Alex Ryan

This sweet boy:

  • loves Fruit Loops cereal
  • is a fast runner
  • has an extra tooth
  • stands 46 inches tall and weighs 46 pounds
  • wears glasses (and has since he was three)
  • has more Lightning McQueen cars than any one child needs
  • wrestles with daddy any chance he gets
  • has a love for shoes
  • would rather be outside
  • is sleeping in his brother’s bottom bunk tonight
  • has a nut and egg allergy
  • wears a size 11 1/2 shoe
  • operates the TiVo like a pro
  • proudly climbs to the highest point of any piece of furniture when no one is watching
  • hates broccoli and peas
  • has a knack for making himself gag (and possibly puke) when eating broccoli or peas
  • is a good back-scratcher when he wants to be
  • shifts gears in the Jeep when he rides in the front seat
  • weighed 10 pounds 5 ounces at birth
  • received a red Mario Brothers DSI XL for Christmas 
  • loves stuffed animals more than any other toy
  • names each and every one of his stuffed animals
  • watches Tom & Jerry daily
  • will pick McDonalds every. single. time.
  • can count to 100
  • likes brown sugar and “cimmanum” pop tarts best
  • has an over-active imagination
  • strings toothpaste from one end of the bathroom to the other in a matter of minutes
  • enjoys playing with his older brother
  • snuggles with his mama daily
  • always chooses strawberry syrup at iHop
  • has really good manners
  • can’t wait to be six
  • just like Bounty, he’s the quicker picker upper
  • would rather be the line leader at school than the flag holder
  • crawls in bed with me when McDaddy is out of town
  • orders like a big boy at restaurants
  • will start Kindergarten in the fall

And makes me smile daily.


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