40 Things Before 40

While sitting around the campfire tonight, we talked briefly about the bucket list. I don’t really have a bucket list, but I do spend a fair amount of time thinking of things I would like to do before I um, you know, pass.

This isn’t necessarily a bucket list, because? Hello? I’m already 36 and these are things I’d like to do before I’m forty, not before I’m dead but it’s certainly a list of things I’d like to accomplish before I have the birthday that comes after the thirty-ninth.

And just before the one that starts with forty and ends with one.

1. Give up my love of lists.
2. Lose a lot! of weight.
3.  Learn HTML code.
4. Go to Australia with McDaddy
5.  Get a full ten-hour night of uninterrupted sleep (without waking to pee!)
6. See a Broadway Show
7.  Share McDaddy’s love of off-roading without irrational fear or panic attack.
8. Own a Saturn Sky even if only for a short time.
9. Purchase the empty lot beside of our house so that McDaddy can have the garage of his dreams.
10. Finish the basement. I mean completely finished and mess cleaned up!
11. A new deck (We need one sooner rather than later or else we’ll have our very own drop zone!)
12. Worry less.
13. Get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.


I already said that. Yes, I know. I’m just reminding you!
14. Go to the dentist and get a good report without getting the dreaded floss lesson. (Which means I should actually floss each. and. every. single. day. Thankyouverymuch!)
15. Visit Alaska
16. Worry Less
17. Get off blood pressure medicine. This could probably happen by achieving at least seven of the items on this list.
18. Declutterize our house completely!
19. Learn how to start the lawn-mower. Not cause I really want to mow, but, because its the responsible thing to do.
20. Find the perfect bra. Why is that we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make a bra for every woman’s size and body shape that is comfortable?

 21. Actually pay attention every. time. someone. speaks. to. me.  {Huh, what did you say?}
22. Learn how to make a perfect batch of no-bake cookies just like my daddy!
23. Read the Bible allthewaythrough.
24. Have a really easy, great haircut that is easy to style.
25. Be free of my addiction of caffeinated Beverages {Could someone warn the folks at Dr. Pepper that in four short
years there could be a slight decline in monthly sales}.
26. Get rid of everything in our house that has not been touched for a year.
27. Let my boys be – BOYS. Without fear of injury or something worse!
28. Learn more about stuff I know nothing about. Knowledge regarding things like stocks and HTML Code could be very helpful to me some day!
29. Cook more. {Enough said}.
30. Buy flowers for spring and keep them alive all summer by watering them instead of depending on prayer and God to bring them back to life.
31. Find the perfect purse. I have purchased at least twenty perfect purses, yet, they find their way to the bottom of the purse pile when the next ’perfect’ one hops off the shelf and onto my arm.
32. Get rid of stuff in the loft that we have not touched since we moved here seven years ago. {Anybody out there have a need for old diaries or one or two or twenty backpacks?}
33. Do every. single. thing. on my long term To-Do List. Or just shred the list.
34. Be caught up on scrapbooks with NO pictures in the pending basket. After all, someday these boys will be grown and may actually want to take them when they leave.
35.  Think. Before. I. Speak. {Sweet Hallelujah, is it possible?}
36. Take the boys to Lake Powell to spend a week on a houseboat. We’ve made this trip twice – before kids, mind you – and it is the most relaxing vacation in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.
37. Have patience.
38. Successfully back the van into the garage on the first try. It’s been seven years – and every single time I back in crooked I think about the fact that the guy who built it, (ahem! Glen) designed it just off center. I’m sure his botched calculations are the root of the problem.
39. Lose FIVE! sizes. And never find them again as long as I shall live!
40. Change my freakin’ attitude about things I have no control over.

WHEW! It’s a really good thing I have three years, five  months, and nine days to get this all figured out. I am no doubt going to be a busy girl.

What about you? Anything you’d like to do before you hit your next ‘milestone’?

Talk amongst yourselves!


  1. says

    Well, since I already have, guess I’m off the hook! I think for me, I felt more “complete” having had a child. That was a big life aspiration, a healthy child.

    For you, I think you really ought to work on #8. You deserve it!

  2. Erika says

    Hey Julie,
    Missed your blog. I haven’t read blogs since early April. No wonder I had over 200,000 emails.(lol) oops. Just wanted to stop by and say “Hi”. Missed your great blog.


  3. Jean says

    At the top of my bucket list is getting fit — but my next milestone will be in 11 weeks and 1 day. I simply am having a really hard time with this milestone. I should forget about which milestone it is and just get busy on the fitness issue! I’ll start tomorrow.

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