If You’re In The Market For Random, You’ve Come To The Right Place!

As is usually the case, I have learned a great deal of random stuff this week. So, if you’re in the market for random, you have come to the right place my friend.

The only problem is that I have one eye on the 2010 Winter Olympics and one eye on my laptop screen. So, I hope you’ll excuse the fact that I am using the handy-dandy list to compile the stuff I learned.

1. I learned that barbecue ribs (or peas, or strawberry poptarts) is capable of causing heartburn. Really bad heartburn. The likes of which I have not seen since pregnancy. Blech.

And no, that is not a hint of any kind.

I’m just sayin.

In fact, the heartburn has reached a level that has sent me on the search for some tums.

2. A very determined stubborn four-year-old has no qualms climbing on top of a cozy coupe if it makes it possible to retrieve his beloved cowboy boots from the top shelf in his closet.

3. The very fact that my four-year-old is willing to use the cozy coupe as a ladder is proof that perhaps I should prepare myself for a future of possible probable disasters.

4. No matter how careful you are when painting, you will discover paint in places you would never expect weeks after the job is completed.

5. If you forget to add washing detergent to the load of laundry you are washing, the stains will probably not come out.

6. If your four year old is in the mood, you can get some awesome pictures of him.


7. I like the name Kessa better than the name Kaydence, but not as well as the name Kendi. Our niece, Kessa is due any day. The name is growing on me.

8. TweetDeck is a lot better than Echofon. (For those of you not in the iPhone Cult Club, Tweetdeck is an iPhone App for Twitter).

9. When one decides to change her Twitter name from ‘Inmates’ to ‘JulieatInmates‘ she should work out all possible interpretations in her head or else a concerned blog reader might come up with this mess –  ‘Juli Eatin Mates’


10. Before changing a Twitter username, one should consider the fact that she has no earthly idea how to change the name on her professionally designed Twitter home page.

Double Dang.

11. It bothers me when the outfits (costumes?) of the Olympic Ice Skating Figure Skating pairs do not match.

Yes, Russia. I’m talking about you!

12. NBC has some really clever shows on the horizon (Parenthood, A Minute To Win It, and another one I can’t think of right now!). Likewise, the new show Undercover Boss is a refreshing change in reality TV.

13. When watching the 2010 Olympic Games while doing your weekly What I Learned This Week post, it is likely, your post will be random longer than you expected.

14. Thankfully, expired Tums are better than no Tums.

Okay, I’m done!

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  1. Erika says

    Hi, Julie…
    On Twitter..ha ha ha and thats the name part..on your nieces name is that Kessa (key sa) or Kessa pronounced to rhyme with Tessa? .. and matching ice skating costumes usually don’t when that country or skater lacks the funding because those outfits are very expensive. Thank goodness Apolo is a speed skater at doesn’t have to worry..and Thank goodness you have Tivo so you got to see his race..oops I am sure you where saving that for Thursday..oh yeah whats a cozy coupe?

  2. says

    Apparently mismatched outfit make you fall.

    Just wait until we announce our baby’s name… lol! I think it’s great… the hubby doesn’t know it’s picked, but he was the one who came up with it 8 months ago, problem now is that he keeps picking new names.

    And I cant watch the Olympics.. Apollo needs to shave and it depresses me. That crap on his chin is just gross. I dont care if its his “thing” he has an amazing face and to-die-for eyes… why ruin it with THAT?! makes me need those expired tums.

  3. Jean says

    SWEET pic of Alex!!! <3
    "Kessa" is growing on me – I have to really think about it to remember it – but I'll get there! I do like it, though.
    I like "Undercover Boss," too. It is refreshing. 🙂
    Always enjoy your blogs. Did you get my text about Dave's marathon results?

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