season 12 of DWTS off to star in a movie (Cobu 3D). I will miss him and his moves.

7. When you search for a bed on Google, every website that you visit for the next week will show an advertisement for that same bed.

8. If your sweet boy is being baptized, you might as well save your make-up.

9. If your sweet boy is being baptized, you should pack lots of tissues.

10. While you might feel as though you are drowning yourself, (and gagging too!) the neti pot will help clear your nose out.

11. It is tough to take a picture of yourself while using the neti pot.

12. Even if you manage to get a picture of yourself using a neti pot, you will laugh hysterically just before deciding NOT to post it on Facebook.

See there McDaddy, I do have restraint!

13. If the neti pot salt water concoction only flows freely through one side of your nose, you’ll have yourself convinced that something is seriously wrong. That opinion will not be changed by Googling “half of nose clogged during neti pot treatment”.


What did YOU learn this week?

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50 Random Things That Make Me Happy

1. A good song on the radio (Lose My Soul, Manifesto, I Was Made To Love You)
2. American Idol
3. McDaddy’s picture on my iPhone when he calls.
4. Written notes in the mail.
5. Cranberry Chutney candle from Yankee
6. Words With Friends
7. Home
8. Pedicure
9. Our church
10. Dirty Dancing (The movie, obviously)
11. Good hair days
12. My beloved iPhone
13. Comfortable shoes
14. Spring
15. Pink
16. Heated van seats
17. Fancy bathrooms
18. Empty laundry baskets
19. A new purse
20. Relaxing massage
21. Entertaining
22. My new rocking chair
23. A talented pianist
24. Flip flops
25. 2:20 PM
26. Spell Check
27. The Saturn Sky
28. Neat handwriting
29. Gerber Daisies
30. My people together
31. Creamy blue cheese dressing
32. Unexepected visitors
33. Facebook
34. Parades
35. Organization
36. Lists and marking things off of lists
37. Kelloggs Chocolate poptarts
38. Sunset
39. Olympics
40. My pink laptop
41. Decorated Christmas trees
42. A fresh calendar
43. Arbonne Moisturizer
44. Being out with the girls
45. My new blog design
46. Diamonds
47. Shopping at new malls
48. The Roomba
49. Alex’s love for shoes
50. Holding hands with my fellas

What makes YOU happy?

Captured By The Police

Now that I grabbed y’all’s attention with that post title, I suppose I should come up with something to talk about. I say that like I don’t have anything to talk about, but really, I have so many things to talk about, I can’t decide what to talk about. All I know is that there are at least eight of you who show up here looking for their daily dose of crazy and I need to come up with something.

My day was full of non-stop excitement with the exception of the 90 minutes that Alex and I snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep. For the past three days he’s been pretending that he is a tiny, furry bunny. When he got out of bed this morning, he was grumpy and acting more like a bear. Frustrated with his constant whining I asked him where the sweet tiny, furry bunny from yesterday was hiding because he was much nicer than the grumpy bear. He replied simply, “He was captured”. Before I could respond, he continued, “He was captured by the police because he hit me in the eye with my cowboy boot”. It took everything in me to keep from busting out in laughter, so instead I picked up the phone to text McDaddy about the sad fate of the tiny bunny rabbit. From that minute on, the tiny, furry bunny was back and the grumpy bear went on his merry way.

I’ll take it how I can get it, folks.

In other news:

-It’s that time of year again when my beloved Young and Restless family is forced off of the air so that 619 basketball teams can duke it out and whittle themselves down to a single champion. The West Virginia Mountaineers played today (AND WON), but I did not watch it, you know, due the non-stop excitement of my day.

-The non-stop excitement of my day included spending half the day at Stevie’s school popping popcorn. The PTA purchased a popcorn machine and we pop corn every Thursdays and sale it for snack-time on Friday. In just four short weeks, the machine has paid for itself. There are at least six moms working in the copy room at the school on Thursdays, which means we have the opportunity to cover a variety of topics including dieting, recipes, neti pots, American Idol, shoes, the weather, and world peace. 

-I was nosing around on the iPhone iTunes site last night and discovered hundreds of ringtones for sale. I didn’t purchase any but I had fun listening to snippets of the most popular songs out these days. I normally listen to KLOVE so I’m out of the musical loop as far as other genres. Right now, I am loving The Manifesto and I wish KLOVE would play it more frequently.

-I was talking to McDaddy on the phone this evening and he asked me who got kicked off of Idol. Can you believe that I forgot it was elimination night? I scrolled through my DVR like a crazy person and had trouble reconciling the fact that I was so off of my DVR daily docket game.

-In case you’re wondering, I am still having some sinus-ey type issues. I was talking to another parent today and she suggested I try a neti pot. I’ve watched my brother-in-law use a neti-pot contraption and to be perfectly honest, I’m just not sure I have sense enough to use the silly thing. I can’t help but consider the fact that something could go drastically wrong and I could accidentally end up drowning myself. I am almost at the end of my rope so if I feel frisky later, I just might go out and get one because I feel like death is imminent if I don’t do something about the amount of snot still pouring from somewhere deep within the recesses of my brain. I might also throw a Sudafed into the mix because that little red round pill buys me about two hours of relief. At this point, I’d be willing to saw my nose right off of my face if it meant relief from the constant blowing and wiping. Y’all know that I have been known to take medical matters into my own hands. I did it with the ear candling, and again with the milia. I’ve had more than my share of miscellaneous medical drama over the years. I’m hoping for some relief soon so I can move this chronic snot issue from the problem column over to the cured columned. And for those of you rolling your eyes wondering if in fact I really do keep a running list of columns for my medical woes, the answer is sadly, yes.

– No doubt thanks to the chronic snot stuff, I have a fever blister and a blister just inside of my nose. If there is anything I HATE, (and I don’t use that word often), but I HATE a stupid fever blister. I know, I know. Sometimes I offer up way TMI.

I say it all the time people. This blog is a lot like a bag of chex mix. Sometimes you get the nut, sometimes the M&M, sometimes the raisin and sometimes you get the nasty dark brown chex square. Today is a nasty brown chex square day.

– Tomorrow I start the tedious task of shopping for a big-boy bed for Alex. Ideally, I’d like to find a nice, inexpensive bedroom set. Preferably one that can be ordered and delivered without ANY manner of NONSENSE, AGGRAVATION, or TROUBLE.

Remember my chair drama?

-I spent the better part of an hour cleaning tennis shoes this morning. We had four pairs of tennis shoes completely covered in mud courtesy of the ballfield. We’ve had a couple of 70 degree days, so I’m hoping the mud has dries up before our practice tomorrow. In case you’re wondering, an old toothbrush works great for tennis shoe restoration.

-I made a call to the Finish Dishwashing peeps because three of their powerball tablets decided to lay down and die in my dishwasher yesterday. When each cycle finished I opened the dishwasher to discover another nasty mess because the powerball FINISH tablets did not dissolve. Instead, I was left with a nasty mess in the dish-washing dispenser and smeared down the inside of the door. THREE TIMES I cleaned the Finish crap up, which is funny to me because the the product is called FINISH. The gal on the phone suggested that perhaps the water in my dishwasher wasn’t hot enough, but the too-hot-to-handle-just-then plates told another story. The Finish girl took my address so the company could send some coupons, but I’d rather them pony up some coin to help pay for the three dishwasher loads I ran and refund my money. I’m telling you people, the older I get, the less patience I have for nonsense, so I rarely hesitate to call about a faulty or defective product.

And speaking of faulty and defective, this defective nose and I are headed for bed.

Hope I satisfied your crazy quota for the day.