After a brief hiatus in Florida last week, I am back this week to offer commentary about this week’s American Idol show. But before I get started, can I just say that it seemed a bit odd to me that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana did the mentoring last week. I felt sorry for her because in twenty years, I suspect she’ll look back on that whole montage thing and question her choice of wardrobe.

I know this because, um, at 36 years old, I look back on some of my wardrobe choices of the 90’s and think what was I thinking?

I love the whole dramatic sneak peek of the backstage, contestants, and judges. It’s almost as if I’m rightthere amongst them in the huddle.

We’re down to the top ten, but if I’m being real honest based on last week’s performances, we could probably skip to the top five and save ourselves some time. I’m not sure if the novelty has worn off for me, or if the talent isn’t of the caliber that it has been in past seasons, but, I find myself being very bored at times. I’d keep Lee, Michael, Crystal, Casey, and Andrew only because of the Straight-Up thing he did during Hollywood week. I know I keep referring to that song, but dang that was awesome and I’m waiting for him to bust into it again.

Tonight is SOUL and R&B.

And that sounds very exciting to me because I am a big fan of the R&B movement of the 90’s. I’m looking forward to hearing some Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross and Boyz II Men. And, I suspect, I’ll be making a trip to iTunes at the end of the show.

I have high hopes for these ten contestants.

Siobhan Magnus (Through The Fire) – I suspect we’ll hear the words pitchy because there are notes that are just not good. That girl can squeal with the best of them though. Oh, and speaking of ‘the fire’ someone should throw those boots (shoes?) into a fire. They do not belong on a stage. Wow. Not impressed at all. Not with the boots. Nor the performance.

Simon, I love the shirt, dawg.

Casey James (Hold On, I’m Coming) – Casey is a cutie and he is rockin the guitar. This is a good week for him, but the performance is a tad bit boring to me. He looks comfortable and I suppose the judges will use the word relevant.

Apparently American Idol is going all Dancing With The Stars This Week with the whole dramatic exit interview thing. Apparently their shakin’ things up a bit over here tonight!

Michael Lynche (Ready For Love) – Michael is one of my favorites this year. I think he has a great voice and I’d buy his album (record?) right now if he had one. I love this low-key type of performance. The ballad is his specialty and I’m loving this song choice.

Didi Benami (What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted) – I like Didi’s voice and I like that she picked a song that moved her. The song though is not moving me. Except to move me to the bathroom. Or the fridge. I didn’t get it. *Insert eye roll here*

Tim Urban (Sweet Love) – Oh. My. Word. This song takes me back to my days in Junior High. This was one of those songs I recorded from the radio onto a blank cassette tape back in the day. You know Julie’s Greatest Hits? Did you have those? I had oodles of greatest hits tapes. While I loved this song back in the day, I think that Teflon Tim or whatever his name is, should have chosen something a bit more exciting. His wide eyes remind me of that movie Parafreakin Normal Activity. Seriously, they are giving me the creeps. Not good, my friends. Not good at all. Weird.

Andrew Garcia (I’m Gonna Take You There) – Andrew is another of my favorites. I keep going back to Hollywood Week when he did the whole “Straight Up” diddy. That was brilliant and I know that he has mad talent. I just can’t figure out why he has not performed the entire version of that song. Mad props to him tonight because he is rockin’ this song and it was a wonderful choice for him! YAY, great job big daddy.

Ryan is talking about Straight Up. See, I told you, lots of people want to hear that! Mama Garcia is in the house! 

I’m not so sure about this American Idol cam thing they have going on. Hello? It reminds me of another show that may or may not be recording on my DVR at this very moment.

Katie Stevens (Chain of Fools) – She’s had an attitude adjustment. She looks like she means business what with all the neck extension and all. This might just be her best performance yet. She looks relaxed and comfortable and she was spot on vocally.

Is it just me or do the judges run current in the ground?

Lee Dewyze (Treat Her Like A Lady)-Lee is my favorite male performer. In fact, I’ll step out  on a limb and say that he and Crystal will be the last two standing. His voice reminds me of Danny Gokey. This song fits him like a glove and I suspect the judges will yammer on about being relevant, and current, and amazing, and brilliant, and incredible. Because it was!

See, I told you!

Crystal BowerRocksox (Midnight Train To Georgia) – So, Crystal is my pick this season. She is original and talented and everything in between. And, now, on the piano, she is versatile! She has an impressive set of pipes! It is good to see her without her guitar this week. She rocked the stage. In the words of Randy Jackson, that was HOT!

Aaron Kelley (Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone) – Holy Friggin’ Cow! Finally! The Backstreet Boy shows us what he’s got! I like it! A great week for him! Probably his best performance!

Okay, so it was much better than last week.

And that means it was also more enjoyable!

My Predictions:

Best of the Night: Crystal and Lee

Worst of the Night: Tim and Siobhan

Should Go: Tim or Siobhan

Will Go: Tim


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