It Wasn’t Me! Again.

For some reason, the list of things I didn’t do this week seems a bit longer than usual.

Perhaps that’s because I actually kept a running list this time.

Or perhaps it’s just because it was an eventful week.

Either way, I suspect you’ll find this list of things that I didn’t do pretty entertaining.

For those of you who are new around here, Not Me! Monday was born out of  ‘a desire to admit some imperfections and reveal a few moments we’d rather forget’ and since it’s so stinkin’ therapeutic you may want to join in, too! Believe me, there’s room for everyone!

-And no, before you ask, I did not, under any circumstances eat too much over the weekend. I attended Women Of Faith in Columbus with 20 of my girlfriends, and I never ordered too much, or ate too much. In fact, I turned down every offer of snack and chocolate that came my way.

So there.


-There is no way in the world that I went to pee in the middle of the night and neglected to pull my pants down alltheway, which caused me to pee on them.

Sheesh. Can you say sleepy dork?

-Because my mama would tell you that she did her best to raise a lady and not a street urchin, it wasn’t me who, after days and days of serious amounts of SPAM comments on my blog, responded to one of them via e-mail saying, “You are a stupid spammer. Get a life douche-bag”  to one of them.

Not my proudest moment. But still.

– It wasn’t me who sat on a cold, concrete floor in the Nationwide arena on more than one occasion so I could charge my beloved iPhone in between sets.

Nope. Not me!

– It most certainly wasn’t my silly organized self who wrote a Doctor appointment on two different calendars listing two different times, neither of which was the appropriate time.

Recently I made the lame brain decision to record all Doctor’s appointments in my calendars 10 minutes ahead of my actual appointment time. You know, because I’m efficient and all that. Remembering this plan, I recorded the appointment in my purse calendar ten minutes earlier than the actual appointment. Then, when I arrived home, apparently, I forgot that I had already recorded the appointment ten minutes early, and recorded it on my home calendar ten minutes earlier than that which meant I was effectively thirty minutes early to the appointment after still arriving 10 minutes earlier than the time written on my home calendar.

It’s a tough job keeping up with the madness in my life head.

– And lastly, it also wasn’t me who went to Kohls to purchase a birthday present for my mama and ended up buying two of everything.

One for my mama.

And one for me.

Like I said.

Lots of stuff I didn’t do this week.

How ’bout you? You can share what you haven’t done here in the comments OR you can write your own post and link to MckMama‘s Not Me! Monday bloggy carnival.


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