You Capture – Flowers

 Seeing as how I can barely breath thanks to the Big Ole’ Head Cold of 2010, I didn’t want to be near any kind of flower this week. Still, I wanted to participate in You Capture.

My eyes are watery.

My throat is scratchy.

As you might imagine I’m a real joy to be around this week. Ahem!

After we were married, I had my bridal bouquet placed inside this heart. It is displayed in my hallway and I smile just thinking about our special day.

 This is my favorite flower.

 And, it is silk if you can believe that.

Still, I love ’em.

These little fellers are blooming on the side of the road and I couldn’t help but grab this shot in between bouts of sneezing and snotting.

I know, I know. TMI.

The weather has not been good to me this week. I am hoping for some relief very soon or else I might split my own head wide open with a hammer. I am just. that. miserable.

Now get out of here before you catch this mess!

Thursday Thirteen – Random Ramblings

I will do my absolute best to hammer out thirteen random things today.

But you should know that I am hyped up on Sudafed and water. Yes, I said water. Seems someone the maid forgot to stop by the grocery store for my beloved Dr. Pepper and so I’m sitting here in my big, blue, bloggy chair fighting the urge to chew my arm off.


1. I am out of Dr. Pepper.

2. My head feels like it might explode. And really, I’m guessing I would feel much better.

3. I have a raw place just under my nose because I have wiped it so friggin’ much.

I know, I know. TMI.

4. McDaddy left for a business trip today (which is probably a good thing because my head if full of goop and I’ve been a snoring fool for the last two days because I CAN’T BREATH) and for some reason his shaving kit is missing. It is puzzling to me that the shaving kit – which usually resides under the sink in the bathroom – is missing because how do things just disappear? I have searched the house over for the little black bag. It has travelled the world over with McDaddy.

5. I am watching The Young and The Restless as I do every night while I blog after 10pm. I hate the fact that Shemar Moore and Don Diamont are no longer part of my Y&R family and find it hard to believe that no one consulted me about the decision.

6. I am fighting the urge to eat a Little Debbie Fudge Round because it is after 10pm and because that is never a good idea. That little witch Debbie sure does make a mean cake. And no, McDaddy, it is NOT called a cookie. Is there ANYONE else out there who calls Little Debbie goodies cookies because even though they are cakes?

7. I have a giveaway for CSN stores going on right now. The winner can either choose a Ginsu knife set or something of equal value. Please pop over there and sign up. I’d love for this to be my biggest give-away ever.

8. I am currently shopping for a couch and loveseat. I found one that adore and that would match perfectly but it is not super comfy.. so… I’ll just keep looking.

9. I am currently eating a Little Debbie Fudge Round because I am missing McDaddy and because I am craving chocolate [Note to McDaddy: You’ve got approximately six days before all heck breaks loose again this month.] I’ve never been known for my willpower.

10. Barbara Walters is a trip. She made mention on The View that some scientific joker at the national center for atmosperic research says that it was the wind that parted the red sea for Moses back in the day.

Now see, if I were God, which obviously I am not, I would have dropped Barbara Walters right out of her chair on live television just to prove a point. 

11. McDaddy and I watched Mike and Molly on Monday evening. It was a cute show and I set up a season pass on the DVR.

12. I’ve had mums on my porch for two weeks and I am happy to report that THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!

13. My flip flop days are just about over and that makes me so sad because me and my pedicured toes have lived in flip flops since May. I dread pulling out the socks.

Got a random fact today? I’d love it if you lurkers would come out from behind the bushes today!