More Medical Drama

Y’all know I love a good story.

Especially one that involves some sort of medical drama.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that I have a had more than my share of medical drama.

Remember the time I had a kidney stone?

And a stroke?

Then, there was the post about the heel spurs.

And let’s please not forget about the disastrous IUD and it’s effects on my blood pressure.

And then of course, there is the Great Ear Infection of 2008. Which actually evolved into the Great Ear Infection of 2009.

And then the Great Ear Aggravation of 2010.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon.

On Friday afternoon, the boys and I set some sort of record as we visited two doctors and got an x-ray all in the span of 90 minutes.

While we were on vacation, Stevie jumped out of the pool and darted up the [wet, concrete] steps.

Within seconds, he let out a squal that made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up at attention.

I just knew he had busted his head open.

As it turns out, he slipped on the wet, slippery steps and went down on his left cheek.

By the time he got to me, he had a knot on his cheek and it immediately turned blue. Hours later, his eye was black. (This in addition to the other black eye he received at the hands of a cousin, or a shuffleboard stick, or maybe even himself. We’re not real sure how it happened, we just know he spent pretty much the entire week with two black eyes.)

On Thursday, I noticed the bruise was still pretty pronounced with a possible indention in his cheek. I touched it to discover a pea-sized knot just under the skin.

Cue the dramatic music.

Then, he proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t sleep on that side ‘because his cheek hurt too bad’.

And, it was in that second that I kissed “Mother of the Year” goodbye.

Sheesh. Where in the heck have I been that I didn’t know my sweet boy had a knot on his face that was at least three weeks old?

I called his Doctor and just as I suspected, she wanted to see him.

After examining him, she sent him directly for an x-ray citing a possible hematoma, or chipped cheek bone.


Then, just after the x-ray, I had an appointment with an ear/nose/throat specialist in an attempt to get to the bottom of my ear drama.

After shoving some sort of suction thing half-way down my ear canal, Doc flipped the switch and for a few minutes I struggled to keep myself still, because, you know, I don’t do well with loud noises and suction things in my ear canals. Then, he flipped another switch and the suction thing blew air and cream and whoknowswhatelse into my eardrum.

Then, he diagnosed me with eczema of the ear.

Yes, you heard me correctly.


Of the ear.

As one might imagine, eczema of the ear is about as aggravating as an indecipherable captcha. Ohmygosh, I HATE those.

I was given a new tube of cream and sent on my way.

Basically, I learned when a child has an injury, it might be more serious than you think which is a very weird thing for me to say, because drama, self diagnosis and I are very good friends. And I usually have the kids diagnosed with some rare skin condition when in reality it is nothing more than a bug-bite.

And then, there is this ear condition that had me convinced after two years that um, I had a bug crawling around deep in my ear canal.

I’m telling you folks, the crazy runs way deep.

Just like  the itch.

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Ok, I think that’s all.


  1. says

    I laughed OUT LOUD when I got to the eczema of the ear part. I am sorry.

    And Stevie’s poor eye(s). Is the bump better? Jack whacked his eye on a table in Jan and it took until July for the bump to go away. He still has a dimple where it was…

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