Seeing Eye To Eye


McDaddy is a good man.

He is a great husband, and an awesome father. In fact, he is the kind of guy that does that right thing even when no one is watching.

He is that good.

Still, there are some issues to which me and McDaddy do not agree.

In fact, I have learned that we will probably never see eye-to-eye on some issues unless of course, one of us were to fall and hit our head (which would probably be me because have you heard I’m a klutz?) So, we will press on in spite of these issues because we vowed to love each other for better or for worse in spite of our agreeable issues.

Or something like that.

And now, I present the list of things that I have learned that McDaddy and I will never see eye to eye on.

1. In my world, the more lights you have on, the better everything looks. In McDaddy’s world, the more lights you have on, the more your monthly electric bill will be.

2. According to me, it does not hurt to eat, drink and be merry in your vehicle, especially if, like me, you spent approximately half of your life in your vehicle. According to McDaddy, one should use a vehicle to get from one place to another, or in the case of the heap, (ahem! I mean JEEP) for off-roading pleasure. Vehicles should not contain food, drink, or clutter.


3. McDaddy is a firm believer that the lid on the washing machine should be left up after each wash so that the barrell will have a chance to dry out without smelling of mildew. I am a firm believer that the lid on the washing machine should be closed because it is too much for my OCD to handle looks ridiculous

4. McDaddy has replaced all of the light-bulbs in our home with energy saving light-bulbs that take about seven minutes to fully light up. If I had my way, those energy saving light bulbs would be thrown out on the curb on Monday morning for the trash truck and we would replace them with the brightest light bulbs known to man.

5. You will never see McDaddy dunking, soaking, dipping, or sopping food. You will never see me eating french-fries, chicken strips, poptarts, cookies, doughnuts, or chips without dunking or dipping. Likewise, I throw cornbread into my soup and dunk (sop) my toast in my oatmeal.

McDaddy is probably gagging just reading that last sentence.

6. In my humble opinion, if I am home, and it is above 60 degrees outside, I like the front door to be open so that our home is welcoming. McDaddy again, sees an open door as an increased electric bill and will remind me that we’re not trying to cool the neighborhood.

7. McDaddy considers the heap (ahem! I mean JEEP) the best vehicle of all time citing its versatility. I, on the other hand have trouble getting in and out of the thing since he “lifted” it and complain every time I get in it because it is impossible to mount the passenger side seat without brushing up against the muddy, filthy, brush guards on the side.

And for the record, our boys are in total agreement with McDaddy on all matters concerning the heap (ahem! I mean Jeep).


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  1. says

    I think your list is hilarious and are hubbys definitely share some of these traits! I am with you on most (you should see the interior of my car and I hate those dim low-energy light bulbs) however I draw the line at dunking! Sorry to say that is something you share with dh!!!

    Isn’t it good that sometimes opposites attract 🙂

  2. says

    Oh goodness! I could never sop my toast in anything! But I do like milk toast…which is odd I think. Are you one of those people who might put fries on their burger? I can put chips but fries are just too mushy.

  3. Erika says

    Oh Julie…
    Dunking….grooooossssssss, the lights I hate those and my OCD mom always leaves her washing machine lid open until it dries out then closes it. If she is washing clothes she thinks they will smell moldy if she doesn’t remove them the second the machine stops. And lights off..for sure.


  4. says

    Your post cracked me up! I’m glad my hubby aren’t the only ones that don’t see eye to eye on some things. Even with all that, we can’t help but to love them!

  5. says

    Number 2 made me smile.

    Why don’t husbands understand the neccesity of eating in the car? Don’t they get that we HAVE to do it? We are on a schedule. Stopping to eat in the a restaurant, even a fast food restaurant pushes back homework time, prepare for the next day time and bed time. It only leads to frustration.

    Our husbands could be twins.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..What I learned this week: Being a Mom has Given me New Ways to Get My Point Across =-.

  6. says

    My blog is a couponing/money saving blog so no point in posting and linking there.

    This week I have learned something I was dreading. Elephants really never will purr. And just because you are blood related, doesn’t mean you are required to stay sisters. Fabulous… simply freaking fabulous.

    Hoping for happier “learnings” later.

  7. says

    Hello!!?? I read your post, said to myself “Girl, you better get back to work before you get fired… You’ll just have to comment later,” came back, read it again, got distracted, ended up at Jo-Lynne’s blog and saw that you were hosting this week! Good thing this is the internet or I would be REALLY tired from all the running around I did.

    Hilarious post – I think that McDaddy and my hubby would get along just fine…
    .-= Becca´s last blog ..Following My Bliss =-.

  8. Jean says

    Luv that pic of your and Steve’s eyes. So sweet. Julie, you and I are so alike in so many ways with exception of a few of these things. Ha
    I don’t like those bulbs – agreed.
    I do like the front and back doors open for light and open-ness. (sp?)

  9. says

    I’m with you on #2 and #4 and you almost had me on #5 until the toast in oatmeal.I keep telling myself I am gonna get it together one week and participate oh well maybe next week. Have a great day !
    .-= Kim Sorensen´s last blog ..Vision Therapy =-.


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