My OCD sent me a thank you card today

I am an organizer by nature.

Which is funny because my the stuff in my head is anything but organized, as is obvious if you’ve spent any amount of time around here.

That’s not to say that my house is always organized and tidy. It means instead, that I just function better when things are as they should be. For that reason, I spent two hours cleaning out my closet yesterday. I’ve walked into the closet several times today just to look at it and smile.

In fact, my OCD sent me a thank you card today.

After that, I purged 14 pairs of shoes and STILL have more shoes than any one person (myself included!) needs.

Next, I changed purses because that’s what I do when the wind blows I get bored.

Next on my list is cleaning out the kids’ dresser drawers and closets. We have more than several shirts and pants that need to be removed and placed in the “to be sold at Lil’ Lambs” tote because they are two inches too short for either kid. Truth be told I could rid my closet of several pants and shirts because, you know, our dryer enjoys shrinking my britches. But we won’t even go there because McDaddy insists there is absolutely nothing wrong with our dryer. Ahem.

And speaking of McDaddy, he called me yesterday and I thought maybe he had hit his head on something because he mentioned the words sell and jeep in the same sentence.

I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

It took me a bit to gather my thoughts because HOLY CRAP! my man must of lost his mind.

After a minute or so I discovered he was in favor of selling the jeep if, and only if, we could buy a wrangler that a friend of his has for sale.

Wellalrightythen, let’s see. Selling one heap to buy another heap.

Hum. A wrangler is no doubt cooler than a Cherokee, but it is still a heap nonetheless. A few months ago, a friend of McDaddy’s left his jeep at our house and we decided to take it out one evening. We took the top and the doors off and away we went. While dancing along with my iPod (which was blaring through the speakers) to Rob Bass (a little Joy and Pain), I got all wild and crazy and the next thing I knew my shoe flew off my foot and bounced down the highway.

One thing is certain if McDaddy decides to purchase another heap. Fun topless times are sure to follow.

It amuses me that this post started out about my mad organization skills and then took a u-turn into a post about the heap and the heap, part two.

Obviously, rambling works for me!

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  1. Danel says

    You know Julie, I have always wondered when I see a random shoe on the road “How in the world can someone lose one shoe….and on the road???”
    Now I know. LOL

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