Christmas Party Game

I am shopped out.

Worn out.

And just plain spent.

My afternoon was spent baking cookies and goodies to pass out to friends and neighbors, along with an hour or so at Stevie’s school for his class Christmas party. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I thought Stevie had one more day of school before Christmas break. For once I’m not a day late and a dollar short.

I’m simply a dollar short.

My evening was spent at the mall and then at the Wal-Mart. The boys wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and I wanted a picture because, well, because Stevie is eight and I figured this might be our last year for a picture with Santa. It turned out beautifully and if I had the energy, I’d walk over to the counter, scan the picture and post it here for all to see.

But, you should know that I’m much too lazy tired for that.

I thought about going to bed without posting to the blog, but then it dawned on me that there are at least four of you who depend on my daily dose of crazy for cheap entertainment, so here I am, with tired feet and heavy eyelids. (And that may well be the longest sentence on record.)

We had a Christmas party at our house last Friday for Stevie’s cub-scout troop. The parents might have had a better time than the kids. It is a small troop and a great group of people. I wrote a cute door-prize game and I thought it would be fun to share it on the off chance that one or two or ten of you might be in need of a fun “pass the gift” doorprize game.

Start by purchasing some sort of doorprize. Gather participants in a circle. Hand the gift to a random person and then read the following poem.

 1)       Take this gift and pass it on around, give it to closest person with eyes of brown.

2)       For now you have the gift, but that doesn’t mean much, pass it on to someone you can reach out and touch.

3)       Your instructions are as follows pass the gift to the right, three times it should go, and please don’t fight.

4)       If you must fight, we’ll wait till you’re done, but first pass the gift to the one who owns the most guns.

NOTE: It is interesting to note that there happened to be a a person with 14 guns, and a person with 20 guns at our party. Remember, we live in West Virginia.

5)       The gift should now move four times to the right, is the gift done, well no, not quite.

6)       What is this gift? Shortly, we will know. Please pass it to the guy who most recently got a doe.

7)       The gal with the most jewelry we’re looking for now, please step forward and take a bow.

8)       With all your jewels shining so bright, please pass the gift six times to the right.

9)       To stop right now, would mean no more fun, pass the gift to the guy who has the most sons.

10)    Can you believe we’re all together, it sure is a great day, pass the gift to the person who lives the furthest away.

11)    We’re on a roll and the gift passing is fun, pass it to the closest girl and soon we’ll be done.

12)    Around the circle, the gift will now go, six times to the right and try not to drop it on your neighbor’s toe.

13)    Next we’ll pass the gift two more times to the right, then pass it to the one with the most height.

14)    Now send the gift packin’ without a care, this time pass it to the one with the least amount of hair.

15)    Can you believe the gift is still not through, pass it back to whomever passed it to you.

16)    You’ve had the gift twice, but its still not yours, please pass it to the one closest to the door.

17)    You have the gift, but please pass it slow, seven times to the right, the gift should now go. 

18)    And now let’s pass it to someone new, this time someone who’s wearing blue.

19)     What’s in the bag, it’s sure out of sight, please pass the gift now four times to the right.

20)     It’s fun being together, there’s lots of laughs to be had, pass the gift now to the oldest dad.

21)     The gift will surely travel, this time quite a bit, move it twelve times to the right before we quit

22)    Now pass the gift to the oldest of the mothers, and then to the one who has the most brothers.

23)    If you’re a sister, don’t even bother, cause the gift is going now to the youngest father.

24)    For now it’s yours, isn’t this clever. Pass it this time to someone who’s wearing a sweater.

25)    Send the gift a packin’ without much care, this time it should go to the one who has the longest hair.

26)    For one more pass the gift should now go, three times to the left then on with the show.

27)    The gifts winding down, and we’re just about through, give it to the person to the left of you.

28)    Lets wind this thing down and move it a slight, first twice to the left then once to the right.

29)    You have the gift for now, but this you must do, pass the gift to the person directly across from you.

30)    The gift has now travelled twenty-nine times and wouldn’t you know I’m fresh out of rhymes, whomever has the gift can keep it forever and always remember this fun endeavor.

Now, wasn’t that fun?

Yes, I thought so too!

For more holiday fun, visit THAT family.


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    That is a mouthful to say the least but so cute. Whoever came up with that is one smart cookie. I really need to bake cookies, thanks for the reminder.

    Stay warm up there!

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