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Tomorrow, I will be headed to Columbus, Ohio with 25 of my closest gal pals for a Women of Faith conference. It will be our seventh trip in as many years.

It’s something I look forward to every year because it means the only bottom I’ll be wiping for 48 hours is my own. The only mouth I’ll be feeding is my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweet boys. I love all three of them, but I love girl-time, too! I’m thankful that I have a hubby that can take care of business when I’m not at home.

If my calculations are correct (and chances are they aren’t because hello? It involves math! And we all know how I suck at math!) I’ve been in charge of doing the games for our Women Of Faith Extravaganzas since that first year seven years ago. It is a task coming up with fresh material each year.

One year, I handed out index cards and each gal had to put one odd fact about themselves on it. As I read the facts, we had to guess who’s weird fact it was.

Another year, I passed around those little individual fun-size packs of M&Ms to each person. As each gal, opened their pack, they gave this information…

Red = tell 1 fact about your childhood per red candy

Green = tell 1 fact about one of your hobbies

Blue = tell 1 fact about one of your job

Yellow = tell 1 fact about your dreams and aspirations

Brown = tell 1 fact about your last vacation

Orange = tell random fact

This year, I’ve written a cute little game that we will play on the bus. I’ll purchase some sort of gift and wrap it neatly. Then, I’ll read this little poem.

Pass The Gift

Send this gift back two seats, lets see who the gift will meet.

Now find the gal with the least amount of hair, pass the gift to her if you dare.

Shift the gift three seats toward the front, then we’ll continue on with the hunt.

Now to the closest mommy who has a girl, and then onto someone who wears curls.

What is the gift, it’s out of sight, pass the gift to your right.

Onto the next, lets not stop yet, give it to the gal with the most pets.

And then twice to the right, but don’t yet boast, lets pass it to the girl who packed the most.

Let’s shuffle it again, this time to the left, too bad nothing rhymes with that.

But we’re not stopping now, no how, no way, lets pass it on to the girl who arrived first at the bus today.

Do you have an April birthday, the gift is yours for a bit, now pass it to the gal who beside you sits.

Now don’t get cross and please don t fight, just pass the gift to your right.

Take this gift with this next clue, give it to the lady closest with eyes of blue.

We’re not done, we’re having a ball, give it to someone you sometimes call.

This is easy and loads of fun, give it to someone who has a son.

First to the left and then back twice, we’re almost done won’t that be nice?

Give the gift to someone tall. Get in gear and get on the ball.

Who will hold the gift now, lets see who it will bring, how bout the lady with the most rings.

What a game, isn’t this clever, give it to someone wearing a sweater.

We’re almost there, just a couple more. Pass it to the person closest to the door.

Send the gift packing, on with your life, send it now to the oldest wife.

And speaking of wives, where is the youngest, pass it to her, even if she has a fungus.

Okay that’s gross, but sure is funny, give it to the first gal who can wave some money.

Now pass it over, don’t hold the gift tight, pass the gift up twice and then to the right.

Now back to the left and then backwards twice, we’re almost there won’t that be nice.

The most buttons we’re looking for now, pass the gift to her, as she takes a bow.

The bow was just for fun though, the gift is on its way, now give it to the last person to arrive at the bus today.

Now toward the front the gift should go twice, we’re almost done, won’t that be nice.

Now Up twice, and back once, this game could go on for months.

We should stop now don’t you agree, the gift is yours whomever you may be.

Whomever ends up with the gift, gets to keep it!

A weekend with the girls WORKS FOR ME! Head over to Kristen’s place to see what works for other people



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