The Old Gray Mare

Whoever said the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. Well, lets just say they talked with a lot of sense.

Our weekend started out with McDaddy and I running around getting things packed for what very well might be our last camping hoo-rah of the season. I didn’t mention our camping trip last week because McDaddy seems to think that announcing your business on the Internet might not be the greatest of ideas. You know, because of the crooks and the thieves that might read this here blog and know where the McResidence is. There is a heightened state of emergency here in our neighborhood because the thugs are out in full force. My majorette rifle is right beside my bed on the off chance that I might need it sometime.

We joined two other families on Friday at a campground about an hour from home. Stevie was invited to a birthday party of his best buddy at an amusement park near where we camped. We thought it might be a good idea to camp close to the park, so that way we got to attend the birthday party AND we got to camp with our friends.

It was a beautiful weekend. It was the type of weekend where I find myself saying, hello fall afternoon, come to mama! The temperature was an ideal 80 degrees and lucky for us there was hardly anybody at the park. As my sweet boys approached “The Spider” – the black spider looking thing with six legs and cars that go round and round and round and round – they both said, “Hey, let’s ride that!” The Spider just happens to be one of my favorite rides of all times. Stevie rode in a car with a friend of his and I rode with my sweet Alex. As the ride picked up speed, I knew pretty much immediately that I should not have climbed on the thing. We went around and around while the car spun around and around. My stomach tossed and turned and I fought with the urge to puke. I was sure I was going to hurl. After an excruciating twenty or so minutes, give or take seventeen or so, I stumbled off of the ride and found a place to sit on a little wall. My stomach continued to turn. I had a decision to make To puke in public. Or not. If you’re thinking I might be a tad bit embarrassed about talking about puking in public on the blog, well, I’d say you probably don’t know me very well. Ultimately, I was able to hold it all back. I had the good sense to stay off the roundy round rides and I think its a safe bet that my whirly-gig riding days are over.

We enjoyed the day as a family and I smiled at the fact that my boys rode absolutely everything. Even if they weren’t too hyped up on the idea of the haunted house, they rode it. They giggled and smiled throughout the day.

After we arrived back at the camp-site later that evening, I made the unfortunate decision to wash my hair before sitting around the campfire FOR FOUR HOURS in the night air with a wet head of hair. As you might imagine, I woke up this morning with a head full of snot and itchy, watery eyes.

Tis the season, I suppose.

I’ve been swiping snot all live long day. And now my nose is raw.

Add that to the itchy, watery eyes and its a wonder I can hammer out this post.

I think I’ll hunt me down a sudafed and call it a night.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I’m keeping a close eye on Hurricane Julia, simply because I know how much havoc a Julie can wreak. I’m guessing a Julia isn’t much different.

Happy Monday, y’all.