I’m Feeling Particularly Rowdy!

It’s Monday again and that means it’s time for another edition of Not Me! Monday, brought to you by MckMama. And because I’m feeling particularly rowdy, I’ve compiled an uneven numbered short list of thing I most certainly did not do this past week…

1. I have not spent the better part of two weeks buying and returning swim goggles. As you might (or might not for all I know) recall my sweet boys completed a session of swimming lessons earlier in the summer. Stevie is now swimming and can’t stand to have water in his eyes or to be splashed in the eyes while trying to swim. And so began my quest for a pair of swim goggles that don’t fill up with water the second they hit the water. Why is it that we can put a man on the moon but I can’t find ONE SINGLE PAIR of swim goggles in the Tri-State area that do not leak.

2. I am not! at 11:09 P.M. EST sitting in my big, blue, bloggy chair eating a Snickers bar while writing this post. I’m telling you people the late mid-thirties and their hormones mean business.

3. I am not already dreading the 14-16 hour drive to Florida for a family vacation with McDaddy’s family later this week because I am a great traveller who never complains or whines in the car that she is tired, bored, hot, or sleepy.

4. I did not start a list of stuff to pack three weeks ago for the aforementioned Florida trip because three weeks? Who can keep up with a list for three weeks? Not me!

5. It’s not me who has assisted a certain four-year-old boy for the past seven days in his quest for finding white-wall Lightning McQueen which has apparently been taken hostage in our home. Nor did we find nineteen (19!!!!!) other Lightning McQueens while searching  for White Wall McQueen.

6. I am not of the opinion that the airlines are out of their blame minds for charging outrageous fees for carry-ons, checked baggage, seat assignments, and bathroom visits for goodness sake.

7. I never ever roll my eyes when my boys watch Sonic the Hedgehog because I just adore Dr. Eggman, Knuckles, and Tails. And because I’ll take Sonic anyday over that idiotic voice on Thomas The Tank Engine.

How about you? Is there anything particularly interesting you haven’t done this week? I’d love to here from you lurkers.

Come out, come out wherever you are…..


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    I haven’t been up multiple (meaning MANY) times each night with my son transitioning into a twin bed after having monster episodes. I’m not sure I’ve been more tired except for when my little guy was first born…

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    I am a long time reader and a first time commenter! I love how similar our boys seem to be (check out my facebook pics if you don’t belive me !!)

    My youngest has the water in the eyes issue as well. You would think it was acid that he was clawing out of his eyes everytime we go for a swim.

    The ONLY goggles I have found that work are the scuba diver type swim masks. They also help out the “water in the nose” problem of my oldest. Hope this helps! Laurie Hollister

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    Too funny! I so relate!

    I used to be a competitive swimmer, and the only ones I ever found that work are speedos. They are what the coaches had us get, year after year!

    And I too, love Sonic. My youngest boy watches it…….but I thank my lucky stars that with my youngest, I only have to deal with Moose A Moose and not TellaTubbies or Oobies.
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