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I posted this early on in the FITP, Inc.and it is buried deep in my archives, however, I’m on vacation this week and am trying to keep my blogging to a minimum. If it’s okay with you, I thought I would post a rerun.

This is a great tip and I hope it will work for you!

 It’s handy and even better than that, this tip is free.

For storing plastic grocery bags, use an empty paper towel roll.

In other words, you can use an empty paper towel (or toilet paper) roll to stuff loose grocery bags into. This little tip works for me and it will work for you too by organizing that annoying mound of grocery bags under your kitchen sink into a neat little tube. For storing the bags in smaller areas (like a mini-van or a camper), you can either cut the paper towel roll in half or use an empty toilet paper roll. It will store perfectly under a seat. A great organziation tip makes my OCD smile!

And that works for me!

Head on over to We Are THAT Family to see other things that work for you!!!!


  1. Erika says

    Hi Julie,
    Hope you guys are having a fantastic time. Are you getting any warm sun or beach or pool time at all? Next time try Hawaii or the Caribbean. 🙂

  2. says

    Great idea! I actually do this at work with bags we give to parents for taking out their babies’ diapers. I work for a pediatrician. She looked at me like I was nuts when she saw me stuffing bags into a paper towel roll, but I’m sure she appreciates not having those lumps of plastic all over the place, LOL!
    The most brilliant ideas are always the simplest ones, aren’t they?

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