One Smart Cookie

I thought about saving this post for Wednesday.

But it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe a few of you might be wanting to know the outcome of my cookie exchange and whether or not my cookie earned me the cookie crown at the 2009 Cookie Exchange hosted by my BFF, Becky.

First, meet my cookie, which by the way is a really good cookie.

And here are it’s ingredients, minus the egg and the butter because apparently I forgot to add them to the picture.



3 cups rolled oats

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/3 cup white sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 1/4 cups of butter

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and grease cookie sheets.

In a large bowl, beat 1 1/4 cups of butter with 1 egg and 1 teaspoon of vanilla until fluffy. Stir in the remaining contents.

Drop cookies by rounded tablespoons 2 inches apart onto the prepared cookie sheets. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Cool on cookie sheets for 1 minute before removing to wire racks to cool completely.

And now for the things I learned…

1. As you may recall, the first lesson I learned was to insure I have ALL ingredients on hand before beginning the baking process.

2. If the recipe calls for a wire rack, you should by all means understand that the wire rack is indeed an important step. Otherwise, you will be scraping the cookie and its crumbs off of the cookie sheet. At that minute, you will kick yourself for not following the stupid directions.

3. There is a big difference between Quick oats and Old Fashioned Oats. Not that I have any idea what the difference is, I just heard from my daddy that there is a difference. After my great baking saga of 2009, I also discovered there is a difference in the instant packets of oats, too!

4. You can make three different batches of cookies and they will all look completely differernt.

5. This is a really good cookie. Unfortunately for me, the first batch, the stupid test batch was the best batch.

6. It is never a good idea to make a new cookie recipe while trying a new recipe for dinner.

7. When ten women are vying for a cookie crown, anything [and by anything I mean, bribery, high-pressure tactics, and threats] goes.

8. Presentation of your cookies in a Longaberger basket will not have any effect on voting. But it should because do you see that Longaberger basket on the table? That happens to be the first Longaberger basket I ever bought.

9. Your seven-year old will be confused when you tell him there was not a 2nd and 3rd place finish.

10. You will feel half-sick after sampling all of the yumminess.

See. Lots of awesomeness.

And don’t you love this cute little presentation? 

 And now for the winner. 

Meet Megan (sister of my BFF, Becky) who brought some sort of double delight peanut butter 2009 Pillsbury bake-off winner as her entry.

Shouldn’t that be against some sort of cookie exchange law?

Yes, I think so.

But next year I am totally Googling the Pillsbury bake-off winner before submitting my cookie recipe.

And working on my high-pressure tactics.

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A Culinary Dork

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! A place where we can share things that we did not do with people that we do not know!

Or something like that.

First, it was not me who actually had to write out twelve times seven on a piece of paper to figure up how many cookies I needed for the cookie exchange tonight. Because anyone with any sense whatsoever would know their multiplication facts without having to figurem’ up.

Whatever. I stink at math.

Next, it wasn’t me who called my mama and daddy to ask if indeed I could substitute Country Crock for ‘butter’ in my second batch of cookies because I figured up the wrong amount of sticks of butter and only had enough for the first batch.

Seriously, the whole ‘stick of butter measuring thing’ is goofy anyway!

It also wasn’t me who dumped three packets of instant oatmeal into the second batch of cookies after realizing that I HAD RUN OUT OF OATS FOR HEAVENS SAKE because who runs out of oats in the middle of a cookie-fest?

Obviously someone who is not so great at math.

I wasn’t the one shaking her head in disbelief when the second batch of cookies came out of the oven looking very different from the first batch. Especially seeing as though they pretty much taste the same. 

I’ll never know if its the Country Crock butter’s fault of the instant oatmeal’s fault. Dang. It’s no wonder I don’t spend much time in the kitchen!

And finally, it’s not me who secretly hopes she wins the cookie crown even though she is a culinary dork because who doesn’t like to win?

I’m off to clean my kitchen.

Which is something that I can do because it does not require math.

Enjoy your Monday, y’all!

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Friday Night Lights

The Southern part of West Virginia is gearing up for 6-12 inches of snowfall.

Or 5-8 depending on which news channel you happen to be listening to.

I can’t tell you how crazy that makes me because I don’t like snow. Or ice. Or cold temperatures.

People are all agog (such a great word!) stock-piling bread, milk, and the 214 other things they will most definitely need before the snow melts tomorrow.

Christmas play practice was cancelled and my nephew’s basketball game was cancelled. That means that I could be at the mall.  Or at Toys-R-Us getting another set of Hulk Hands which happen to be on sale today and tomorrow for $7.49. Instead, I am too chicken to venture off of our hill even though McDaddy would be more than happy to load me and the kids in the heap (ahem, I mean JEEP) and brave the wintry roads and the icy conditions.

Instead, McDaddy is sitting beside me on the hoopty Dell that used to be mine mumbling something about an instrument cluster for his truck. Stevie is playing Monster Truck Urban Assault on the Wii and Alex is running around with a Snowboard Airblade on his back like he is Superman “cough talking” which happens to be his new form of entertainment. Which is also a form of entertainment for us.  Basically, as he is coughing his head off, he tries to form a sentence. 

As you can imagine, this joint is a hoppin’ place on a Friday night.

I’ve had a very productive, fun day.

I started out my day whooping it up in a Limo.

A Hummer Limo.

With seven very excited, anxious children.

We took a twenty minute ride “out the road” and then had lunch at McDonalds. Remember the cookie dough I was peddling. Every kid that sold 25 tubs of cookie dough for the P.T.A. Fundraiser got to take a Hummer Limo Ride. I got to ride along because it was actually me that sold the cookie dough, not my sweet seven year oldthey needed another chaperon to go along. There were two groups and Stevie was among the first group. Obviously, Stevie is the kid you can see.

Tammy, the other chaperone and I giggled as much as the kids did. We rolled the windows down just enough to see out and waved at the passer-bys like we were Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana or whichever one is not the real person.

Fun times.

Oh, and remember this post where I talked about the brightly colored ornaments that I decorate? I spent the better part of the evening personalizing one for every staff member at Stevie’s school. Only, instead of using a sharpie, I used a white Deco pen that had me high after the first four minutes. Between all the Christmas lights and the stench of the pen, I barely had the wherewithall to follow the names on the staff roster.

I decorated 56 of them. I would love to have a job doing this on the side. Or just decorating them for folks who wanted to give a really pretty ornament for a Christmas present.

And here’s a close-up. Aren’t they pretty? I’m so excited. I hope the staff enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Oh, these pretty bulbs excite me. All the different colors and designs and stuff. It’s enough to make me giddy even with the prospect of 6-12 inches.

Which stinks by the way.

That is all.

Carry on.

It’s Not Easy Being Crazy

You should know that its not easy being crazy.

You should also know that I know that I probably shouldn’t be putting my crazy on parade for the whole world blogosphere to see. Yet, here I am to tell you all about my crazy.

Hopefully, it will explain how it is that I can dish out a daily dose of crazy here on the blog.

1. I like things in perfect symmetry. Not sure why, I just do. Especially the pillows on our couch and bed. And baskets. And trinkets. And, well, everything!

2. My bed is made first thing in the morning. The whole house can be in disarray (I just love that word!) but by crackies my bed will be made.

3. When I use the bathroom in someone’s home, I always look behind the shower curtain.

(Nosey, much?) Told you, I’m plum crazy.

4. Late. Drives. Me. Insane. I triple dipple hate to be late. And no, I have no idea what dipple means.

5. Sometimes, I make up words. Other times, I use real big words incorrectly.

It’s a gift.

6. The glasses in my cupboard are all facing with the sunflowers facing front.

7. The canned food in the cupboard all faces forward with the picture showing.

I never use the word cupboard in real life. Instead, I would say cabinet.

8. I detest clutter and eliminate it whenever possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any clutter in my home, it just means I detest it. Whether its my in-box, my DVR, my recent calls, or my answering machine. I delete anything that is not necessary. Sadly, that is not the case for the green bench in our bedroom. Or the kitchen catch-all counter.

9. I always fold and stack towels with the folds on the same side.

10. I hate trying to fold fitted sheets because they are ridiculous.

11. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always have an extra pair of underwear on hand.


11. I always put my right shoe on first.

12.  I prefer soft drinks in a plastic bottle.

13. I fold a tissue in half before using it.

I guess that’s enough crazy for one day. Grab some crazy to take with you. For sure there is plenty to go around.

You Capture – Christmas Decor

This week’s You Capture is a fun one because I love Christmas and everything about it. Beth gave us this challenge – The next few weeks the challenges will be based on the Holidays because well, it’s that time of year, of course.  So, next week, photograph your favorite Holiday decor, try different angles and different editing techniques.  Get creative! I can’t wait to see!

Now, each week, I try my best to take some really great pictures at interesting, artistic angles. Instead of my photos turning out all artsy and fartsy though, they appear to be nothing more than a group of pictures taken at some really weird angles. In other words, they are never as creative as I would like them to be.

This first shot is from my Christmas tree. My favorite ornaments on the tree are the ones made lovingly by my boys. The white angel was the first ornament ever made by Stevie. He made it in Sunday School Class in 2005. He was 3 years old.  I cried when he gave it to me. I bet Picasso’s mama reacted the same way when he brought home his first masterpiece. The other ornament was taken in 2006. I have the same sled ornament with a different picture of the boys except for maybe their first two Christmases. Every ornament on my tree is special.


While this next shot may not be necessarily some of my favorite decor, it is a sweet one. Presents are always so much fun at Christmas. Last night, Stevie spent over an hour wrapping seven gifts he purchased for us at Santa’s Workshop. He was as diligent about wrapping them as he was about choosing them. As you can tell from the to/from tag, the front two are his and I smiled when he placed them under the tree. Christmas is best enjoyed through the eyes of a child. (I also happen to love that lime green wrapping paper.) And, as with everything else in my life, I am very choosy about wrapping paper (ahem!)


As I walked around my house deciding what I was going to shoot for this week’s You Capture, I decided to include these because they are so stinkin’ cute. They sit in my bay window with my snowman collection. They even have faux fur around the top. (I’ve been wanting to use faux here on the blog for a long time!) 


I took several shots of ornaments on our tree because I wanted to use the macro setting. If nothing else, this You Capture bloggy challenge has taught me to use the macro setting on my camera. I love the way the garland is hanging in front of the ornament and the sequins on the ornament. This is the McBunch, Circa 2003 which was obviously before my Lasek surgery.


I am real pleased with the way this next one turned out. I grew up about 10 houses away from a ceramics shop. I spent a lot of time there and enjoyed watching my latest creation come to life as I applied some paint. Obviously, I wasn’t very good at writing with a fine tip paint brush (Should’ve used a Sharpie!) and who knows why I made black lines like that for the eyes. The only defense I have is that I was 12, or 13 depending on what day of the month in December it was. And provided that my math is correct. Which is a long-shot. At any rate, I love these little ceramic pieces. They make me smile!

For more Christmas Home Decor shots, you can visit my Tour Of Homes post.

When you’re done with that, you can head over to I Should Be Folding Laundryto see all the other You Capture posts. You know, the ones that will be shot with creativity and artsy, fartsy angles!

For the past six days, at least one of us here at the McResidence has been battling something.

The poops. The pukes. The snots. And the fever.

Gross? Maybe. But I try to keep things real around here.

Because of the aforementioned nuisences, I need a break today. I had thought about telling you 13 things that are in my van but that would require me to actually get up, walk downstairs to the garage and look in my van and well, that requires energy.

And effort.

Neither of which I have a lot of because for the past two nights I’ve been up at unsightly hours administering breathing treatments for my sweet Alex.

So, let’s just talk about 13 questions you might ask me today.

1. Why are you having such a tough time deciding on a cookie recipe for the cookie exchange?

Well, because with anything in my life, I want to be the best. Especially when there is a cookie exchange crown involved. Ahem, Princess, crown… you get it?

2. When did you last give Alex his round of medicines?

As in all areas of my life, I have a list and it is over on the counter. I keep a list because there are five medicines. Three of them must be given every four hours. Two must be given first thing in the morning. After you do the medicines several times, the hours and the medicines all run together. A list is necessary to keep it all straight because there is madness in the medicinal administration.

3. What is a normal number for a four-year old oxygen level?

Thanks to yesterday’s Doctor’s visit, I discovered that 95 is a normal oxygen level for a healthy four-year old. An oxygen level of 93 is not acceptable.

4. Why are there Dodge floor mats in your closet floor?

Well, if you must know there are Dodge floor mats in my closet floor because they are a Christmas gift for my mama and we do not have a box big enough to wrap them in.

5. I love your nail color. What color is it?

Well, since you asked, my nail color is called Comet Loves Cupid. I love bright red!

6. What did you get at Target today?

The better question would be what didn’t I buy at Target today? I got a great deal on the Wii DJ Hero ($40.00 off!), Monster Mutt (monster truck), 4 pairs of pajamas, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon poptarts, 1% milk, 4 boxes of Christmas ornaments, toothpaste, Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread, a Christmas ornament (Letter “D”), Selah CD (for my stocking – you are welcome, McDaddy!), A Jimmie Johnson ornament (for Stevie’s stocking), two pairs of WVU athletic pants and a Dart Board. Dang, I could have called this post Thirteen things I bought at Target today.

7. Why did you buy Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl bread?

Um, because when you toast the Pepperidge Farm Cinammon Swirl bread and slather it with butter it is wonderful and delicious and awesome and you should go buy some right now!

8. What are you drinking right now?

Dr. Pepper, of course. From a coffee mug. Because sometimes I wish I drank coffee just so I could sip from a coffee cup. I also drink milk from a wine glass for the same reason.

Quirks, much? I’m a very weird girl, what can I say?

9.  What was with all the noise on your street yesterday?

Well, after six years of sliding off of our hill in icy conditions, somebody decided we needed a guard-rail by the lake. And, even though McDaddy was none too thrilled, I was very happy, well, except for all the ruckus they caused installing the thing.

10. What are you listening to?

Nosey tonight, aren’t we? Actually, in between Alex’s coughing fits I am watching Sing-Off which by the way I love! And that Nick Lachey is a cutie patootie. I loved him on Nick and Jessica, but after the divorce, I guess Just Nick wouldn’t be much of a show, so I miss seeing him. I was hoping he would get the judging gig on American Idol. But oh well. What do I know? I do like seeing the Boyz II Men guy. Motownphilly, baby! The Voice of Lee are my favorite. The whole color coordinated outfit thing makes me smile!

11.  Why is there a brand new “thing” of toothpaste in your bathroom trash can?

Um, because it is nasty. Steve’s sister gave us a “thing” of toothpaste (and I say “thing” because it is not a tube. It is Mentadent and I have no idea what you call the pump thing!) and it is straight-up gross. I hate any toothpaste with baking soda. So, after returning home from The Target, I threw the whole thing in the trash.

12.  What is the last song you downloaded from iTunes.

It’s been a long time, but the last song I downloaded was I’d Need A Savior by Among The Thirsty.

13. And, now one from McDaddy because as I said, I am tired and have no energy and no effort to think of one last question.

Did you think of me today?

Well, yes McDaddy, I did think of you, because I was in Target and I was looking for something specific for you, which by the way they didn’t have and yes, again, when I had to carry 83 bags from the garage to the house. Yes, indeed, I did think about you!

That’s a wrap!

And what about you? Do you have a question for The Princess? I see Bloggers doing this Question and Answer thing all the time, only, my question / answer commentary would be very short were it not for my favorite Mother-In-Law, McDaddy, and a few others. Go on! Ask me something!

Boxes and Bags and Bows, Oh My!

Sometimes I come up with something so profound that it surprises even me.

Humility anyone?

Actually, I’m not sure how profound this is, but it certainly is a clever little trick that works for me.

While perusing through The Big Lots one day I ran across a couple of large, fun boxes. I had no earthly idea what I was going to do with them, I just knew I wanted them. Sadly, that is the way that 86% of the stuff in my house ends up at my house. The only difference with these boxes is that I actually use them for something that is practical.

Here are the boxes.

While they look like cutely decorated, cleverly disguised Christmas gifts, they are in fact hiding some Christmas necessities that I hate to go digging for when I’m ready to wrap a present or running late and in need of a Christmas bag.

For instance, this Santa Claus box is actually storage for 247 Christmas bows.


Okay, so there aren’t actaully 247 in there, but I can tell you there are at least 80 with plenty of room for a ton more.

And this cute Snowman box hides all of my holiday gift bags, to/from labels, tape and ribbon.

Like I said, clever, practical and profound.

You can thank me later!

Have a great Wednesday, folks! And be sure to head over to We Are That Family for more things that work for you!

Top Ten Things I Learned At Santa’s Workshop

Sometime last May I received a phone call from the PTA President at Stevie’s school asking me if I’d be willing to run for PTA President. Only, the whole “run for PTA President” thing is a little much because it actually involved no running.

And no competition for that matter.

The fact is that there wasn’t one single soul willing to do the job.

Except for me.

Pardon me if this post seems vaguely familiar. I know I have referred to *the phonecall* in several posts. The phone call that I SHOULD have had the sense to not answer, or at least think about before I agreed.

Anyway, like I was saying, a phone call came. I answered. And accepted.

End of story.


Along with the title of PTA President, I inherited a consolidation mess, fund raising attempts, a few PTA meetings, and Santa’s Workshop.

If you are not familiar with Santa’s workshop, let me take a second to explain. A fund-raising company sends you a list of items and the head of your workshop (or last year’s President) picks about 50 items from the list. A week or so before the workshop, the items, plus a cash register are sent to your school. Parent volunteers will then unpack and display all of the items. Then, throughout the week, the children will make umpteen trips to the workshop to spend every. last. dime. they have. The workshop will make a tad bit of money for the school and the children will learn valuable lessons about budgeting, giving, and patience.

First, I need to say that for the most part, I enjoyed working Santa’s Workshop. The children were polite and excited and particular about choosing gifts for their loved ones. In addition to that it was fun meeting other moms and several teachers I had not yet met. With that being said, I sure learned some valuable lessons this week that will be a big help to the poor soul who inherits the workshop next year me.

1. Invest in some sort of change counter. And by some sore of change counter, I mean a device that does not include human hands separating the silver from the pennies in a pile of loose change in an attempt to round up $7.00 for the AVON silver hearts bracelet that “mommy will just love!”  The money in most cases will be sticky and hot and gross.

2. Invest in some sort of loose change wrapping device. – And by some sort of wrapping device, I mean something that will make rolling six rolls of pennies each day easier than it is if you do it by hand.

Something like these from Office Dot Com.

Seriously, the rolling of the coins was enough to drive me insane.

[Note to self: Order these immediately!]

One would think the bank would roll the change in their fancy, shmancy coin rolling machine but that would be way too easy. (Ahem!)

3. You should schedule someone in Santa’s workshop as soon as the school doors open. You know what they say about money burning a hole in the pocket. The children are eager to spend their money and will do it at 7:00 am if permitted to do so.

4. Have a giant calculator on hand. – And by giant calculator I mean a calculator that will be easy to see and easy to operate because before you ring up 97.9% of the children on the cash register, you will need to add their purchases up on a calculator to insure that they have enough money or else you will use every last inch of register tape ringing and voiding orders of over-zealous children that bring $17.00 worth of merchandise to the counter with about $3.00 worth of dimes in a ziplock bag.

5.  Bring some hand sanitizer. – And by hand sanitizer I mean a big, honkin’ bottle of it that can be used by the hundreds of hands that will make their way through the workshop.

6. Ditto for the tissues. – Only instead of hands, they will be used for noses. Runny, wet, slippery, sneezy, snotty noses.

7. Wear some comfortable shoes. – And by comfortable shoes, I mean some shoes that will allow you to jump up, check a price, grab a cheaper item and have it back to the table before the next child in line shoves that child out the door.

8. Dress in layers. – And by layers I mean about three of them that can be quickly and easily peeled off once the maximum capacity of the workshop is reached and the library begins to feels like a sauna. Beads of sweat will be rolling off of your forehead within minutes and you will be having an internal struggle about whether to pass out or ring up this one last order before collapsing right here in the middle of the library. Even though it is about 19 degrees outside,  you will need to stick your head out the door often for some fresh cool air.

9. Order some trinkety stuff from Oriental Trading. – And by trinkity stuff, I mean stuff that you can sell for $0.25 because every single $0.25 item that you have on hand will be gone by Thursday becuase kids want to spend every. single. cent. they. have.

10. Tape one of every trinkety type item to the table and put the rest out of reach of germy littly hands. Otherwise a pencil within reach could have up to a million germs on it before it is claimed and purchased.

11. If your Santa’s Workshop features little plastic poppers (like these from Fun Express Dot Com), you should totally triple your order. Because if you have 500 of them, you will sell 500 and wish you had 100 more.

10. Remember your blood pressure pill. – And by remember your blood pressure pill, I mean, remember to pack an extra two or three in your purse on the off chance that you need an extra one by 10:00 am. And trust me, the odds are in your favor.

Now, wasn’t that a fun experience?

Head over to Musings Of A Housewife for more Things people learned this week. Most of which probably have nothing to do with Santa’s Workshop.

Not Me! Monday

Hopefully my Monday will be better than my weekend.

My weekend started out beautifully. I celebrated my thirty-sixth birthday on Friday and worked Santa’s Workshop at Stevie’s school. Then, I headed home and loaded the McRide for Stevie’s birthday party. He turned seven on Saturday.

Late Friday evening, the stupid stomach bug hit McDaddy.

By Saturday afternoon, the stomach bug had invaded me.

But it was not me who groaned and moaned because what good would that do?

Instead, I alternated between trips to the bed and trips to the potty.

Just after finishing his basketball game on Sunday afternoon, Stevie informed me that his stomach hurt. Which means that the stupid stomach bug has effected (affected ?) 3/4 of the McFamily.

In between running with him to and from the potty, it wasn’t me who composed my Christmas Tour Of Homes post because everybody knows I am much more organized than that. So organzied in fact that there is no way that as of noon today, I still had pumpkins on my porch along side the Christmas lights.

Nope. Not me.

It also wasn’t me who just today found the Christmas wreath for the front door because our Christmas tree has been up for weeks, so why would we wait 2 weeks to put the wreath on the door? (Ahem, Christmas. Tour. Of. Homes!)

And because I have so much self-control, it wasn’t me who has eaten more than her share of these.

*Coughing* Um, choking on chocolate!

So, here’s hoping that my Monday goes better than the weekend.

Enjoy your Monday, y’all!

Christmas Tour Of Homes

Welcome to From Inmates To Playdates.

Come on in, I’ve been expecting you.


I know y’all have a lot of visiting to do, so I’ll do my best to keep the ramblingcommentary to a minimum. I’ll also go ahead and apologize in advance for the mess here at the McResidence. Over the weekend, we celebrated two birthdays and now we’re battling a stomach bug, so as you can imagine, things are a little hectic around here. Before we get started though, can I interest you in a snack?

We don’t do coffee around here, but we’ve got an endless supply of  Dr. Pepper.

And snowmen, as you will soon see.

 As you walked through our entry way, you might have noticed our stockings. We don’t have a fire-place, so we hang our stockings on the banister. So far, the snowman stocking (on the left) has been knocked off about 237 times which explains why the name “Daddy” is barely visible now.

That guy up there happens to by my hubby, McDaddy (with our son, Alex) who is getting a late start on his part of the Christmas decorations in our loft this year. I’ve got lofty ambitions and high hopes that he’ll be done before we’re done here.


Decorating the loft is not easy as you can imagine…

And speaking of the loft, if you were to climb the ladder with McDaddy, this is the view you would see.

I have been known to suffer a panic attack while trying to make the decent from the ladder, so I go up there only when necessary for things like taking a picture for the blog. (Pay no attention to Superman on the back of the couch – Crazy kids!)

Unfortunately you can’t get the full effect of my rotating Christmas tree. Some nights I sit on the couch in a trance watching the thing go around and around and around. I truly am like a kid at Christmas time.

Our tree is filled with lots meaningful ornaments. We always try to get an ornament when we’re on vacation and I have pictures of the kids sitting on Santa’s lap each year, as well as an odd assortment of snowmen.

This is one of our newest ornaments. I picked it up during  our time on Guantanamo Bay when we visited McDaddy during his 6-month deployment.

Another ornament on our tree reminds me of a happier time. The time when McDaddy surprised me with a 10-year anniversary trip to a surprise destination.

And if you stopped by during the day, our tree would look like this.

If you could stay for dinner, we’d eat here amongst the snowmen at the dining room table with my two sweet boys, Stevie and Alex (which explains why you see Monster Trucks and CARS cars everywhere!)

Oh, I almost forgot to show you my bathroom.

This is my newest snowman purchase and I think he sits on this perch nicely. It brings a smile to my face everytime I “have to go” in the bathroom.

Or, how about this little booger, who has perhaps the most important job in the bathroom?

Over on the sink, you’ll find more snowman friends,

keeping watch over the coordinating (Oh, OCD, I do love you so!) Bath and Body Works soaps.

And, at night, Santa’s tree provides light in the bathroom so you can see what you’re squirting.

Most of the snowman friends hang out in my bay window,

Let’s take a peek at the loft to see how McDaddy’s coming along with the decorations…

This is Fred. He sits beside of our Christmas tree.

And, no tour of our home would be complete without this….

Jesus, truly is the reason for the season!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Love, The McFamily from Charleston, West Virginia.

Before you go, be sure to grab a snack for the road.

Oh, never mind. Looks like I’ve had more visitors than I expected!

Thanks for stopping by From Inmates to Playdates! And, a really big thanks to The Nester for hosting this year’s Christmas Tour Of Homes!

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