TiVo – Thinking I’m Very Obsessed

It is no secret that I love me some reality TV.

It is also no secret that I am in awe of the invention that is the TiVo.

You see, years ago back when I had a VCR that would automatically fast forward through the commercials, I thought I was enjoying a little bit of heaven on earth, because the thing fast forwarding itself through the commercials meant I didn’t have to worry about getting whatever snack I was eating on the remote. It also meant my hands were free for other things like poking my eyeballs out with forks everytime I forgot to change my VCR tape because unfortunately the thing couldn’t change its own tape.

There was madness in it, I tell you.

Today though, I have the luxury of watching shows I would not normally get to watch simply because we have room on the TiVo for yet another show. In fact, I record some shows just so I have something to watch on the off occasion that Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy are both stinkin’ reruns that week. Much to McDaddy’s dismay, I always have some Dr. Phil, the Joy Bahar Show (which he hates by the way!), a list of TiVo suggestions, and even some Oprah for when TV times really get hard.

In my defense I don’t watch a whole lot of Oprah or Dr. Phil anymore although there was a time when I hated to miss a single episode because who doesn’t want to watch the train wreck that is The Dr. Phil Show. In addition to that I haven’t really watched The Bold and The Beautiful since McDaddy was deployed, but I still feel a sense of responsibility to record it because the thought of starting something and not finishing it eats at me until I can’t see straight. So, I record it on the off chance that I get the urge to to rekindle my relationship with Don Diamont who left the sweet, innocent Genoa City, Wisconsin for the bright exciting lights of Los Angeles.

Anyway, what I really started to say before I got off on a rant about my daily docket is that I really love my TiVo. Until the iPhone came along, I considered the TiVo the best invention of my time, but alas, I would have to say the iPhone supassed the TiVo 412 APPS ago. So, I said all that to say that I am arriving home after an evening of meeting my newest niece, Kessa Angeline (who is a living doll by the way!) and American Idol is in full swing. If I still had to depend on the VCR and its contrary ways, I would have to wait until it was over to start my live blogging session to link up over at Boo Mama‘s place. But because the TiVo in all it’s glory is hard at work, I can start it right now – a full one hour and three minutes after airing – and live blog the whole thing. So yeah, The TiVo Works For Me!

THIS is American Idol.

Katie Stevens – This gal is such a cutie. It’s hard to say anything bad about her because she is so young. I’m not so sure this was the best song for her because it sounds a bit flat to me. And I mean that in the nicest way because after all, she is so stinkin’ young. The Judges are not impressed, but I don’t really understand that because hello? Younger song. Who you are as an artist. Current. Song is too big. Speaking of poking my eyeballs out… this gal can’t win.

Siobhan Magnus  – Some kind of song about animals in a house with a rising sun. This should be interesting. I’d say all in all Siobhan did a decent job on the song, but it all seemed a bit depressing to me. I agree with Simon (whom I am going to miss terribly next season by the way!).

Lacey Brown – Oh, the pink hair. Why? Just why? Oh. My. Word. As I typed that last sentence, I am sure I heard her say, “they didn’t know my hair was a mess?” Sweet mercy. She hit that on the head. Pun intended. Not a fan of that song AT ALL. As I suspected the judges love it. I don’t get it.

Katelyn Epperly – The whole antique keyboard thing seems like a bit much to me, but I guess this is a singing show and I should stick to the singing performances. The song didn’t do a whole lot for me even though she did sing it well. Hum, Randy must have heard me.

Didi Benami – Sweet Mercy, what is it with these dreary songs? This song does absolutely nothing for me, however, I love Didi’s voice. She reminds me of Colbie Calliat. In the words of Paula Abdul though, she looks amazing!

Paige Miles – Here we go again. I feel like I’m on a long road to nowhere. Again the song didn’t do much for me, but she sounded okay singing it.  Is it just me or does this gal have some beautiful eyes?

Crystal Bowersox – If this night is to be saved, I think she’ll do it. Easily, the best performance so far tonight. I’m actually rocking back and forth and enjoying this performance. You go, girl!

Lilly Scott – Good song. Good performance. Sadly, it was really good because all the rest were just so average. 


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  1. says

    I love Siobhans voice but she’s a little too quirky for me. The song tonite was definitely meant to be sung by a man….the house in the song is one ‘of ill repute’…weird choice for her.

    Crystal and Didi were my favorites and I think Paige should go…she falls flat every week.
    .-= Joyce´s last blog ..There’s only so many ways to say random =-.

  2. Jean says

    The House of the Rising Sun. I remember hearing that song for the very first time as a teenager! I couldn’t understand the words and called the local DJ to ask him. He thought I was kidding. I was so embarassed. Didn’t do that again. Where was Google when I needed it!!!???

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