What I’ve Learned This Week: Florida Edition

This list will be short and sweet because I am on vacation and haven’t the time for a long, windy tale. Also because Dancing With The Stars premieres a little later and I need to give it my full attention.

A few things I learned so far this week….

1. Even if you are headed to Florida for Spring Break week, it is probably a good idea to pack warm clothes because it is possible it will be 50 friggin’ degrees.

2. A 13 hour drive to Florida will be a lot less painful if you are travelling with an iPhone. Especially if you have the Words With Friends APP.

3. You know you are spending too much time on Twitter when the thoughts in your head are accompanied by hash tags.

4. It is possible to spend a day shopping at an outlet mall and purchasing ONLY 3 packages of socks. Unlikely, but possible.

5. The folks at Clarkes who designed the cute leather travel size handbag should have taken into account the size of an iPhone when designing the cell phone pocket.

6. When the wind howls at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, it will sound like a train. It may take you a fair amount of time to figure the noise out.

7. The Spinach/Artichoke Dip from David and Harry’s (or it might be Harry and David’s for all I know) outlet store  is nasty.

8. I saw two Saturn Skys today within 1/2 mile of one another. In case there is any doubt, I still love that little car.

9. Nothing motivates people to spout off on twitter or facebook like politics.

10. Even with 50 degree temps, being in Florida on Spring Break is wonderfully relaxing.

Okay. That’s all from here. How ’bout you? Anything special you learned this week? I’d love to hear all about it. You can head over to Musings Of A Housewife to see other things that people have learned this week or to join in on the What I Learned This Week fun!

I Am Not In Florida

I am a little out of my element this evening because I am not in my big, blue, bloggy chair.

Heck, I’m not even in West Virginia for that matter.

I was hoping  that we would be leaving the snow and cold behind and that we would enjoy some fun in the sun hundreds of miles from home. So  far, though, we’ve seen wind. LOTS OF STINKIN’ WIND. So much wind that it took my breath as I waited for McDaddy to open the gate from the lazy river here at the resort. 

Seriously, do you know how weird it is to be in Florida, and still be freezing your butt off? Well, not completely off, but you get the idea, right.? Even with all the vacation hoopla, there are still several things I did not do.

If you can believe that.

For instance, I did not work up a nasty sweat from the Wii Hula Hoop Event of 2010.

Because that would be embarrassing.

While attempting to fill a water bottle from the automatic water dispenser on the fridge, I did not neglect to hold the bottle directly under the water hose. Likewise, I did not find myself wiping spewed water from my eyes seconds later.

[Note to self: It is never a good idea to bend down to eye level with the water dispenser unless you are certain that your water bottle spout is directly aligned with the little water hose thingie!]

The next morning, it is not me who let out a squeal mere steps away from our front door because there was standing water on the tile floor and then there was me in a pair of flip flops. IF I had gone down (which I really have no idea how I avoided it), there is a really good chance that my purse (which was unzipped) would have flown off of my arm, its contents more than likely going all willy nilly, AND that my beloved iPhone would have went soaring right over the deck railing because I’m telling you the whole thing would have been ugly.

OH. MY. WORD. Believe me when I tell you that I am a klutz without any added variables such as standing water on a tile floor. I have no idea what kept me from going down.

I am being dragged to an outlet mall today, so there is a good chance I’m not having a good time and that I am not buying anything because me and shopping are not friends. I’d just as soon be in the kitchen trying out a new recipe.


That is all for me today.

Visit MckMama‘s place for other things that people did not do.

Beary Good Friends

Dear Readers,

There is a lot going on around the McResidence and it had been decided that there wouldn’t be a post here on FITP, Inc. today. When I heard about that, I asked if I could write a little something and surprisingly, I recieved permission to do the talking here today. Let me be beary clear, that this is my editorial debut.

My name is Milo.

And I belong to this kid.

Since meeting him for the first time, we have become Beary Good Friends.

I’ve been with Stevie since he was three years old. He had another bear identical to me before that, but as luck would have it, he didn’t hold up very well. Thankfully, I was rescued from a box of brand new stuffed animals at an auction. You can probably imagine how excited I was to be chosen ahead of Dora, Jo-Jo, Goofy, Wags, and that purple idiot dinosaur, Barney. I had no idea why the boy would pick me, but I was thrilled to get out of that dumb box. I was even happier to find out that the boy didn’t just bring me home and place me on a shelf.

No sir, since that time, things have gone beary well for me. I guess you could call me his side-kick.

He takes me with him on family vacations.

I’ve been to Phoenix with him three times. It’s beary hot there.

Each time the McFamily goes camping, I get to go along, too!

And sometimes the boy shares me with his brother.

On the first day of preschool, I was ecstatic that he picked me to go along for ‘bring your favorite bear’ day.

I’ve gone to Disney.

New Hampshire three times.



Virginia Beach.

Oh, and who do you think was stuffed into that back-pack among the DS, the Leapster, eight batteries, extra clothes, pullups, and the fruit snacks when they went to Guantanamo Bay?

Yup, you guessed it.


I have been a beary blessed bear.

Recently, Stevie decided that he was a bit old to sleep with a bear. He put me on a shelf beside of his bed and I sit there night after night watching him sleep. There are still some nights though, that he sees me, smiles, and takes me down from the shelf, and squeezes me beary tight.

The boy loves me! I know he does. I know it because last night when he was packing for a trip, he grabbed me from the shelf and placed me among the clothes, the swimming trunks, and the socks. Beary nice, I thought. We’re hittin’ the road, again.

The boy and I? We are Beary Good Friends and I am a beary blessed bear, indeed.

You Capture – Reaching

YouCapture_150x185This week’s You Capture challenge is Reaching.

And this was a tough week because it was difficult to actually capture a “reaching” picture when it was happening. Unless you are in the mood to view 117 pictures of me reaching for a Dr. Pepper. Or the TiVo remote. Or my beloved iPhone. Or my keys. Or the laundry. Or a tissue. Or the door handle. Or a hug from my boys.

All of which I actually found myself reaching for this week.

So, yeah, um, I thought about shooting all of the items I actually found myself reaching for but wasn’t sure that was the point. So, here’s what I came up with…

This first one is my favorite. The boys are doing Yoga on the Wii and it always makes me chuckle!

Preparing for a lifetime of this type of reaching… because this child?  He loves. to. climb. because it helps him REACH the highest point of any object!

And you better believe I reached out to grab what this sweet boy was handing to me.

That’s all for this week!

Happy Capturing. You can visit I Should Be Folding Laundry for more reaching pictures!

Next Week’s Challenge:  “A MOMENT”

A Few Of Her Favorite Things

You may recall reading about a blog swap I was participating in. The swap was hosted by Our Dandelion Wishes and basically, we were instructed to purchase a few of our favorite things, wrap them up, and send them ‘apackin’.

Well, technically we weren’t instructed to wrap them up, but wrapping the items makes it a bit like Christmas.

Packages were to be sent out on Saturday, March 6th and so this whole week packages have been arriving on doorsteps all over the country. My package arrived on Monday!

I was paired up with a sweet gal from Wisconsin- Sherrie over at  My Life With Boys. I’ve enjoyed getting to “know” her through her blog prior to sending the package.  As you can imagine, I was like a kid in a candy store ripping that box to shreds. I did pause just long enough to take a picture before blowing through Sherrie’s favorite things like a tornado.

 And now, let the fun begin.

1 & 2. Matching plates and napkins for my next get-together.

3. Lipton Green Tea to go (Cherry Blossom)

4. Trident Layers Gum (Green apple and Golden Pineapple)

5. MAC Pigment (fuchsia) that can be used as lip gloss or eyeshadow

6. Bath and Body Super Indulgent Pear Glace Bubble Bath

7. Some cute little furry chicks

8. A hand written note from Sherrie 

9. A beautiful Christmas Ornament

10. Long pink and white candles

11. Live/Love/Laugh Black and Thank You Cards (which I love by the way!)

I can’t be sure if lime green and pink are Sherrie’s favorite colors, but my OCD smiled when I saw all the matching items. And for the record, I am a fan of lime green and pink, too. 

I love, love, love this Christmas ornament.

Sherrie, I will think of you and your family each year I hang it on my tree!

My boys wanted a piece of this the moment I opened it. I would never have imagined that any kind of apple gum would be good, however, it is pretty good stuff.

 I have no earthly idea what I’ll do with these little boogers, but they are just adorable. My seven year old went on and on about how cute they were. Any ideas for their use? I’m thinking they would look cute in a small easter baset.

I especially loved the plates, napkins, and long pink candles. I am in the process of planning a shin-dig so that me and a few of my closest friends can get together and use them. Did I mention that I love get togethers?

Sherrie, It was so fun shopping for you and getting to “know” you through My Life With Boys. Truly, we have a lot in common. Thanks so much!

And here are a “few of my favorite things” that I sent to Sherrie in Wisconsin….

 I’m very loyal to my favorite things, so I was happy to share them!

As is probably evident, Mamarazzi’s Blog Swap 2010, was a huge success! You can head over to Dandelion Wishes and read about all of the favorite things that were swapped!

American Idol – Top 12

McDaddy has my big, blue, bloggy chair.

I’m curled up on the couch looking at the TV sideways, so we’ll see how this goes.

THIS… is American Idol.

The judges are walking out all dramatic like and Ryan Seacrest is descending from the top of the world. My mercy, I wouldn’t want to attempt those stairs on live TV for no amount of money.

But that’s just me.

In the words of Seacrest, there are cameras and lights galore. I’m hoping they do away with the whole opening number. It seems very cheesyish to me and their time could be better spent singing, or being judged. It’s Rolling Stones night, so it should be very interesting. Mick Jagger and his posse had many-a-hit back in the day. I hope these folks come ALIVE tonight, because some of them really need to kick it in gear!

MICHAEL LYNCH – “Miss You” – Micheal is one of my favorites and I think he is doing a pretty good job on this song. About half-way through, the song came alive and I was like, yes, that’s really good. Really great way to kick off the show, dawg!

DIDI BENAMI – “Playing With Fire” –  This song was just okay for me. I don’t know the song, but I don’t know that it would help. About half-way through the song, a note went South. And I mean way South. I was doing the squinty eye thing trying to help the note line itself out. I think she was playing with fire with this song choice. Not impressed.

CASEY JAMES – “It’s All Over Now” – I think the guys are way ahead of the gals as far as talent, or at least that’s been the case so far. I like the bluesy spin he is putting on this song. Or perhaps he’s playing the original version for all I know because I don’t know this song either. I like his voice and I enjoyed the performance, but I’m not sure I’ll still remember it at 11pm ET.

LACEY BROWN – “Ruby Tuesday” – What in the heck is with that get-up she has on. It looks like a wrinkly paper bag over a shirt that a mime would wear. It is all very weird to me. And the thing is, that the dress without the wrinkly paper bag would be very cute, in my humble opinion. I like that she is using the violins because I like original, but I’m not so sure she hit the mark with this song. I smiled during the interview with her mama and daddy because they seem like real sweet people. Hearing that Lacey sings in church makes me cheer for her even more though I wasn’t so impressed with her song choice.

ANDREW GARCIA – “Gimme Shelter” – For starters, I’d like to give Andrew a hug!  He appears to be so humble and I love that. I am not a fan of this whole Rolling Stones gig. I don’t know many of the songs and its like I can’t really get INTO the performances. Still, I’ll keep trudging through. I’m sorry to say I don’t think this was Andrew’s shining moment, but he did okay.

KATIE STEVENS – “Wild Horses” – I think this might easily be my best performance so far. She is passionate, and she is giving it her all. Oh, and Katie looks like a doll in that cute little dress. You go, girl!

TIM URBAN – “Under My Thumb” – I feel like a broken record this evening. The song is boring and the performance is just average. But I like Tim. I love that he comes from a big, ole family with lots of kids, so I hope he makes it through this week, but man, I don’t get this song.

SIOBHAN MANGUS – “Paint It Black” – First of all, I love her hair. And the dress, too. Aw shoot, the boots. Why? The boots? Wow. This might be the weirdest song AND performance to date. She has a lot going on. (Or down if you’re Randy Jackson!) Wow. That note was something else. I think she’s channeling her inner Adam Lambert and I’d bet the fab four will love this whole thing.

LEE DEWYZE – “Beast of Bourbon or possibly Feast of Bourbon for all I know” – I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Lee is my favorite pick this year. I love his raspy voice and I love that can rock a ballad. Oh yes, best. performance. of. the. night. BY A MILE. Love it, love it, love it!

Ellen, shut it!

PAIGE MILES – “Didn’t hear the song title” – I think Paige did a good job this week. She has a big ole voice and I love that she did her thang. [Yes WordPress, I know ‘thang’ is not really a word! Take your red line and shove it!]

AARON KELLY – “Angie ? ” – His mama (Kelly Kelly) has a sweet story. I like this kid a bunch and I hope he does well. He has a sweet smile and a big ole’ voice (Um, anybody seen David Arculeta lately?) and y’all know I like the ones with a sweet smile and big voice. Aaron rose to the top tonight. I’m not sure who Angie is or what she’s doing, but Aaron did her justice and somewhere Angie is smiling. Way to go, kiddo!!!

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – I love that she came out playing the guitar like she owned the stage. As always, homegirl is rockin’ it. Her performance is wonderfully entertaining.

I’m thinking Siobahn Mangus or Andrew Garcia might go, although I’d love for Andrew to stay. The whole Straight Up thing is still fresh in my mind and I know Andrew has some awesomeness hiding out in there. He needs to bring it next week! You can check out Boo Mama‘s place for more American Idol fodder.

Chaos Is My Friend

It’s time for another edition of Works For Me Wednesday and funny thing is I can’t think of one single thing at this minute that works for me because it is 8:18am on Tuesday morning (can you say overachiever?) and Tom and Jerry is blaring on the television so that Alex can get his fix before pre-school.

It is impossible for me to understand how a mouse and a cat WHO NEVER EVER TALK FOR GOODNESS SAKES can be entertaining, but I’m tellin’ ya, our boys giggle like crazy people when they watch it. It’s thirty minutes of total chaos and so I guess that’s where the appeal comes from. Because a seven-year-old and a four-year-old are all about the chaos.

And speaking of choas, that reminds me of my kitchen.

Because me + the stove + a recipe = Chaos

Or something like that.

Unless it’s a recipe like the one I’m getting ready to share.

A recipe that works for me, because as you may recall there are three requirements when preparing a recipe.

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Fool Proof

So, with that in mind, here’s a recipe that works for me.

Wait, did I mention the chaos?

Because that’s exactly what I just experiencing while looking for the recipe. I have a handy dandy Longaberger recipe basket, but sadly, and with shame, I have to admit there are no letter dividers, so my recipes are scattered about all willy nilly probably in order of their frequency of preparedness. Anyway, the Glace Fruit Salad recipe was stuck somewhere between the chicken pot pie that I’ve only prepared once and my macaroni salad recipe that I prepare oh so often, because it is yummy and everyone loves it. So, with that being said, I suppose my recipe basket is in need of some organization.

You will start with these few ingredients…. and I’m hoping you can see the bananas in the background.

Glace’ Fruit Salad


1 – 20 ounce Can of Pineapple Chunks in Heave Syrup (Drain and reserve syrup)

1- 15 ounce Can Mandarin Orange (Drained)

2 Bananas (sliced)

Maraschino Cherries

1 small box of Vanilla Instant Pudding

1  Tsp. Rum Extract (cause that’s how we roll around here!)

Mix pudding, pineapple syrup, and rum extract until well blended, then gently fold in the fruit. I slice the cherries in half and just add enough to give the fruit some color. [That is when I don’t forget to purchase the cherries].

If making your salad for several people, double the recipe.

[NOTE: If you are not serving the salad for a few hours, you should hold off on putting the bananas in, or else they will turn brown prematurely and your fruit salad will look more like rotten banana salad. Also, before taking a picture for the blog, you should probably wipe the top of the bowl so it looks a bit more appealing!]

It’s quick.

It’s easy.

And it’s [generally] fool proof.

And it works for me! Check out other things that might work for you over at We Are THAT Family who just returned from a life changing trip to Kenya.

Trashy Neighbors

It’s been another one of those weeks.

And by those weeks, I mean one where I learned so much stuff. I appreciate Jo-Lynne so much hosting this carnival, because the fodder? It flows so easily on Tuesdays…

1. Once the alarm clock goes off, I have about 14 seconds to get my rear-end out of bed, or else, it is likely that I will fall back asleep and wake up way later than usual therefore making our day start out in total chaos.

2. Likewise, when folding laundry while Alex is at preschool, it is never a good idea to “rest one’s eyes for a bit” because next thing one might know is her cell phone ringing to be informed that “we still have Alex here” minutes after he should have been picked up.

3. It is difficult to enjoy the sweet and spicy cajun chex mix when Jessica Simpson is on The View recalling the media announcing that “she’s gained a lot of weight” when that means that Jessica went from a size two to a size six.


4. If you own a Dodge Caravan, and happen to be driving it one day when the gas pedal gets stuck, you may want to clean the throttle body because the folks at Dodge reported to McDaddy that they “see 2-3 minivans per week because the gas pedal gets stuck” and it is always because the throttle body needs to be cleaned.

Am I the only person on the face of the earth that thinks perhaps that Dodge should get their rear in gear and do something about the whole “throttle body” business?

5. Remember these bad boys from Kelloggs?


Yeah, well, the folks at Kelloggs decided to do away with these, replacing them with the Cookies and Cream poptart mess.

Um, Kelloggs should know better than to mix the oreo, the milkshake, or the cheesecake with their poptarts. If I want a milkshake, I’ll go to the Dairy Queen. And if I want some cheesecake, well, never mind about that because I don’t like cheesecake, but you get my point, right? Please Kelloggs, if you’re perusing the internet today, please, please, please, bring back the chocolate vanilla creme poptarts.

6. When you are playing Words With Friends on your beloved iPhone, and you are looking for a boat-load of points, you might have better luck moving tiles around forming nonsense words. I scored 52 points with the word trode, which according to Google is the past tense of tread.

I say it all the time people, this blog is about so much more than just entertainment.

7. Samoas are worthy of Girl Scout goodness. Proof that one should not judge a book by its coconut cover.

8. If your neighbor has trash strung out all over their driveway, it is not because they are trashy neighbors, rather, there is a pretty good change that a crow has pecked at the bag of trash that is sitting on the ground beside the closed trashcan. While cursing the crow under your breath picking up the trash you will more than likely be thinking that you need another large trashcan.

9. Sadly, the simple fact that I titled this post ‘Trashy Neighbors’ will more than likely drive some traffic to this blog.

10. There is a new Coldstone Creamery within 30 or so miles from my home.

11. That’s How I Roll was just as delicious as I remembered it being.

12. I will now be looking for reasons to travel to a town 30 miles or so away from my home.


Because that’s how I roll!

That is all.