Open Letter To The Lady On The Tram

I found this in my Drafts Folder from July. This crazy has been brewing for two months.


To: The Rude Lady At Busch Gardens

From: The Hot, Tired Mama With Two Small Boys

Date: Today

RE: You’re Rude Self

Dear Rude Lady,

Last Wednesday evening, my husband, my two boys and myself spent a gloriously hot day at Busch Gardens. We stayed until the park closed and then made our way to the park entrance. We joined the crowd of people waiting for the tram to take us from the park entrance to our car. We were hot and tired and in need of something cold to drink.

My little family was next in line to board the Tram in Row #5 when you and your rude friend shot out of  your line (#4) and into our seats in row five.

Do you not realize there are designated rows for a reason?

That means that each waiting row is designated for a corresponding row on the tram.

But I suspect you knew that already.

You just CHOSE not to follow the rules.

Our sweet boys couldn’t understand why someone would ‘skip line’ when we had talked all day about waiting our turn and being polite and I couldn’t understand why you couldn’t have waited, oh, I don’t know, 45 seconds for the next tram.

And the funny thing is, you never said ONE WORD during the incident. Even when the joker in charge of the tram had the nerve to tell McDaddy and I that we’d have to HOLD OUR KIDS ON OUR LAP because there were not enough seats for all of us in our row, you and your friend/daughter? stared straight-ahead without saying one single word.

Then, when I blurted out that you that you and your rude friend needed to scoot over because you jumped in front of us, again, you sat tight-lipped, looking straight ahead and did not move an inch.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

After a hot, tiring day, the last thing I wanted to do was tangle with you and your rude self.

If you happen to be perusing the internet today and come across this letter, you should know that you made a fool out of your self all in the name of arriving at your car a full minute sooner than you would have if you had followed the rules. You are a bully and I’d be willing to bet you’ve spent your life throwing  your weight around with zero regard for rules or the decency to do the right thing. I’d be willng to bet that eventually you’ll cross paths with someone who will kick your trash. Either that or you’ll end up in an 8×8 cell making collect calls home about your next visitation.

You might want to think about your behavior before its too late.


An Ex-Jail Counselor


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