Everywhere I turn, there are piles.

Piles of laundry.

Piles of mail that needs filed.

Piles of stuff in the freezer, still nothing that looks appealing.

Piles of stuff on the kitchen counter that needs sorted.

Piles of shoes by our front door.

A pile of used tissues in my van. Gross, I know.

A pile of socks beside of my chair that need to be sorted.

A pile of shows on my DVR docket.

A pile PTA papers that need attention.

A pile of clothes on my bed that need to be packed into a bag for a short trip I’m taking over the weekend.

Piles of toys in my living room floor, mostly cars.

A pile of stuff by McDaddy’s nightstand that for some reason has been there since he returned from Cuba.

Piles of miscellaneous papers that need sorted or thrown away.

Piles of unwritten blog posts in my head that may never see the light of day.  Or the keyboard

There are piles all over the McResidence.

I do not like piles.

My OCD does not like piles.

Still the piles are there. It seems I am the only one in the house who is concerned about the piles. The kids have piles of cars. McDaddy has a pile of pending stuff to go through. I have a pile of clothes on the little green bench on our room.

Some days, the piles are overwhelming.

Some days. SOME DAYS. The urge hits.

The urge to eliminate the piles one pile at a time.

It is refreshing to eliminate the piles. 

I would love to report that I spent the day eliminating the piles. Sadly though, the only pile I eliminated was the laundry. I spent my morning climbing Mt. Washmore. At approximately 7:00 PM Eastern time, I eliminated a ginormous pile of laundry. Hopefully the urge will visit again in the upcoming week because there are lots of other piles that need tending to.

Are YOU dealing with any piles today?


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    Yes. Everywhere. Piles. And no time to go through them.
    Sadly, this weekend will offer no time at all. I’m considering a day off work to sort PILES. Not sure if that is sad or brilliant.

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    Yep. I just vanquished the pile on top of the computer desk. Yeah! Next I am going to make piles of clothes to donate, then I am going to bag those piles, and then drop them off at the Salvation Army.
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    I need my husband to read this. He’s always convinced that we are the only house that gets this way, that I am the only wife that does this. I keep telling him, it’s EVERYONE except his friend’s snooty wife Kathleen. Her house is always showroom-pristine – just one of many things I can’t stand about her.

    I am doing a load of laundry right now, but that’s really the only pile I tackled today. I created a few new ones, though!

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