Another Edition of Not Me! Monday

It’s Monday and as you know that means another edition of Not Me! Monday.

You know, as in the first day of the week, Monday. Laundry day. The day where I admit to doing all kinds of goofy and embarrassing stuff. Not that I ever do anything goofy, or embarrassing.

No. Not me. 

It wasn’t me who just cleared 28 spam comments from my blog dashboard while wondering how it is that the spammers copied comments from real, live blog readers and posted them as their own.


I don’t get it.

I understand that these sorry saps are trying to drive people to their sites. But, um, there are other ways. Plenty of other ways.

Other ways that do not include leaving SPAM comments on mommy blogs. Because when your comments includes the words ‘while searching for lyrics online’ and ‘this is an awesome post, thanks for posting it for us’, and ‘can you give me some tips on how to have an awesome blog like this one’ um, you can pretty much assume that your comment will never see the light of day.


Get a stinkin’ life.

Do something productive.

Like play words with friends. Or work out. Or Facebook. Or Twitter.

Seriously. Anything productive.

Not that I do any of those things.


How ’bout you? What haven’t you done today?


    • Julie says

      Yes ma’am. Every single one of them. In fact, one of them seemed legitimate until I recalled reading a similar comment from a really good friend of mine. I went back to the post and was suprised to discover it was the EXACT same wording. Seriously, the sites are not even legitimate. I don’t get it.

  1. Jean says

    Hmm – what haven’t I done today? Let’s see:
    I “haven’t” determined to read every one of your blogs that I have missed since I’ve been back from FL. May 10 through April 25 so far. I’m not even close to finished and it’s 12:39 a.m.

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