Some Things On My Agenda

I was totally prepared to compile an extremely long list of things I learned this week.

Then, I visited Jo-Lynne to grab her link and discovered that she will not be doing a Things I Learned This Week post. I thought I might still post my own Things I Learned This Week because? Did you hear me when I said extremely and long?

I was serious about that.

But I thought about it for a second and decided that I could wait a week and post an extremely long honkin’ list of stuff next week instead.


That decision means that I must come up with something else for today because the eight of you that stop by every morning ready to claim your daily dose of crazy would no doubt show up on the Inmates To Playdates doorstep and be highly disappointed if I didn’t post today.


Man, did I mention that I come from a long line of loud talkers?

I basically said all that to say that I’ll be posting a list of Things I Hope To Do instead of Things I Learned this week.


Take the boys to see the new Chipmunks movie.


Help McDaddy finish the great basement remodeling project of 2009 2010 (I realize this might be a lofty ambition especially since McDaddy will be doing 94% of the work!) The other 6% excites the crap out of me (picking paint colors, carpet choices, painting, and rearranging the furniture!) though.

Clean out every! basket! in! this! house! (All 137 of them)

Clean out every drawer, cabinet, and closet at the McResidence getting rid of things that we no longer need/want, then taking the stuff to the Goodwill.

Renew my Y membership so that I can,

Reacquaint myself with the treadmill.

Rekindle my relationship with the elliptical

and Relight the fire within me to take off excess pounds.


Lose at least 40 pounds.

Find a hair gel and hairspray that I can’t live without. (Any suggestions?) I know this seems silly but it is so true!

Be in my bed ready to sleep by midnight every night!

Work on my stupid temper.

Try not to use the word stupid when I get frustrated or aggravated. (Just keepin’ it real!)

Now, where to start?

I’ll try to keep you posted throughout the year to update you on my progress!


  1. says

    Hi Julie…
    Great list!
    It is funny because mine is sort of similar… I want to declutter, finish our basement and lose some weight (ah who I am kidding, I got to lose lots of weight)
    You have inspired me to post my 2010 goals!
    All the best with yours oh and a hairspray I absolutely cannot live without is BIG SEXY HAIR, it is my favorite and the ONLY one that works for me
    Take care

  2. Erika says

    Hey Julie,
    Praying your 2010 goals will be a success. Giving up the soda is a start.. I know I know I am DR. Pepper recovering addict. I can’t believe how much I use to drink it. I too hate coffee and needed my caffeine..(Then there was even energy drinks for awhile)I had one to night even (DR PEP). But I rarely drink it anymore. I am so glad. Helps with my diet. Crystal light wild strawberry has a bit of caffeine and it comes in water bottle packets. Least in expensive to purchase at Wal-Mart.


  3. says

    Girl, I’m suing you for copying my list! We have a basement remodel that needs to get done, I want everything in this house overhauled, cleaned, decluttered and donated, I joined the Y two months ago and still haven’t “met” the treadmill, I need to lose at least 20 lbs, HATE being so quick to be angry, HATE that I say HATE, would love some good hair products (keep me posted on suggestions!)and I need to walk away from the computer and/or TV before 11 o’clock!! We’re totally soul sisters!
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..Back In The Saddle =-.

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