Random Things That Work For Me!

I have been thinking all day about what I would write about for this week’s edition of  Works For Me Wednesday!

Then, after we arrived home from The Chipmunk Movie, The Inflatable Jumping Place, Dinner and the Grocery Store, I started swarping. And by swarping, I mean I took everything out of one cabinet and started moving stuff willy nilly into another cabinet. That led to cleaning out another cabinet and that resulted in my cleaning out another cabinet.

After an hour of moving, changing, eliminating and combining, I decided that organization really works for me! Not only do my cabinets look better, they also make me feel better! Funny how that works.

I guess the first lesson that works for me would be to blog first, then swarp.

Otherwise, you’ll be firing up the laptop at 11:03 pm EST wishing you hadn’t spent so long feeding the OCD monster organizing your kitchen cabinets.

Earlier in the day, I spent 73 minutes on the phone with Doctor’s offices and Insurance people in an attempt to sort out bills, claims, EOBs and receipts. I just about lost my sanity, my temper, and my cool. I generally like to take care of those things as soon as they come in, but apparently I’ve been so very busy the past month that I have forsaken my insurance duties. If I had any sense at all however, I would not have waited a total of four weeks because seriously, one can only take so many prompts before she slowly loses her ever-lovin mind, throws her hands up and says I’m done! Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that we have insurance and I’m thankful that we still have a secondary insurance thanks to McDaddy’s six-month sentence deployment, but my lands there are so many friggin’ hoops.

[On a totally unrelated note, because my thoughts are as scattered as my kitchen cabinets, the stupid phone systems that require you to punch in a bunch of numbers, verify your legal name and offer up your first born before allowing you to talk to a living, breathing person DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WORK FOR ME! And why in the heck, must you verify the information a second time once the live person answers the phone. Now, if they had an option that said, Press one to speak to someone who speaks plain English, I’d be all over that!]

As I said, Organziation works for me!

Head over to We Are THAT Family for hundreds of other things that might work for you!


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    Organization works for me, too! Unfortunately, I am way too scattered all the time to make much sense of my cabinets. Perhaps I’ll take a page out of your book and just frickin’ do it. The getting started is the hardest part!

    Thanks for the compliments. I’m adding your button to my sidebar. 🙂
    .-= Kelly @ MillerMix´s last blog ..Look at those fine motor skills! =-.

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