Family Christmas Letter

I am one of those people. One of those people who send the highly anticipated Christmas letter.  Ahem.

Each year, I attempt to write an entertaining letter. The last thing I want to do is come off sounding like Braggy McBraggerson even though it would be very easy to do when you have two super smart kids anda hot husband. Nor do I want people to do the eye-roll when they retrieveve our letter from their mailbox.

If you are one of the 381 people (I’m kidding people! Kinda.) who receive our annual Christmas ramble letter, you might want to click the little red ‘x’ up there in the right hand corner and find yourself a Reese Cup or something. Otherwise, our Christmas letter will not be a surprise to you come delivery day.

And now, may I present the 2010 McFamily Christmas Letter complete with a hidden message. Do you see it?

May this find each of you enjoying the mayhem and madness of another
Enchanting holiday season. As luck would have it, you’ve been chosen to
Receive the annual McFamily Newsletter where Julie will no doubt
Ramble on about what all the family has been into since you heard last
Year’s account. McDaddy is still working his fingers to the bone as a
Control Systems Specialist for Honeywell and is also Major in the Air National Guard where
He recently celebrated his 19th year. He enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and overseeing various
Remodeling projects currently taking place around the McPalace. As one might
Imagine, Julie is just as crazy as ever and is in her 2nd year as PTA President at
Stevie’s school, F. Elementary. As a homemaker extraordinaire, she takes her job
Transporting kids and cleaning the house as serious as one can while still
Making time to blog at From Inmates To Playdates Dot Com and watching a vast
Array of reality TV. It’s a tough life, but somehow she manages. There is very little
Structure to her day and she is busier than a raccoon in a trash-pile most of the time.
Finding out in June that Stevie NO LONGER NEEDS GLASSES, we celebrated and
Rejoiced. As a second grader, he can rattle off information like nobody’s business.
Oh, he loves to read and apparently inherited the gift of gab from his mama. He is a
Member of the Cub Scouts and plays basketball for the SV Youth League.
Then, there is Alex, our five year old. He is in pre-school and loves to play with Stevie.
He is full of vim and vigor and has two speeds – wide open and asleep. He is a sweet,
Entertaining boy who loves stuffed animals and anything with Lightning McQueen.
Much to the dismay of their parents, the boys are growing up fast. Even though we
Could, we won’t go on about how smart or sweet our boys are. The entire Mc.
Clan (all 27!) plus a few enjoyed a weeklong vacation in Florida which was the site of
Our annual Christmas picture. The four of us also spent Spring Break in Florida,
Lazily relaxing with both sets of our parents. Much of summer was spent at swim
Lessons, camps, travelling with McDaddy on business and camping with friends at various
Area campgrounds. Our little bandof four has been blessed beyond measure with
Many friends and a loving family. While we have no idea what 2011 will hold for us, we are
Sure of Christ’s love and abundant grace in our lives today and everyday.

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy! – Psalm 126:3
And we hope you are, too!
Love, McDaddy, Julie, Stevie and Alex


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