The Pressure Is On

Not sure if MckMama will be posting a Not Me! Monday today because she is on hosting the MckCruise and I suspect the Not Me! Monday post is the last thing on her mind.


I am not on a cruise today, much less the MckCruise with MckMama for-goodness-sake, so I, will be posting a Not Me! Monday because y’all there are a lot of things I did not do this weekend.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, but y’all know how I am.

It was not me who cheered like a school girl as McDaddy played in a church basketball tournament over the weekend.

It also wasn’t me who arrived home an hour later with a massive headache, the likes of which I hadn’t experienced for a long time!

And because of the massive headache, I did not dig out the handy-dandy blood pressure monitor to discover that my blood pressure was 204/185.

Because clearly, that would have been very dangerous.

The next morning, I did not wake up with a massive headache thank goodness, but if you think I was out of the woods, just wait my friends.

I did not finally decide to call a Doctor after many facebook friends (and my next-door-neighbor-nurse) convinced me that my blood pressure was dangerously high.

And I did not contemplate my funeral planning in my head as I waited for the Doctor to call me back, because I’ve never even thought about my funeral. Nor have I ever talked about my funeral on my blog. (Ahem!)

After an hour of not hearing from my Doctor, I did not mention to McDaddy that maybe we should go to the Urgent Care for some urgent care of my blood pressure.

And while we were at Urgent Care, I did not remind McDaddy about my wishes for a solid mahogany casket because again, no funeral planning for me.

After an EKG, I was not more convinced than ever that yes, indeed, I was dying because after all the gal administering the EKG mentioned something about bundles and blockages.

Within minutes of the EKG, it definitely wasn’t me who found herself being whisked through the lobby of the Urgent Care on a stretcher with the overwhelming urge to holler, “Wish me luck, suckers!” to those waiting in the lobby.

It also wasn’t me who spent five hours in Bay #13 in the ER hinting to urging McDaddy to take a picture of me hooked up to all the wires and monitors for the blog. And, it also wasn’t me who answered the following questions 3,482 times by 213 healthcare providers.

  • Are you having chest pains?
  • Are you having blurred vision?
  • Are you having chest palpitations?
  • On a scale of 1-10, rate your pain.
  • Are you having urinary issues?
  • Are your feet and legs swollen?

And finally, it is not me who admits that I spent all that time worrying about my funeral for nothing.


You can check over at MckMama’s place to see if she is hosting a Not Me! Monday this week.


  1. Erika says

    And it’s not me yelling at you aaahaaa because I dont even know you,(or do I) I don’t even have a blog to participate in the not me adventure,..but I am praying for you and putting your name on couple of prayer chains.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. McDaddy says

    Didn’t get a picture because the McPhone was in the McVan getting it’s batteries charged after keeping McFacebook up to date all day.

  3. Kimber says

    ok seriously your BP was way too high and you need to find out why- but on the other hand I have to laugh because I am glad to know I am not the only one who thinks about EVERYTHING….. If I get the flu like I always do 2x a year shot or no shot at least once during my sick time my hubby reminds me yes he knows I only want yellow roses on my grave and they should be put out never every 3 months if he is going to be cheap and do fake or once a week or more if he really loves me and is willing to do real…. LOL

  4. says

    Glad it was all declared to be “for nothing,” but please get your high blood pressure checked out with a non-ER doc! (You probably are going to anyway, but just in case…)

    I’ll be glad to trade you some of my low BP for a tad of your high BP to even us out. 🙂 I went to the doc last Friday with a sinus infection and the nurse checked my BP. She looked up at me with a slightly horrified look on her face, and nearly whispered that my BP was something like 80/55 (I can’t remember now the exact #–must be the effect of the low BP). I think that explains a lot now…soooo spacey. (I tend to be “low normal” when I’m not sick.)

    Praying for you, my friend!
    .-= Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Brrrr! =-.

  5. Jean says

    You can make a bad situation almost funny — almost, because high bp is NOT good. Still praying for you! PS – I love you, McDaddy. 😉


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