Bag Lady

We’ve had an exhausting, albeit fun-filled week here at the McResidence.

There is a seemingly endless stack of CARS memorabilia and can you believe that Alex received TWO MORE STINKIN’ LIGHTNING MCQUEENS THAT HE DID NOT ALREADY HAVE?

I would have bet the ranch that he had every Lightning McQueen known to man, but, hark, those very sneaky people at Disney added a green ‘tree like’ streak to the side of one of the boogers and called it Christmas McQueen. Also, they added a black streak to him and called him Burnt McQueen.

Genius, I tell you.

They pull innocent kids right into proverbial their trap because for some reason, these kids Alex think he actually NEEDS every Lightning McQueen known to man.

Transformers have replaced Thomas the Train in the Christmas loot this year. Just when I learned the names of Thomas and all of his rowdy friends, I have a whole host of Autobots and Deceptacons to learn. 

Sheesh. It’s enough to make one crazy crazier! 

But it was not me! who Googled the words remove & plastic & bag & from & stove & top on Christmas Eve.

No way was that me because surely to goodness I have more sense than to place a plastic grocery bag on a hot stove top that had not completely cooled.

And since it wasn’t me who typed all of that in, there is no way that I read the information and quickly summoned McDaddy to fetch some WD40 and a razor blade from his lair garage.

Thirty-six minutes later there is no way I was still using the razor blade to scrape plastic bag off of the stove top because me and the patience are not real close friends.

I can assure you that if I had put that stupid bag on the stove top that I could say with 100% certainty that I WILL NEVER make a dumb mistake like that again because the task of scraping that stove top is ridiculous.

Trust me!

That’s it for this week, folks.

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    I’ve never done the plastic bag, but I have put a tupperware bowl on a hot burner before. And I’m not going to tell you that I turned the burner back on the try and get the plastic off!

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