Some Last Minute Stuff

I’m packed.

The itinerary is printed.

I attempted (unsuccessfully, mind you) to complete the online personality instrument required for our strong-bonds marriage weekend.

Power-cords, laptop bag, and iPhone are packed.

Clothes for the boys are laid out.

Lists are completed for medicines, and breathing treatments.

The boys’ Valentines are packed and ready to take to Sunday School.

I am ready to spend an entire weekend with McDaddy. A glorious weekend.

A weekend free of wiping bottoms. A weekend free of taking someone to potty in the middle of the meal for pete’s sake. A weekend free of the words, stop, no, zip your lips, and yes, you have to eat your vegetables.  A weekend free of Lightning McQueen and his posse.

A weekend of learning more about myself and my sweet McDaddy.

A beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend with my Valentine.

See y’all on Sunday.



  1. Erika says

    OK your going on a weekend marriage retreat and your taking your laptop and your cellphones? what gives? shouldn’t that all be left behind? At home where they belong? you can survive the weekend without them for this retreat……Anyway home you both have a great time and I am sure GOD will bless you both abundantly..


    • Julie says

      We are leaving kiddos behind and McDaddy is pretty much always on call, so we HAVE to take our cell phones. We are only taking a laptop because we need to do a personality instrument online for the seminar which we have not been able to do. Our thought is that we will do it once we get there. Otherwise, the laptop will be off!!! =)

  2. says

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