The Way I See It

Back in 2006, I had my eyes lasered. Eighteen days after surgery I had better than perfect vision. It was, and remains, the best money I ever spent. Five years later, I still see very clearly, though if I’m being honest I’d have to say the thirty and seven years I have working against me have probably had a slight effect on my eyesight.

And other things.

Seeing as how I’ve always wanted to be perfect at something, I suppose vision is as close as it gets. And so I’ll take it. 

If I could hear as well as I can see, I would be dangerous and you better believe I’d be all up in your business in a quick minute. So, for the sake of your privacy, you better hope they don’t come up with a way to laser my ears.


If you are a loyal fan of FITP, Inc., you already know that I have a truck-load of quirks. It is no secret that I also have some pretty serious opinions about stuff. All kinds of stuff.

Here’s the way I see things:

The grass is always greener on the other side. – Maybe so, but it still has to be mowed. And chances are, it’s not nearly as green as it looks from where you’re standing.

Anything that angers you… controls you. – THIS is so true. Recently, a nosey neighbor stopped in front of our house to inquire about some work we are having done in our yard and to rattle off some code or state law or something about right-of-ways. Many [read: most] of our neighbors have stopped by to inquire about the work, which is fine because they are nice and we like them. This particular neighbor carries the nick-name Smiley because she never smiles. She didn’t have the nerve to speak to McDaddy or I, she spoke only with the contractor even after the contractor insisted she speak with McDaddy.

I was angry and ready to unload nine kinds of crazy on her when I decided she wasn’t worth it.

If you have nothing nice to say, you REALLY should say nothing. – Thirty-seven years later and I am still learning…. Sweet Moses, I remind myself daily.

Even though it may seem like it… everyone is not out to get you. – Sometimes my head is so full of nonsense, I lose track of reality. (Happens a lot more than you would think!) I have full conversations in my head and often they don’t end favorably. (Why do I do this?)

There are some people who will never, ever, be likable. – Believe it or not, there are some people who are not likable. The quicker you accept it and move on, the better. It’s not necessary to like everybody. Besides, who has time for that?

Prayer really changes things. – While in the midst of a very difficult struggle, I called out earnestly and sincerely to hear from God and He spoke in a mighty way. I wonder how many times I’ve missed what God was saying to me simply because I was not listening for His voice.

Romance is more than candy. And flowers. – As I get older I realize romance is so much more than flowers that will wilt and candy that will spoil. I’ll take emptying a dishwasher or starting the laundry over candy and flowers any day. But make no mistake, a big bunch of  beautiful gerbera daisies can sure make a girl smile.

There are little things that others couldn’t care less about. For some reason those things drive me crazy crazier. – In my world, little things matter. Even the dumbest of little things.

It matters to me:

  • that stamps are straight on envelopes
  • that the letters R.S.V.P. really stand for something and you should honor them
  • that being habitually late is a character flaw, not to mention rude.
  • that pictures, of anything, are too special to be thrown away.
  • that hand-written thank-you cards matter. 
  • a nice front door can make a huge difference on a house.

Obviously, I see things quite differently than others. I suspect though, that there are just as many who are right there with me.. seeing things just the way I do.

How do you see things?


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    You are a wise mama. I know a lot of this stuff, but I forget often and have to remind myself.
    I agree with most everything…..but I am one of those habitually late people. *hanging my head in shame*

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