What I Learned This Week

What I Learned This Week:

1. A yellow tablecloth looks better in my bay window for fall than a red one does. It looks so much lighter and make a huge difference in my fall display.

2. Once I get something in my head – as in something I really want – it’s so hard to get it out. I’ve had three prime examples of that this week. (Still, no Bath and Body pump soap to speak of. And still no luck finding a cute rocker chair in a fabric that I like for a decent price). My search will continue for both of these later today.

3. When your cordless phone has been missing from your kitchen for the better part of three days and the locator button does not seem to be working, there is a pretty good chance that the cordless phone is in your van because remember three days ago when you laughed when you walked out of your house with the iPhone in one hand and the cordless phone in the other hand yet you were too lazy to walk the cordless phone back into the house, instead just dropping it in the console of your van?

You knew better ding-dong.

4. The life of an underwire in a bra must be approximately 18 months because I’ve lost two in the past month.

5. I can think of 28,372 I’d rather be doing instead of shopping for a bra. If you have any suggestions for a comfortable one, I’d love to know about it. Generally, I love to shop. But a bra and it’s drama puts me right over the edge.

6.  After wearing flip-flops for the better part of four months, your toes will ache after wearing tennis shoes for an entire weekend.

7. Maybelline Falsies mascara is clumpy. Ditto for the maybelline Colossal kind. In fact, I decided to try them during a BOGO half-off sale at the rite-aid and returned both of them three days later. I think I’ll just stick with my big chunky orange tube of Cover Girl Lash Blast.

8.  The show Sister Wives is off the hook. I can’t imagine sharing my house, my life, my kids and McDaddy with three other women. Um, I’ll pass, thanks.

Is that even legal?

9. If you are loading the dishwasher and have the door open, you should be very careful not to crack your kneecap on it or else you might feel like cursing.

And now, what did YOU learn this week?

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  1. says

    I am WITH you on the mascara! What is up with that! I have two Cover Girl ones now (the same one of course) that I just opened up (receipt long gone) and it is like I am applying NOTHING. I have to hold the brush and smear my lash on IT to try to get anything off. Ridiculous. Better sticking to the known, isn’t it?

  2. Kandi says

    I HATE Bra shopping as well, but I must suggest for those of us that are bigger in the bust area, go to Lane Bryant they have pretty bras that are hard to find when you have a chest bigger than Katie Homes, lol. Seriously though my experience was not bad at all there. Super friendly.

    As for Faslies Mascara it is my NEW LOVE in Mascara, but you have to be patient and take time to apply from the base of the last to the tip, almost each last at a time. I do love the Cover Girl Lash Blast and the new one that has just come out Lash Blast Fusion has really caught my interest. the Last Blast Luxe I was not a fan of.

  3. KellyF says

    I recently found a great mascara, Estee Lauder Magnascopic. I have to brush off the excess mascara when I pull the wand out but it makes my lashes look great. It retails around $20 BUT I have 2 mini sample tubes that came w/a purchase..someone gave them to me because they don’t use mascara.
    As for a bra, the only ones I’ve ever wore that lasted and felt good were Cacique by Lane Bryant. Now, I’m too cheap to shop at Lane Bryant unless they’re having a sale and I really, really want that item BUT they carry Lane Bryant and Cacique at Gabriel Brothers at a much friendlier price. My Cacique bra lasted over 3 years. The underwire broke last week when I bent awkwardly… Before that bra, I was breaking underwire in cheap bras every month or so.
    I’m in search of a great eyeliner…recommendations welcome 🙂


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