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Earlier in the summer, McDaddy and I talked about signing the boys up for swimming lessons.

I was skeptical because at the time, both of the boys were afraid to “go under water” and neither one of them had any interest whatsoever in doing anything in the pool besides playing on the steps. Each day before going into the pool, we held hands in the van and prayed for bravery, safety, and a willingness to try anything that they were asked to do during their thirty-minute lesson. And the first day, I might have added, ‘and please don’t let either of them have a big, hairy fit or cause a big nasty scene’.

Not that either of them have ever done either of those things, but, hey one can’t ever be too careful.

Despite the requirement to float (which required getting water in their ears) they had a great time.

They worked on freestyle, backstroke, floating, and becoming comfortable and confident in the water. At the conclusion of the lessons, Stevie was *almost* swimming.

I say *almost* because he gave 105% each day and worked really hard to be brave. I saw him go past his comfort zone and each day he pushed himself to do a little more. Yet, when it came time to give up the ‘boards’ he had trouble staying above the water.  He found that swimming was much easier while holding his nose and swimming under water.

That was before spending a week at Boy Scout Day Camp with eight other boys which concluded each day with pool time. On the last day of Day Camp, he climbed into the van and proudly announced that he could now ‘do the cannonball’ and ‘swim back to the side of the pool.’ My ears perked up and I replied, “Oh yeah?” I followed that up with, “Well, we’ll just have to make a trip to the pool tomorrow so you can show me.”

And that’s precisely what we did.

Our little family of four got suited up, lathered up, and heated up.

My sweet boy tucked his knees into his arms and flopped in the water like he had done it 382 times. Then, he worked his way back to the side of the pool doing freestyle looking like a drunken worm high on crack. His bony little body flipped and flopped and at the very core of all the movement, he *was* actually swimming.

But, I wouldn’t have asked Michael Phelps for his opinion on the matter.

We visited the pool several more times and worked on his form and making his movements smoother.

And now?

Now, he is swimming like a fish.

And when he’s feeling particularly rowdy, he flops over on his back and does the backstroke.

I am tickled to death that he can actually swim. It will make our vacation to Florida so much more enjoyable for him (especially since a couple of his cousins are swimming) and for us, too. 

That leads me to what Works For Me this fine Wednesday.

During swimming lessons, he had a tough time because he couldn’t keep his eyes open long enough to actually see where he was going.

So began my quest for swim goggles that actually kept the water out of his eyes.

I started my search at the dollar store which if I’m being honest was a mistake from the start because what can one expect from a pair of swim goggles that cost one hundred pennines?

You get what you pay for, right?

The stinkin’ strap wouldn’t even stay hooked.

The four dollar mask at the Mart of Walls ultimately had the same outcome even though they were more expensive than the first pair. They mask is probably manufactured at the same plant as the dollar duds.

The third pair ringing in at $7.00 each?

Were returned the next day.

At that point, it became a challenge to find one stinkin’ pair of goggles (well, two actually becuase even though Alex still isn’t a fan or going under water, I couldn’t ever justify not purchasing a pair of goggles for future bribery use) that did NOT fill up with water at the point of entry.

Oh shoot. It’s storming and the lights are flickerin’. I need to wrap this up before I lose it.

Anyway, to make an extremely long story short complete, I am happy to report that we found not one, but TWO pair of goggles that get the job done.

As it turns out, Buzz Lightyear knows a thing or two about swim goggles. Even a pair on the clearance rack for $2.77.

Two dollars and seventy-seven cents, people.

That’s unheard of  in the swim goggle industry.

And believe me, I know of what I speak.

Being the skeptical that I am, I also insisted on purchasing a high falutin pair of goggles at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $23.00. Because after you’ve spent 2/3 of your summer searching for a decent pair of swim goggles, it’s highly unlikely that Buzz Lightyear and his peeps know anything about swim goggles.

Especially ones that cost $2.77.

Sorry, Buzz. I owe you a big, fat apology for bad-mouthing you in Aisle 16 at the Toys-R-Us. I was sure your goggles would be junk.

I am pleased to announce that the 2010 Great American Hunt For Swim Goggles is officially over.

If you or someone you love (or someone that has spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for goggles) is in need of a decent pair of swim goggles, I suggest you start with Buzz and his friends.

That way you’ll have plenty left over to buy mama a new pair of shoes.

These swim goggles worked for me!

Visit We Are THAT Family for other things that might Work For You. And it’s doubtful that anyone else will use 975 words to talk about swim goggles.

What can I say?

A lot apparently.


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