What I Learned This Week

First of all, I’d like to say thanks to ALL of you who linked up last week. I was so happy that so many of you showed up in my corner of the blogosphere. And y’all, I cracked up at some of the things you learned. 

As is the case most weeks, my learning curve was off the charts because once again I learned all manner of useless information.

For your consideration:

1. When the cub-master for your son’s cub scout troop approaches you about rechartering the troop, you should most definitely run the other direction because it is a lot more work than you think it will be, PLUS, there is PRESSURE people. Lots of pressure. After weeks and weeks of it hanging over my head, McDaddy handed the thing in this evening.

2. I would much rather have the pukes and poops for 48 straight hours and be done with it, instead of dealing with the stupid phlegm-laced cough bronchitis crap for two weeks because after some serious chest pain on Saturday night, I convinced myself I was having a heart-attack. Luckily, it was nothing more than sore muscles FROM ALL THE COUGHING I’ve done the past two weeks. Fourteen days later and this thing is still kicking my trash.

3. Julie Chen (Co-anchor of ‘The Talk’ and host of Big Brother) is married to Les Moonves (Director, CEO and President of CBS) who made a butt-load of money last year according to Forbes.

4. Four of the top ten richest people according to Forbes are from the Walton family. As in Sam, not John. There is not a doubt in my mind I had a [very small] hand in those rankings.

5. The Google Guys were ranked #11. (Y’all know I love Google, right?)

6. When visiting Forbes.com, the information can suck you in.

7. To ‘tort’ a cake is to cut it in half horizontally. A ‘tort’ is also an action that injures someone in some way. I had never heard of the first, but studied the second in Criminal Justice classes.

8. Cookies and Creme pop-tarts aren’t a bit good. I’m still missing the Vanilla Creme pop-tarts and posted this in hopes that a big-wig from Kelloggs might happen across my blog and bring them back.

9. It is difficult to write a WILTW post while attending the #incourage twitter party.

10. March will be a L-O-N-G month for us. Not looking forward to it. I hate it when McDaddy travels.

And since I’m listing ten things, I thought I’d link to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.

What did YOU learn this week?


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  1. says

    “Butt-load”…that word really made me chuckle this morning. I was using that word with exercising the other day, “kicked my butt”. Funny how there are so many references to it, aren’t there? Forbes…I think I’d be afraid to read it and thing about how I wish I were on the list, don’t you? Without having to work so hard for it though. 🙂

  2. says

    I live in the hometown of Walmart and the Waltons. You should see there homes!!! OMG they are HUGE. Mr E has actually met one of them, not sure which, and said he seemed really nice. We also thank you for your hand in making them rich because that helps our paycheck too. =)

    I am right there with you on the rather puke and poop then cough. My issue is the blocked sinus cavities, I just want to be able to breath and open my jaws without being in pain.

  3. says

    I’m so sorry you are feeling yucky! I’ve had no nose for going on a week and I’m ready for a break myself. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy February with your hubby home. I know what it is like to dread a business trip that looms in the distance.

  4. Jean says

    I’m curious to know where the Waltons live. I could google it, I guess. 😉
    Butt load: I thought it was boat-load! :-p
    Where is Steve going?

  5. says

    My lessons are finally up – better late than never I suppose!

    I love tort (as in the cake)

    Marks and Spencers here used to make a divine White Chocolate Torte, and in Vienna, Austria the Sachertorte is amazing.

    Feeling hunger for chocolate now, I wonder why?!!!


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