I was going to write about thirteen things that give me the creeps, but then it dawned on me that its likely y’all don’t want to hear about things that give me the creeps, SO, I thought instead I’d let this post serve as a brain dump. That will be a fine end to a long day.

So, in all of  its unedited glory, here are thirteen random things that are rolling around my head today.

1. I have the distinct feeling that my beloved iPhone is dying a S-L-O-W death. It is doing things. Scary things. For instance, when taking the phone away from my ear to hang up after a call, the screen goes completely blank. So blank in fact that the red ‘END CALL’ bar does not show up at the bottom of the screen which means, obviously, that I cannot end phone calls. This happens about every fifth call or so. For some reason when I answer the phone, the caller cannot hear me until I say hello again. Like I said, slow death. I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that some morning I might wake up to find that it did not survive the night. That will be a sad day indeed.

2. Before the school year started, I had a rational talk with Alex about his morning moods. We spent many a morning last year engaged in battle because something was not going his way. While I can certainly sympathize with throwing a fit when not getting ones way, it gets old very quickly. Plus, I don’t want Stevie’s day to start out that way. So far (three mornings) he has been as pleasant as pleasant can be. I’ve only had to remind him two or three times that ‘we are really working on our morning moods this year, remember’ and without missing a beat, he gathers himself and away we go. It makes my heart smile to know that we are at this point in our relationship because there was a time.

And I’ll leave it at that.

3. When I was in the bathroom gathering the laundry earlier today I noticed the carnage. Apparently the Little Einsteins toothpaste decided it might be fun to pick a fight with my two boys. There was toothpaste on the counter-top. Toothpaste on the toothpaste basket. Toothpaste on the door facing. And enough toothpaste to last the next month on the toothpaste lid. There’s a whole lot I could say about that with the first thing being, “HOW IN THE HECK DID THEY GET TOOTHPAST ON THE DOOR FACING?” The other thing that I have to ask is, “What in the heck is this stuff made of?” It’s like dried plaster once it sits out in the open air for a bit. It took me a good five and a half (I know it should be five and an half, but that’s just not natural for me) minutes to clean the darn toothpaste off of the lid.

[Note to self: Have a talk with the boys explaining the correct procedure for dispensing toothpaste so as not to cause a ruckus in the bathroom.]

4. Stevie is playing baseball on the Wii. The animated version of Derek Jeter is not not nearly as hot as the real version.

5. McDaddy is currently on an airplane flying toward LaGuardia. He left early Sunday morning and after travelling with him for much of the summer, I’ve missed him lots more than usual. I’m glad he’ll be home tonight.

6. While shopping at Kohls today, I saw a tee-shirt with the golden arches on it. It said, “McLovin”. I was thisclose to purchasing the shirt for McDaddy.

7. I recently discovered that the jail where I used to work now has a facebook page and a twitter handle. Would you believe that both the facebook page and the twitter stream  provides mugshots of each and every person incarcerated at the jail and is updated every 15 minutes. I was a bit shocked to discover this information. Needless to say, I ‘followed’ and ‘liked’ both pages.

8. Have you ever been bored out of your mind ran a toothpick under the keys on your laptop? I was surprised at the amount of stuff (in my case, hair) I found lurking under there.

9. I love Big Brother. I’ve been a fan of the show since the very first season. This season, my favorites are Hayden, Enzo, and Matt. I’m still perplexed about why Brenden would fall for the likes of Rachel. McDaddy has long said that I wouldn’t last a week in the Big Brother house. Still, I’d love to give it a shot.

10. Stevie is having a great time in second grade. I’m thrilled that he has a great teacher and several of his good buddies are in his class. I know it sounds so cliche’ but time is whizzing right past me.

11. I’m hearing a lot of hub-bub about pretzel M&Ms. Me? I’m not a big fan of pretzels and quite frankly it doesn’t get much better than the peanut M&M for me. So, they can keep the coconut, the pretzel, and any other M&M they want to throw out.

12. I am so thankful for the break in the weather. The morning grass is covered with dew, the afternoon sun is refreshing, and the humidity seems to be but a distant memory. I love everything about fall except for the time change. I don’t like the fact that it gets dark so early.

13. McDaddy is planning an off-roading extravaganza on Saturday. I have agreed to go with him. Hopefully I won’t act like a crazy person this time.

But I make no promises where me and the crazy are concerned.

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. says

    1. Can you take the battery out and put it back? Or reset it? I would call the Apple store…. it’s not that old, is it?

    2. I started waking my kids up 30 minutes early and plopping them down in front of the tv with a blanket. By the time they “woke up,” they were ready to face the world 🙂

    3. Seriously? You’re not saying all this just to make me feel better?? Because I fight the same battle with my kids. I almost bought that “As seen on TV” toothpaste dispenser, but then thought that it might end up all over the counter, as well. I think they should make a toothpaste dispenser that uses fingerprint scanning technology to dispense exactly one pea-sized dollop of toothpaste per kid, per 12 hours. I may have thought about this entirely too much.

    4. Well, duh!!

    5. Steve was out of town last week after being in town for 6 whole weeks!! I know what you’re feeling 🙂

    6. Have you seen the movie with McLovin? I can’t think of what it’s called. Hilarious.

    7. No way!!! Really?? What a deterrent!!! I might have to “like” them, too. For comic relief.

    8. Um. No. Thank you. Because now I have heebie-jeebies.

    9. Never saw it.

    10. It just goes faster and faster as they get older 🙁

    11. I LOVE pretzels. And I LOVE M&Ms. But pretzel M&Ms? Notafan. Yuck. Gag. Gross.

    12. This week in AZ was a crazy, rainy, cloudy week. And it got down to the 80’s… brrr…

    13. I commented on each and every one of these because I was going to be funny and say “Haha! You didn’t do a nice round number! So now you have TWO posts without nice round numbers!!!” But then I just scrolled up and looked at the title.

    I don’t know why the hilarity of you doing a Thursday Thirteen post hadn’t hit me months ago.

    Joke’s on me.

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