What I Learned This Week [At The Cookie Exchange]

If you’re a regular around here, you know I was involved in some pretty important business last night. In at attempt to win the cookie exchange crown and 2010 title, I prepared five dozen lemon chewy cookies to participate in a cookie exchange.

Just have a look at all this [unfocused] cookie goodness.

Upon arriving at Becky’s house, I scanned the cookie competition. I was shocked to see another lemon cookie directly across the table from my lemon cookie. Upon closer inspection of the recipe, I discovered that the other lemon cookie was the exact same recipe as my lemon cookie.

What are the friggin’ chances? 

In a world of 4,939,217 different cookies, how is it that TWO women would make the same exact cookie. Especially seeing as one found the recipe in a cookbook and the other found the recipe online.


Pretty good apparently.

In a flash I realized my 2010 cookie crown dreams were crushed.

Apparently I was all hyped up on sugar and aggravation because when I snapped this picture of the contenders and counted them, it dawned on me that I was missing two cookies.

After the votes were cast, counted, and certified, Jessie (along with her “Love These Bars”) was declared the winner.

I was about to request a recount, but I got side-tracked by Becky’s fancy potato things and I forgot all about it.

Then, I thought about mentioning the fact that Jessie actually bought a bar and not a cookie.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

Then my friend Jill offered me another potato thing and once again I lost all train of thought.

So, this year I decided to be happy for Jessie.

And return next year with a vengence.

Here’s what I learned:

1. I need to search beyond my cookbook collection for a REALLY good cookie.

2. Presenting my cookie in a Longaberger basket made no difference whatsoever.

3. After five years, I am probably out of my cooking league.

4. Two cookies made from the same recipe can taste totally different.

5. When attending a cookie exchange, one should wear a shirt or sweater with LOTS and LOTS of buttons on the off chance that a game is played that gives you two points for every button you are wearing.

6. There is a cookie recipe with THREE ingredients.

7. When tasting cookies for the purpose of voting, it is wise to pinch off bites of each cookie or else you will feel straight-up sick after the third cookie.

8. In fact, you should fast for three days so that your body can adequately digest the sugar involved with a cookie exchange.


What did YOU learn this week?

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  1. Traci says

    Sorry about your cookie exchange misfortune! I would, however, LOVE to hear about the button game. I am always looking for new games to play at baby showers, Christmas parties, and other various get togethers at our church. Thanks Julie!

  2. Lee says

    One more lesson learned…More does not equal better…18 ingredients leads to a dull & lifeless cookie…I too will be searching harder for a better recipe and hopefully will have someone significant to kiss daily…That was worth 10 points…Far more better than looking for lots of buttons…Until next year I will keep my green eyes open for new possibilities in 2011..

  3. says

    That is tooooo much competition for me, judging the cookies too. I didn’t even taste at the one I went to. We just piled up our plates. Fun times! Happy holidays Julie!

  4. says

    Wow at all the cookies! And you are now my offical hero…five dozen cookies. Good grief that’s a lot of cookies.

    Sorry you didn’t win, here is hoping for next year. If you need test subjects for recipes I would love to apply. =)
    Felicia recently posted…Wordless Wednesdaysort ofMy Profile

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