My Annual Recap

My long-time bloggy friend, Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife is hosting a blog re-cap carnival (complete with a snazzy button) and I thought it would be fun to play along, just as I did last year when I posted My Year In Review.

I’ll be looking back at the first line (or two, or three depending on how excited I get) of the first blog post of each month and providing you with a teaser that may or may not compel you to click on the link and read the original post. I’ll do my best to keep things short and sweet, but y’all know I’m mouthy and can easily get carried away when I’m explaining something or telling another one of my long, windy tales.

January – I’ve been keeping a running tally of things I DEFINITELY DID NOT DO THIS WEEK. Because y’all, there are so many it was hard to keep track.

Ah, embarrassing moments, we’ve all got’em, right?

February – I was making my morning blog run when I stumbled upon a post over at Chic Critique called What’s In Your Make-up Bag

See what’s in my bag!

March – Just like most of y’all who live here on the East Coast, we’ve had more than our share of snow.

Weathering another friggin’ storm.

April – Sometime in January, McDaddy asked me what I’d like for Valentine’s Day.

I love McDaddy. I love bling. And I love A Sweet Deal.

May – For some reason, the list of things I didn’t do this week seems a bit longer than usual.

It Wasn’t Me, Again!

June – Dear Boys, I write to you each month in the hopes that someday you’ll read my ramblings and know without a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely love being your mama.

Another edition of “Just So You Know” a monthly letter I write to my boys.

July – Thirteen things I was doing this time last Thursday. You know, because you have nothing better to do than to read about what I was doing 168 hours ago while sitting in a hotel room in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Well, what are you waiting on? Get over there and see for yourself what I was doing.

August – I am sitting in my big, blue, bloggy chair watching Big Brother. It has been a long day spent mostly on the road from South Carolina to our home in West Virginia. I spent the day thinking about what I was doing one year ago today. There was the little matter of deployment and on this day one year ago, McDaddy returned home from his stint in Cuba.

Sweet mercy, it makes me cry just thinking about the stupid deployment.

September – I am not a morning person.

Truer words have never been spoken.

October –I try to keep things light and easy here at From Inmates To Playdates, Inc. because I feel like most of y’all have enough of your own stress to deal with without coming here for a daily dose of crazy only to read about McFamily drama.

Counting my blessings because I Am Blessed!

November – It’s been one of those days.

Lucky for y’all, I’m Talking About My Ear Again!

December – Hi, my name is Fred.

A note from a family friend. It’s amazing what folksI will blog about when bloggy times get tough.

And if that’s not enough crazy for you, feel free to read about my five years in jail or what I learned at the funeral home while watching an embalming.

I have no idea what 2011 has in store for our little family of four, but I am sure of God’s goodness and mercy in our life.

Happy New Year From Our Home To Yours!

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You Capture – Holiday Favorites

This might possibly be the most difficult You Capture post of all time. I say that because I have so many favorites it will be tough to select just a few.

I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet.

And speaking of sweet… My favorite sweet treat this holiday season happens to be calling my name from the kitchen counter. If you’d like to have a piece of white chocolate heavenly crunch, you can head over here for the recipe. While it is my favorite, it is certainly not a favorite of my hips.

Here are some of my favorites from the McFamily Christmas Extravaganza of 2010.

My favorite gifts under the Christmas tree.

One of my favorite moments of Christmas. Headed to the living room to see what Santa left for two sweet boys who were very, very good. [Please ignore the bolt of fabric and mop behind the ladder.]

My dining-room table snowman ensemble.

My sweet boys with their favorite Sonic Characters wearing their new favorite shirts.

The favorite gifts of the day – The DSI XL.

My nephew’s favorite basketball player on a t-shirt. When he opened this he actually said, “Julie, you have great taste in clothes!” I’d be lying if I said that his comment didn’t make me smile.

Spending part of Christmas with my 75-year old granny was among my favorite memories.

I am a blessed girl.

For more holiday favorites visit You Capture.

White Chocolate Heavenly Crunch

When we moved into our home eight years ago, we found out pretty quickly that we had been blessed to move into a wonderful neighborhood surrounded by kind neighbors.

During the Christmas holiday, we were surprised at the number of neighbors that showed up on our doorstep dropping off baked goods, ornaments, chex-mix, and gifts for our boys.

I knew it would mean that next year I would be baking up a storm so that we too would have something to share with neighbors during the Christmas holiday. Since that first year, our family prepares several packages of baked goods and we spend some time a couple of days before Christmas walking through our neighborhood spreading Christmas cheer through cookies, and other goodies.

Our next door neighbors, Ronnie and Libby (also my BFF Becky’s parents) always bring a container of some sort of white chocolate heavenly crunch. McDaddy and I just about came to blows over the last bit of it. I contacted Becky and asked her if she had the recipe for the stuff and if you can believe it, I made a big batch of it last night.

Which means that it fits the qualifications I have for a recipe.

  • quick
  • easy
  • failproof

McDaddy went to the store to purchase the following ingredients.

[Edited to add: When I made the second batch, I added peanuts, substituted cinnamon toast crunch for the Kix, and wheat Chex for the Corn chex.]

Our neighbor Libby calls the stuff, “Tastes better than it looks white mix recipe”.

I call it “White Chocolate Heavenly Addiction Crunch” or “White Chocolate Chex Mix”.

2 c. Rice Chex
2 c. Wheat Chex
2 c. Rice Crispies
3 c. Kix
2 c. Pretzel Sticks
2 c. Graham Crackers
2 c. Nuts
2 1/2 lbs. white almond bark
Melt the almond bark in a double boiler or melt it a little bit at a time in the microwave, stirring often.
Pour the almond bark over the remaining ingredients and mix.
Pour or spoon the mixture onto wax paper and allow it to cool. Once cool, break into pieces and enjoy.
Prepare to make friends and influence people.
This stuff WORKS for me. It does not, however, work for my waistline.
Visit We Are THAT Family for more things that might Work For You!

What I Learned This Week

I have very little patience.

Which is very funny because McDaddy wrote the book on patience.

In the past week, my patience has been tested.

And then tested some more.

I learned a lot in the process and I thought this would be as good a place as any to share it with you, my wonderful readers.

All nine of you.

In the words of Simon Cowell, off we go.

1. When returning a pair of shoes to the Finish Line that you purchased WITH CASH, you should know that the clerks must keep $200. in the register at all times which means that if you are returning a pair of shoes for $74.99 and there have been no cash transactions made that day, you WILL NOT be given your money back unless and until there is at least $280. in the register.

2. When the clerk at the Finish Line tells you he cannot refund your money because he has to keep $200. in his register and starts rambling on about a corporate policy, there is a good chance you will murmur something about never stepping foot in their store ever again… until it dawns on you that you must return to the store later in the day to have your money refunded.

3. If you order a custom rocking chair and are told that it will be delivered in 6-8 weeks, you should fully expect to have the chair in your possession within 6-8 weeks. On the off chance that you call the furniture store at 8 weeks and 3 days, you should not settle for the response, “We expect it to be delivered any day.” Rather, you should insist that crazy clerk guy call the warehouse to inquire about the chair, because it is likely that you will lose your ever-lovin-mind when you call back at 10 weeks and 3 days, only to find out that the chair was shipped FROM the warehouse TO the furniture store five weeks ago and apparently the chair has been hanging out in the back of an 18-wheeler touring the country since that time.

And some useless information random things I learned this week that have nothing to do with my patience level…

1. Albert Einstein was Time Magazine’s person of the Century in 1999.

2. When you are a tad bit amused that this white chocolate heaven crunch is like a solid sheet of ice once it cools and hardens on wax paper, you should NOT pick it up and hold it above your head to show McDaddy how cool it looks because there is a good chance the end will break off and crash to the floor.

3. Based on a poll from iVillage most women would rather sleep than do the wild-monkey dance with their husbands.

4. The new season of American Idol begins on January 19th.

5. The jokers at Mattel have manufactured both the Lingerie Barbie, AND the french maid Barbie. They have not however manufactured Sunday School Barbie.


What did YOU learn this week?

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A Whole Lot About Nothing


Christmas 2010 is but a fleeting memory.

I am reclined on the big, blue, bloggy couch and Alex is playing quietly at my feet with a CARS rug and another set of the CARS clan. As if he needed ANOTHER set of CARS cars.McDaddy and Stevie climbed aboard the heap, ahem! I mean Jeep and headed to church for the evening. It has been snowing like crazy all day long and I just wasn’t in the mood to get all bundled up, climb up into the heap, brave the hill going, and then again on the trip home. Instead, I am in my new pajamas (which are super cute by the way) sipping a mug of hot-cocoa, composing a blog post in between writing thank-you notes and opening yet another toy for Alex.

We made a trip to Target after lunch today and I stocked up on Christmas cards and stationary for next year. Typically, I get up at O’Dark Thirty to hit the sales, but I thought I probably ought to go to church instead. I thought about taking my Christmas decorations down but I’m lazy tired, so I decided against it. I love Christmas and I love the decorations, but as soon as Christmas is over I am looking for three good hours the perfect opportunity to get it all down and stuffed into totes as quickly as possible.

Christmas was a hit here at the McResidence. The boys were wound up like eight-day-clocks (which means they were super-duper excited!) and wanted this opened and then that opened and then another thing opened which pretty much sent McDaddy and I over the edge because, hello! THE PACKAGING PEOPLE MUST HAVE AN AX TO GRIND WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC BECAUSE IS ALL OF THAT REALLY NECESSARY?

Phew. That feels better. Those little twisty tie things are the worst! I don’t understand why they don’t just cram the toy into a box, drop the price $2.00 (because they would surely save money without all the stupid packaging) and be done with it.

Our neighbors dropped off a little tin of white chocolate chex mix crunch stuff on Christmas Eve. McDaddy and I hit it pretty hard and I am sorry to say the white chocolate chex mix crunch stuff has been laid to rest, with the exception of about 3 crumbs that remain to remind us of what used to be. I fully intend to get the recipe and make a batch of it in the next few days.

I have an update on the chair that I ordered back in October, but I’ll save that post for another day because I’m not in the mood to get my blood pressure all out of whack. I am hoping to have my chair sometime this week.  

In other news, my head is still full of snot. You have no idea how badly I’d love for the Great Snot Extravaganza of 2010 to be over. I have no earthly idea where it all comes from but I know that my nose is raw and I’ve almost completely depleted my winter supply of Kleenex. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a fork than blow my nose one. more. stinkin’. time. My head could explode at any minute and it wouldn’t be soon enough. Plus, my nose would be thankful.

And what better way to end a blog post than with me poking my eyes out with a fork just before my head explodes!

Happy two days after Christmas, internets!

A List Of Things

A list of things straight from my brain, because that seems easiest.

1. The boys are in the floor battling Sonic the Hedgehog against Transformers. I love having boys and I love that they are awesome playmates.

2. Which reminds me that I could have called this blog ‘From Inmates To Playmates’ and probably doubled my traffic because of it.

3. My friend Becca over at Our Crazy Boys is redesigning my blog. If you pop in here (late at night) and find things awry, it’s because she’s trying out different colors and themes because 1. I am indecisive and 2. because I asked her to try several different kinds of configurations. I love my blog design, but I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Stay tuned.

4. My little family of four went to see “Yogi Bear” today. It was really cute and kept me interested which is more than I can say for Despicable Me. After the movie, McDaddy did doughnuts in the parking lot because we are still covered up in snow andice around here. I attempted to capture his antics on my iPhone, but apparently I still haven’t figured out that you must push the button to START THE THING ROLLING.

I’m a dork.

5. Remember back in July when McDaddy’s ENTIRE family travelled to Florida for his parent’s 40th anniversary? We did a photo session on the beach and his sister and brother-in-law who own a photography business just put the finishing touches on the official McFamily photo. We all look fabulous… except for me. Not sure what kind of configuration my mouth is in, but from the look on Alex’s face, it’s a safe bet I had my claws in his shoulder daring him to move one single inch. Still, I love the picture.

I thought I might wait and do a big reveal of the family portrait but got ahead of myself and hit post before I could stop myself. McDaddy and his four siblings are in light blue. If your eyes are crossing trying to count kids, I’ll save you the trouble. There are 15 kids all under the age of 8 in this picture.

6. Just after dark, we piled into our van, (along with my parents) to drive around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. All was going well until ten minutes into the ride two certain passengers began to holler out things like, “My legs are numb!” and “My bottom is hurting in this car seat!” and “Why can’t we just go home?” I threatened them with bed and bodily harm if they didn’t zip it and just enjoy the ride for goodness sakes.

7. A friend of mine posted on my Facebook wall that Maksim Chmerkovskiy has agreed to do the Ukranian version of “The Bachelor”. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it for two seconds. I would love to see the Ukraine this time of year (or whatever part of the year he’ll be doing the show!) I should probably learn to spell his last name without going to Google first, huh?

8. The annual Gingerbread House decorating tradition is usually cause for aggravation around the McResidence. I was on the phone with my friend Becky when she mentioned she purchased a Wilton gingerbread house that was already put together. I secretly kicked myself in the rear for not splurging for the already put together one. For some reason, (I still haven’t figured it out) the gingerbread house was not the big deal it has been in past years. I mean it still looks like it belongs on a street in the ghetto, but it was much more relaxing than previous years when I’d just as soon poke my eye out with a fork instead of trying to get the frame to stick together and stand up. I enjoyed watching the boys bring it to life.

I especially love the Dr. Pepper 20 ounce bottle pop lid windows.

9. The camera on the iPhone 4 is FREAKIN’ AWESOME! I couldn’t believe the huge difference. PLUS, I can flip the camera and take a picture of myself while seeing what I’m snapping a picture of. AND, I can use the flip camera function to check my hair or look at a zit. PLUS, there’s the whole FACETIME thing. Steve Jobs and his peeps really made some great improvements this time around AND the 4 is lightning fast! LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4! And yes, I realize I’m yelling.

10. I have an update on the Craftmaster chair I ordered on October 11th. It was shipped from the warehouse in North Carolina (just a state over from us!) on November 17th. It has apparently been touring the United States in the back of an 18-wheeler since that time and no one on the planet seemed at all concerned with the fact that it should have been delivered to me by December 2nd. You cannot imagine the fit I had when finding out this information. I WANT MY CHAIR.

11. Just after deployment I started working on McDaddy with a new wedding ring campaign. I convinced him that our love is brighter and bigger than it was when we got married 12 years ago and that my wedding ring should be a reflection of our love. I upgraded and bought a new wedding ring in June. As of this writing, just six short months later, I am missing a diamond from the band. You cannot understand my aggravation with the situation, especially since I had it checked and cleaned the day before I lost the diamond.

12. And finally, I’d like to thank each of you who stop by here on a regular basis for a daily dose of crazy. I appreciate you so much and I hope you have a wonderful Chritmas holiday. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

You Capture – Magic

I love everything about Christmas.

Especially the cute little gems I happen on at the Wal-Mart that scream TAKE ME HOME!

From as long as I can remember Christmas was a magical time for me. Bright festive colors, the hustle and bustle, pretty wrapping paper, Christmas plays, A Christmas Story, baking, holiday cheer. You name it, I love it.

Christmas magic is watching the family Christmas tree come alive as ornaments and garland is placed on it.

Christmas magic means wearing matching pajamas and posing in front of our family Christmas tree.

Christmas magic means a cookie exchange with the girls (even if I don’t win the cookie crown!)

Christmas magic is… enjoying meaningful ornaments year after year.

Christmas magic is sitting in the dark admiring the family Christmas tree.

Christmas magic  is working together on a ghetto gingerbread project, even though photobucket will no longer cooperate.

What traditions are part of your Christmas magic?

For more Christmas magic, visit You Capture.

Christmas Party Game

I am shopped out.

Worn out.

And just plain spent.

My afternoon was spent baking cookies and goodies to pass out to friends and neighbors, along with an hour or so at Stevie’s school for his class Christmas party. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I thought Stevie had one more day of school before Christmas break. For once I’m not a day late and a dollar short.

I’m simply a dollar short.

My evening was spent at the mall and then at the Wal-Mart. The boys wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and I wanted a picture because, well, because Stevie is eight and I figured this might be our last year for a picture with Santa. It turned out beautifully and if I had the energy, I’d walk over to the counter, scan the picture and post it here for all to see.

But, you should know that I’m much too lazy tired for that.

I thought about going to bed without posting to the blog, but then it dawned on me that there are at least four of you who depend on my daily dose of crazy for cheap entertainment, so here I am, with tired feet and heavy eyelids. (And that may well be the longest sentence on record.)

We had a Christmas party at our house last Friday for Stevie’s cub-scout troop. The parents might have had a better time than the kids. It is a small troop and a great group of people. I wrote a cute door-prize game and I thought it would be fun to share it on the off chance that one or two or ten of you might be in need of a fun “pass the gift” doorprize game.

Start by purchasing some sort of doorprize. Gather participants in a circle. Hand the gift to a random person and then read the following poem.

 1)       Take this gift and pass it on around, give it to closest person with eyes of brown.

2)       For now you have the gift, but that doesn’t mean much, pass it on to someone you can reach out and touch.

3)       Your instructions are as follows pass the gift to the right, three times it should go, and please don’t fight.

4)       If you must fight, we’ll wait till you’re done, but first pass the gift to the one who owns the most guns.

NOTE: It is interesting to note that there happened to be a a person with 14 guns, and a person with 20 guns at our party. Remember, we live in West Virginia.

5)       The gift should now move four times to the right, is the gift done, well no, not quite.

6)       What is this gift? Shortly, we will know. Please pass it to the guy who most recently got a doe.

7)       The gal with the most jewelry we’re looking for now, please step forward and take a bow.

8)       With all your jewels shining so bright, please pass the gift six times to the right.

9)       To stop right now, would mean no more fun, pass the gift to the guy who has the most sons.

10)    Can you believe we’re all together, it sure is a great day, pass the gift to the person who lives the furthest away.

11)    We’re on a roll and the gift passing is fun, pass it to the closest girl and soon we’ll be done.

12)    Around the circle, the gift will now go, six times to the right and try not to drop it on your neighbor’s toe.

13)    Next we’ll pass the gift two more times to the right, then pass it to the one with the most height.

14)    Now send the gift packin’ without a care, this time pass it to the one with the least amount of hair.

15)    Can you believe the gift is still not through, pass it back to whomever passed it to you.

16)    You’ve had the gift twice, but its still not yours, please pass it to the one closest to the door.

17)    You have the gift, but please pass it slow, seven times to the right, the gift should now go. 

18)    And now let’s pass it to someone new, this time someone who’s wearing blue.

19)     What’s in the bag, it’s sure out of sight, please pass the gift now four times to the right.

20)     It’s fun being together, there’s lots of laughs to be had, pass the gift now to the oldest dad.

21)     The gift will surely travel, this time quite a bit, move it twelve times to the right before we quit

22)    Now pass the gift to the oldest of the mothers, and then to the one who has the most brothers.

23)    If you’re a sister, don’t even bother, cause the gift is going now to the youngest father.

24)    For now it’s yours, isn’t this clever. Pass it this time to someone who’s wearing a sweater.

25)    Send the gift a packin’ without much care, this time it should go to the one who has the longest hair.

26)    For one more pass the gift should now go, three times to the left then on with the show.

27)    The gifts winding down, and we’re just about through, give it to the person to the left of you.

28)    Lets wind this thing down and move it a slight, first twice to the left then once to the right.

29)    You have the gift for now, but this you must do, pass the gift to the person directly across from you.

30)    The gift has now travelled twenty-nine times and wouldn’t you know I’m fresh out of rhymes, whomever has the gift can keep it forever and always remember this fun endeavor.

Now, wasn’t that fun?

Yes, I thought so too!

For more holiday fun, visit THAT family.

What I Learned This Week [At The Cookie Exchange]

If you’re a regular around here, you know I was involved in some pretty important business last night. In at attempt to win the cookie exchange crown and 2010 title, I prepared five dozen lemon chewy cookies to participate in a cookie exchange.

Just have a look at all this [unfocused] cookie goodness.

Upon arriving at Becky’s house, I scanned the cookie competition. I was shocked to see another lemon cookie directly across the table from my lemon cookie. Upon closer inspection of the recipe, I discovered that the other lemon cookie was the exact same recipe as my lemon cookie.

What are the friggin’ chances? 

In a world of 4,939,217 different cookies, how is it that TWO women would make the same exact cookie. Especially seeing as one found the recipe in a cookbook and the other found the recipe online.


Pretty good apparently.

In a flash I realized my 2010 cookie crown dreams were crushed.

Apparently I was all hyped up on sugar and aggravation because when I snapped this picture of the contenders and counted them, it dawned on me that I was missing two cookies.

After the votes were cast, counted, and certified, Jessie (along with her “Love These Bars”) was declared the winner.

I was about to request a recount, but I got side-tracked by Becky’s fancy potato things and I forgot all about it.

Then, I thought about mentioning the fact that Jessie actually bought a bar and not a cookie.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

Then my friend Jill offered me another potato thing and once again I lost all train of thought.

So, this year I decided to be happy for Jessie.

And return next year with a vengence.

Here’s what I learned:

1. I need to search beyond my cookbook collection for a REALLY good cookie.

2. Presenting my cookie in a Longaberger basket made no difference whatsoever.

3. After five years, I am probably out of my cooking league.

4. Two cookies made from the same recipe can taste totally different.

5. When attending a cookie exchange, one should wear a shirt or sweater with LOTS and LOTS of buttons on the off chance that a game is played that gives you two points for every button you are wearing.

6. There is a cookie recipe with THREE ingredients.

7. When tasting cookies for the purpose of voting, it is wise to pinch off bites of each cookie or else you will feel straight-up sick after the third cookie.

8. In fact, you should fast for three days so that your body can adequately digest the sugar involved with a cookie exchange.


What did YOU learn this week?

You can read the long detailed version of rules here, or follow these easy steps.

1. Any time this week, publish your What I Learned This Week post on your blog. AND, if you could, spread the word to your bloggy friends so more people will LINK UP for pete’s sake.

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4. Visit the other participants and see what they learned this week. Then leave a comment because comments are fun!

Going For The Crown

In case you’re wondering, I feel like my head my explode at any moment. On top of that my nose is raw from wiping it approximately 4,821 times today.

Give or take two or three.

Plus, I’ve been preparing breathing treatments for Alex all day because he must have been on the same train with me. To top the party off, I picked up a fever blister too. Yessir, we know how to party up in here!

Because we have friends at church that we’d like to keep, I kept Alex home from church last night. I got my laundry caught up and  made 5 dozen cookies for the annual cookie exchange hosted by my friend Becky.

The cookie exchange is always a stressful event for me. First of all, there is the whole find a recipe, try it, submit it before the deadline deal or face getting the ax from the cookie exchange Nazi, Becky. Combine that with the fact that the winner gets a crown, and it quickly becomes a stress-filled mess for me. When all I really want to do is make friends and influence people, I literally end up wondering where I went wrong in the cookie exchange planning process.

Last week, I scoured two of my favorite cookbooks and got down to cookie exchange business.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking that my lack of cooking skills are delicately reflected in my choice of cookbooks. You could not be further from the truth. My lack of cooking experience has nothing to do with these cookbooks, rather, the cookbooks are my favorite because I have a short attention span and find it hard to keep up with any recipe that has more than five ingredients doesn’t fit my three cooking qualifications.

  • quick
  • easy 
  • fail-proof

But if I’m being honest, the words Julie and the word fail-proof in the same kitchen sentence is pretty much laughable. Even when using five ingredients.

I looked at several recipes online that looked promising (and by promising, I mean worthy of the crown!) until I realized the recipe called for egg-whites. As promising as they might have been, I don’t have an egg white seperator. So, I kept searching. I happened onto a five-ingredient cookie that included 3/4 cup of fresh potato chips.

During one of our three snow days this past week, I spent a couple of hours baking the potato chip cookie, and a chewy lemon cookie. I threw the potato chip cookies in the traash and settled on the lemon chewies.

Lemon Chewies

  • 1 box lemon cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup confectioners’ sugar

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix cake mix with eggs, oil, and lemon extract until well blended. Drop dough by teaspoonfuls into a bowl of confectioners’ sugar. Roll them around until they’re lightly covered. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 6-9 minutes, till golden.

Place 5 dozen cookies in Longaberger basket and hope like heck you win the crown this year.

Wish me and my 5 ingredient cookie luck, folks.