A Long Windy Tale

My boys can tell a story with the best of them. Not sure where the gift of gab comes from, I just know that they have it. It’s a gift that runs in our family.

Or so I hear.

I will try my best to keep this relatively short, but y’all know how I am. If you have somewhere to be in the next hour, you may want to come back when you have more time because this story has the potential to be a long, windy tale.

It all started in April, 2009 when I visited the Dentist because my gums were swollen. As it turns out, I had something lodged in my gums, and my gums became infected. The Dentist prescribed some sort of antibiotic that apparently causes abdominal pain in one out of about 2,281 patients. Give or take a few.

Guess who the one was?

The severe abdominal pain caused my two boys and I to miss out on a trip to Guantanamo Bay to see McDaddy because I ended up in the emergency room in a Maryland hospital. A blood work-up revealed that my iron level was dangerously low due to very heavy periods.

Gross, I know.

Once we got back to town, I visited my PC who referred me to my gynecologist so that the whole very heavy periods thing could be attended to. I was given two options – ablation or Mirena IUD – to take care of the problem. Because McDaddy was out of the country, I opted for the Mirena and looked forward to five friggin’ years without a visit from the monthly beast.

If you’ve spent a good amount of time around here, you might remember me blogging about a visit to my gyno. I might have mentioned a dump truck being used in the procedure because OHMYGOSHITHURTSOBADLY.

The dump truck procedure that I referred to was actually a procedure to insert (install?) an IUD into my body.

Did I mention that it was really painful? Because seriously, it was!

After nearly passing out catching my breath, I was instructed to return to the gyno after a month to have an ultrasound to insure the device was in place. In rare cases, the IUD expels itself and must be removed.

Apparently I am a rare bird.

Because as luck would have it, the ultrasound revealed that the device was not in the proper position and needed to be removed. Coincidentally, the only thing worse than having an IUD inserted, is having a misplaced IUD removed.


Not that I’m dramatic or anything.

With tears in my eyes, I sat in the exam room for several minutes before leaving. A month or so later I found myself in the same exam room dreading the same procedure. The dump truck pulled in, backed up, and pulled in again. Or at least if felt that way. Another ultrasound one month later revealed that the IUD was in fact, in place.


Fast forward to January 18, 2010 when I visited my PC for my annual check-up. On that particular day, my blood pressure was 184/103. My medical doctor informed me that I had gained some weight (ahem!) since my last visit and that it was necessary to add a second blood pressure medication to my already existing medicine.

Two days later, my blood pressure spiked to 204/185.  That little mess resulted in a trip to the Urgent Care and from there I was transported to the Emergency Room via ambulance. If you want to read every stinkin’ detail,  you can go here to read about that first visit.

Shortly after that visit, McDaddy offered to give me a kidney if needed and I continued to monitor my blood pressure very closely. A few days later, me and my dramatic self experienced some very scary symptoms. My chest tightened. My arm tingled. My head ached. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my blood pressure was 238/140. If you’re guessing, I ended up back in the ER, you’d be right! It was our second weekend night in the ER.

Each time I visited the ER, I mentioned the dump truck procedure IUD.

A few days later, on a whim, and because I had another stinkin’ head ache I googled Mirena + blood pressure.

Guess what I found?

Overwhelming evidence that suggested that maybe, just maybe the Mirena was causing the problems with my blood pressure. I made a call to my gynecologist and she felt certain that the IUD would not cause my blood pressure to spike so high, but agreed that it should be removed.

As one in my shoes might expect, the removal of the IUD did not go as planned.

A minute or so after the Doctor was “on the property” she said five words that I did not expect to hear.

“I can’t find the strings”

Wellalrightythen. Now what?

I was sure at that minute that those stupid strings had crawled up into my chest cavity and I was mentally preparing myself for the possibility that I would have to be opened up so that the device and it’s strings could be surgically removed from my body. Thankfully, that scenario never played out.  A vaginal ultrasound was needed to find the strings and within seconds the device was fairly painlessly removed from my body.

Eight days (and an addional blood pressure pill) later, my blood pressure is just slightly higher than normal. I can’t be sure if the problems were due to the IUD, or if there is a more serious underlying problem (I had an ultrasound of my kidneys today to check for a renal blockage) but I know that the headaches are gone. The dizziness is gone. And I feel much better.

I’ll keep you posted and iknowthiswentonwaytoolong, so I’ll just say enjoy your weekend!

Mkay. That’s all.


  1. Erika says

    Wow Julie, well I am glad your doing much better. I will continue to pray for you and (your husband, if he didn’t get the hint from last nights Valentine blog (oops)get better quickly) I am always thankful I chose not to use those kinds of birth control. (OH it is not why I have so many kids.. I love them all dearly).


  2. says

    Yikes, that is quite a story. I hope that your blood pressure continues to go down; those are some scary numbers.
    My friend didn’t have much luck with the Mirena, either. Two of hers just fell out.
    I have the copper IUD and besides the searing pain the evening after the insertion, things have been a-ok. I’m glad that you’re feeling better.
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..39 =-.

  3. Stacy says

    Glad you’re feeling better! Mine also caused headaches, dizziness, weight gain, swelling and a myriad of ‘other’ symptoms that the dr said could “never” be caused from Mirena…once it was gone, so were they!

  4. says

    Painful is so very VERY true. Both inserting and removing. My SIL doesn’t want to remove hers because of how painful putting it in was. I am feeling pain just thinking about it.

    I am glad that you are feeling a bit better, and hope that they figure out what else is going on with you!!! So scary dear!!

  5. Jean says

    To quote one of my favorite DIL’s, “Wellalrightythen!” I’m so glad you are not suffering with the headaches! Praise the LORD! 🙂 Still praying for you.
    Even in telling an adventure like this, you can still be so funny! Love ya! 😉

  6. Wendy says

    Julie, I really hope that the whole BP problem was just the IUD! Good for you for figuring it out! I guess you need to wait for the results from the kidney ultrasound, but it really sounds like you made a good move in having the IUD removed. Of course, I really hope this doesn’t make the heavy periods come back . . . isn’t being a female FUN?! Wendy

  7. says

    Thank the Lord you’re doing better and they got the beasty thing out! I’ve never had one. The pill gives me severe anxiety attacks for some hormonal reason so I tend to stay away from those kinds of BC methods. Plus I have high blood pressure too and am a chicken, lol. You emailed me after my last comment and sadly, my computer died and I had to get another losing your email in the process. PHEW, sorry for rambling! Glad you’re better! ~ Crystal
    .-= Crystal Martin´s last blog ..Traffic Exchange News. TEToolbox. Approve your own sites! =-.


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