Thursday Thirteen – Last Thursday

Thirteen things I was doing this time last Thursday. You know, because you have nothing better to do than to read about what I was doing 168 hours ago while sitting in a hotel room in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

1. FEELING … crampy becuase the mones are raging.

2. DRINKING … a bottle of water because water is very good for you. And, because the hotel only subscribes to Pepsi machines, so there are no Dr. Pepper or Cokes for sale in the building.

3. RELIEVED… that it is summer and we can sleep until we wake up naturally¬†or until 8:45 am because there is free breakfast at the hotel.

4. THINKING… they don’t really clean the carpet in hotel rooms. Likewise, the bathroom floor feels funky, too. My flip flops stick to the floor when I walk in there.

5. LISTENING … to the hum of the air conditioner and Garfield blaring on the TV.

6. SEEING … my iPhone light up every time it’s “my move” on Words With Friends. (By the way, I’m JulieWV if you’re looking for an other opponent!)

7. EAGER … to spend the evening with ‘the girls’ and to go camping with our friends next week. A relaxing week in the Amish Country with our closest friends. Good times, good food and good friends. It doesn’t get better than that!

8. HOPING … that we get started on our new deck soon because the deck project got pushed in front of our basement renovations and right now the basement looks like a tornado ripped through it because there. is. junk. all. over. the. place.

9. WANTING …. what else, my friends? A 2009 Saturn Sky Redline. Standard transmission, please.

10. READY … to check out of the hotel but just waiting around because once we check out we’re on our own until McDaddy finishes the job he came here to do.

11. SEEING … room 021 at the Holiday Inn Express. Yes, I said 021. That means we are in the basement. But, we have a window, so it’s not like we’re really in the basement, except, that we really are.

12. NEEDING … to take a last look around the hotel room to make sure we are not leaving Lightning McQueen or any of his posse under the beds.

13. DECIDING … whether or not to have my hair trimmed in the mall here in Pennsylvania because my hair dresser is on vacation until after we’ll already be on our trip. I need it trimmed badly, but hesitate, because? My hair dresser knows my hair very well and knows exactly what I mean when I say ‘thin it out’. Not sure these jokers will understand.

What about you? What were you doing last Thursday? I’d love to hear from you lurkers to day!


  1. says

    I’m a lurker, but an uninspired one lately…
    Last Thursday… I have to look at my iphone calendar … Oh yeah I ran and then interviewed some potential teachers.
    Oh and I will totally play you on Words With Friends. But be warned, I’m terrible.
    Chelsea recently posted…Barefoot Books Review Giveaway-My Profile

  2. says

    I was picking up my daughter from her first sleep-away camp experience. Wasn’t sure what to expect since we received the dreaded “I hate camp, come pick me up RIGHT NOW” letter. But, she was glad to see me – and exhausted. So glad she’s home!
    (PS: Found you from your link to You Capture and thought I’d check out the rest of your blog.)
    Nikki recently posted…Lake Murray with the MashburnsMy Profile

  3. Jean says

    Last Thursday …….hold on – need to check my calendar….. was July 1 because today is July 6. I’m very behind in reading your blog posts because I spent this past week nursing a sinus infection — and the week before trying to teach Mom (age 90 w/ Alzh) the concept of the catheter she was wearing. So, actually, the last 2 weeks are a big blur. ūüôĀ

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