American Idol – Top 6

A paint salesman, a glass blower, a mother, a father, a high school student, and a construction worker.

This is your top six and THIS is American Idol.

I love Tuesdays!

Shania Twain is the mentor this week and I’m tickled that the contestants will be singing her songs. McDaddy and I danced our first dance as husband and wife back in 1998 to “From This Moment On” and I really would love to hear Crystal sing it tonight. *Keeping my fingers crossed!*

Lee DeWyze(Looks Like We Made It) – Lee is my favorite contestant. At first, it started out (And I’m talking about the first six or eight bars) a little weird, but, he found his grove and as always he delivers a solid performance with the guitar. I love the raspiness (is that a word?) he brings to each song. Nice change for him. Very nice.

Dang. Shania Twain is beautiful.

Michael Lynch(It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing) – He has such a powerful voice. When he makes it big, he should be singing R&B because it really agrees with him. Beautiful range and awesome job. As always. Shania is crying.

Casey James (Don’t) –  Wow. It’s like someone new is singing. I like the low-key performance on the stool. This might be his best performance. When he mentioned that he was bringing something different, he wasn’t messing around. Great job.

Crystal Bowersox (No One Needs To Know) – Dang. I was wishing she would sing ‘Our Song’… Is it just me or is this a really weird song for her to sing? She is putting her own spin on the sing with all the weird instruments and whathaveyou, but I can think of several songs that she could have knocked out of the park (The Woman In Me, Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?, Any Man Of Mine, Man, I Feel Like A Woman, Ahem. From This Moment On, Ahem!) She’s either having an off night, or she picked the wrong song. Either way, I suspect she’s safe.

Aaron Kelly (You’ve Got A Way)- Oh, I love this song. His best performance by a friggin’ mile. Way to go, Aaron. Very nice. Calm, Cool. And Collected.

Siobhan Magnus(Any Man Of Mine) – This is one of my favorite Shania songs. And Siobhan is my least favorite of the remaining contestants, so we’ll see how this turns out. She wears some of the goofiest get-ups. Not. A. Fan. That is all. And there’s the squeal. Always the squeal. Go big, or go home. She’s going big. So hopefully she’ll go home.

The judges are singing her praises, but I seriously don’t get it.

Best of the night: Oh, that’s a hard one. I’m going to say Lee.

Or Michael. Or Aaron.

Worst of the night: Siobhan

Should Go & Would Go: Siobhan

What say you?


  1. says

    I didn’t get the judges and Siobhan either. I thought that was positively awful.
    I hope she goes home but she seems to have fans. I thought Casey was the best of the night but I voted for Lee cuz he’s my fave.

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