A Simple Mathematical Equation

8 big honkin’ bags


10 painted toes


3 batches of no-bake cookies


7 electronic devices, chargers, and cords,


Countless medicines, hair products, toiletries, and anything else you can friggin’ think of,


A feverish attempt to get out of town to spend the next seven days with these people + the seven (I think!)  more that have been born since this picture was taken in 2008.

Keeping up with the grandbabies in this family is a mathematical equation that is difficult to keep up with and is subject to change on any. given. day.

As of today, there are fifteen grandbabies under the age of eight in McDaddy’s family.

The next week will no doubt be full of family, fun, food (and lots of it!), floating, and fits.

Florida, here we come!

This post is linked to Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are THAT Family.


  1. says

    Please hop on over to my blog I nominated you for an award. I have recently discovered your blog and so enjoy it. From your photographs to your stories about life.

  2. Jean says

    I recognize the red bag – thanks for haulin’ some stuff for us. 🙂 The no-bakes were DELICIOUS! Thanks, Jimmy!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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