One Cool Cake

It hit 80 degrees today.

And I, for one couldn’t be happier. I was so afraid that we would spend a summer playing around with 70 degree temperatures and THE RAIN. The stupid stinkin’ rain.

It has rained for weeks.


Noah. Bring your ark.

Since the warm weather has finally arrived (and appears to be sticking around pleaseohplease!) and camping season is upon us, I thought it might be a great time to repost this recipe.

My criteria for a successful recipe includes,

  • easy
  • quick
  • fail proof
  • delicious

You can thank me later, especially after you have wowed your circle of friends and co-workers with this delectable delight.


  • 1 box of ice cream sandwiches
  • 1 large container of cool whip
  • 1 jar of chocolate fudge or Hersheys’ syrup
  • 1 jar or butterscotch or caramel topping

Layer 9X13 baking dish with ice cream sandwiches. Cut sandwiches when necessary to completely fill the pan and appease  your OCD.

Next, spread a thick layer of cool whip.

Drizzle with Chocolate syrup and butterscotch topping.


Freeze until ready to serve

Top with crushed Butterfinger or heath bar. (Or your favorite topping such as pecans, sprinkles (for holidays) oreos, or just about anything else you can think of.

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  1. says

    How easy! I’m sure it tastes delicious. Ice cream sandwiches are REALLY expensive where I live – even the plain “boring” ones, but I bet I could do this with soft cookies and ready made ice cream. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Frances Bales says

    Julie, I love your little blog. It is so entertaining. IYour recipe for ice cream sandwich cake is awesome, I cannot wait to try it. I have a recipe for Ice cream sandwiches that is very easy if you would like to share it on your blog. You can buy the Graham Crakers, the big ones that we used to get served in Kindergarten, and break them in half, slap any kind of ice cream you would like on one side and put the other side of the graham cracker on it (just like a sandwich), wrap in wax paper or parchment paper and freeze for a few hours and your sandwich will be soft just like the regular ice cream sandwiches you would buy in the store. Have fun this summer and keep the crazy coming.

  3. Frances Bales says

    Julie, I did not see my comment posted in your comments so I am not sure if you got my recipe for making your own ice cream sandwiches but if you would like the recipe (which is very simple) you could email me at I love your blog by the way and I hope you keep the crazy (your words) coming.

  4. Jean says

    I just gained 43.7 pounds just thinking about such a delicioso delight. Just kidding! It sounds wonderful. 🙂


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