Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things From Stevie

Hello Internets!

Today’s Thursday Thirteen will be a little different than what you’re used to.

I thought it might be fun to shake things up a bit.

So, I gave Stevie my camera and instructed him to snap pictures of 13 things in our house that he wanted to show you. Besides some technical help from me (and you should know that I am playing fast and loose with the whole technical help thing) he took the pictures himself and chose what he wanted to show you. The only stipulation was that he could not photograph 13 toys.

He provided the narration and at times I had a time keeping up with him. He can talk way faster than I can type. I’m not at all sure where he gets that from. (Ahem!)  He is definitely his daddy’s son. He didn’t leave out any important details and paused to make sure I got it all recorded just the way he wanted.

And now, may I present, Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things From Stevie 


1. “The TV is special because we can watch shows like Tom & Jerry and see what else is on”

And because it provides mommy with some great entertainment.


2. “This is one great game because it’s very easy and very fun!” I play it when I feel bored and feel like doing something fun!”


3. “This is a Cub-Scout manual. It tells you what the cub-scout sign is, like wolf ears, the salute and it tells you what all we do in Cub Scouts. I like cub-scouts because it’s fun!”


4. “You think this is the way this monster truck El Toro Loco looks, but its really not because Alex tore a horn off of it when we were camping at Carter Caves.”


5. “This hat is just like the manual because it is from Cub Scouts, also. Except for it’s different. I wear it when I go to Cub-Scout meetings with dad and Levi and his dad, Eli and Jordan and his dad, Josh and Jackson, and his dad and his brother.”


6. “This bed may look like a car to you because it has wheels on the bottom and a license plate, but its a bed. And the funny part of it is, on the back license plate it says Snooze which means you’re snoring!”


7. “We helped daddy change this faucet a long time ago. Once he yelled up to me and asked if any water was coming out of the pipe, I said no. He said that’s the best thing I ever heard because water was flying out all over the place before that.”


8. “This Mario Cart Wii backpack is just like the game which is the second picture, but, except it has a 3-D scratchy part and it shows you Mario, Wario, Toad and Luigi. This backpack goes with me to school.”


9. “The boots that look like fireman boots are mine. I took them on the scout camping trip at the Kanawha State Forest and I stepped in the creek a couple times and we had a paper cup race down the creek and mine was #6 and then we stopped the race and then I raced a broken cup and my cup together and they both got stuck on a waterfall and I stepped in to find out where it was and the water was too deep and got in my boots and um, they were kind of damp so I didn’t get to wear them on the hiking trip on Sunday up to this huge rock called Alligator rock and the alligator is a rock-eyed alligator.”

Can I just say that the fact that my sweet boy included shoes in this blog makes me smile! The boots were line up in a row and he wanted to turn his boots around so that he could take a picture of the fire badge.


10. “You know this vehicle may look clean, but as usual on off-roading trails we get it so muddy you can’t even see the black. This is one of the best vehicles I like because it has a winch on it now. The wench is for towing other JEEPS out of stuck trouble because they may just spin right out and go right down a hill and it also gets us out of stuck trouble because we can hook ours to a tree and someone else can hook to the tree and it can pull us out of trouble. I took this picture because I wanted to write about this, I really like this, and, on the way home from the camping trip on Saturday I got to switch gears in the Jeep and even when it wasn’t running very well and then on the way home, he let me switch gears again. This is the only vehicle I get to switch gears in and only if mom and Alex stay here, cause if mom and Alex are in there, me and Alex have to sit in the back.”


11. “A long time ago, we had this thing full of toys but now its just half-way full and that’s because we put things back in the right spot, that’s how it got half full. And a long time ago, I think it was a few days before that, me and dad sorted my toy tools and put them back in the right spot. I sorted the black screws in one drawer and the gray screws in the other drawer of my tool bench and I found a black pair of pliers and I decided to put them in a seperate spot.”


12. “This we hardly ever ask to go out and play on because its getting cold. Papa and Dylan helped me and dad build this. After it was already built, me and Alex pretended to build it again. We used toy tools.”


13. “This is a riding toy motorcycle. It may look like a real one because it has vents and something that can hold the tires together but it is not real because it does not have an engine. The way you make it move is by paddling your feet on the floor. I hardly ever ride it because I have more interesting stuff rather than doing that.”

Now, wasn’t that fun?

Yes, I thought so too!

He pays close attention to detail and loves to talk.

Sounds like a perfect DNA match to his dad and his mama.

Enjoy your Thursday, y’all!

You Capture – Fall

Dear Fall,

I’d like to welcome you to another year here in our neighborhood.

I love everything about you! You are my favorite time of year. Except for Christmas, of course. I love your vibrant colors and your pumpkins and your cooler temps.

Speaking of temps, you have been a little cooler than what I’d like, but as long as you keep the white, fluffy stuff from showing up, I’ll take it. Your crisp mornings remind me of apple butter and scarecrows and pumpkins. Your windy evenings remind me that it will soon get dark quicker. (I can do without that, too if I’m being honest.)

The kids love you for your leaves and your Trick or Treat and your pumpkins.

I love you for your splendor and your beautiful, vibrant colors.

Thank you for being a great season and for helping to make my porch look so cute.

Yours Truly,



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Good Bread, Good Meat, Good Lord, That’s Cheap!

I have stared at my computer screen for about twenty minutes trying to figure out how to kick this thing off.

My brain is swimming with ideas about the stupid school consolidation mess and because of that I’ve been having a hard time writing a cohesive post. (I know there are at least two of you out there laughing hysterically because you know that the school consolidation doesn’t have much to do with cohesive thoughts.)

I might as well just get to the point.

It is no surprise that I love to eat.

Not a fact that I’m particularly proud of, but I guess everybody has their vice.

Recently, I’ve happened onto some great deals at some great restaurants. I am a firm believer that it shouldn’t cost $50.00 for a family of four to eat out.

Some great deals….

  • Logans offers 2 full meals (12 choices) for $13.99. This offer is good all day Monday – Wednesday and EVERYDAY between the hours of 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Also, a kids meal at Logans is only $2.99. Me, McDaddy and our boys ate at Logans this evening for $23.00. I chose the sirloin, McDaddy had some kind of chicken with barbecue sauce and tomatoes on it.
  • IHOP offers a 10% military discount to active and retired military members.
  • Applebees Grill and Bar offers a 2 FOR $20.00 deal. There are eight choices and again, I suggest the sirloin.
  • Texas Steakhouse offers a 10% military discount to active and retired military members.
  • Outback Steakhouse offers 15 meals under $15.00. I guess (cough) I would (cough) order the sirloin.
  • At Lone Star Steakhouse, children eat free on Tuesdays. They also have a full gluten free menu.

Also, you can go here for a complete listing of businesses that offer a military discount.

A great deal works for me and it can work for you, too!

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What I Learned {About The School Board} This Week

I’ve learned a lot in the past month.

Sometime in May, I received a phone-call from the PTA President at Stevie’s Elementary School asking if I’d run for President of the PTA for the following year. After some thought, I agreed.

As it turns out, there was no ‘running’ involved.

In addition to that, there was no one else interested in the job. I am an organizer by nature and just knew this job of conducting six meetings and overseeing fundraising efforts at the school would be right up my proverbial alley.

It just so happens that two weeks after school started, our school board announced that a neighboring elementary school with chronic flooding problems will close at the end of this school year and those students will be sent to our school. Furthermore, (because there is always a furthermore when you are dealing with the school board) because of over-crowding issues, all fifth-grade students in our area will be moved to the Middle School which currently houses 6th -8th grades. All other 5th graders in the county will remain in elementary schools.

Lucky for me, I’m the PTA President this year.

As you can imagine, this PTA gig is turning out to be way more than I bargained for.

I have yielded phone-calls and e-mails, I’ve met with school administration about how best to fight, I’ve being told a fight will be useless because the “proposal” is a actually a done deal, and just last night, I sat in my big, blue, bloggy chair composing a letter to the editor and school board members. While composing that letter, I received a phone call from another concerned parent. He has asked that I file a  freedom of information act regarding discipline problems at the middle school. You know, because I know all about freedom of information acts.

Like I said, I’ve learned a lot. And learning is good. No matter what the circumstance.

I’m willing to fight.

I’m willing to write.

Because I am nothing if not willing.

The good news is, this situation makes for some good blog fodder.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ve learned….

1. The school-board can pretty much do anything they want.

2. Once the school-board does what it wants, they will expect parents to immediately embrace their hair-brained ideas no matter how ridiculous they are.

3.  A “proposal” really means a proposed “done-deal” when you are dealing with the school board.

4.  Some parents will say anything at a School Board meeting.

5.  There is a certain Board member in our county who sees nothing wrong with sleeping at a public hearing.

6. If you are the current PTA President the urge to photograph a sleeping board member on your iPhone and immediately post it to Facebook will cause an internal struggle. 

7.  A letter to the editor of our local newspaper must be less than 200 words.

8. It is tough to get your point across when you’re a big talker you are limited to 200 words.

9. It might be easier for me to write, Dear Editor, I have an opinion about the School Board’s plan to consolidate B and F Elementary. Please call me. Sincerely yours, Julie.

10. When you are spending two hours of your life composing a letter to the editor, you should really read the guidelines before finishing the letter. If not, you will end up axing over half of your letter and wondering why you didn’t have the good sense to read them before hand.

11. When four Schools are being affected, each will have its own set of concerns.

12. I still have trouble with the whole affect / effect thing.

13. Money is the bottom line.

14.  Feeling powerless is a bad feeling.

And that, as they say, is that.


Here’s the letter I sent to the editor. Keep in mind, I have stricken half of it from the record due to word constraints.


Recently, the K. County School Board presented a “proposal” to parents in the Sville area. The proposal includes the closure of B. Elementary and the consolidation of those students to F. Elementary. As a result of the school closure, approximately 150 fifth-grade students will be sent to S. Middle  School. While I whole-heartedly agree that the situation at B. Elementary needs to be rectified, I do NOT for one moment believe or accept that the only viable option in making this happen includes moving our fifth-graders to the Middle School.

The K. County School Board dropped this proposal in the laps of Sville parents after alternate plans were explored and quickly dismissed. Parents are expected to embrace this plan even though the school Board had not conducted the necessary research to compare the educational benefits verses the growing-list of issues that have surfaced as a result of this plan. The School Board could not ensure that fifth-grade students at SMS would have access to the same programs and services as other county fifth-graders.

Simply put, this is a hasty decision. One that I do not feel will serve the best interest of the children in the Sville Community. Ten year-old students belong in an elementary school environment. Our students should not be singled out simply because it serves the current interest of the Kanawha County School Board.

Yours Truly, Julie


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Another Edition Of Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!

It definitely isn’t me who spends every evening after the kids are in bed relaxing in her big, blue, bloggy chair blogging her heart out, while McDaddy sits five feet away on the couch pecking away at his laptop probably on

It certainly wasn’t me who stared at four baskets of laundry sitting around our living room for days. Because I am a dutiful housewife who puts laundry away immediately because nobody wants to look at laundry for days on end.

It also wasn’t me who cleaned. off. the. stupid. kitchen. island. four. stinkin. days. in. a. row. Seriously, why in the heck can’t McDaddy and I keep it cleaned off? On any given day, there are at least two piles of stuff needing tending to and two other piles that have come out of nowhere. There’s really no sense in it, yet, it happens every other day.

It was not me who put a quarter-inch paper cut in her finger while putting up a bulletin board, just after dropping the stapler on my toe.

Who knew bulletin boards could be so dangerous…

It wasn’t me who forgot to take her blood pressure medicine for five days until a massive headache invaded my brain to remind me of it.

It also wasn’t me who dressed my family for a church directory picture in matching shirts and sweaters AND SHORTS because everyone knows a church directory picture is shot from the waist up. Because of that, it wasn’t me who was kicking herself in the tail because hello? YOU COULD SEE THEIR KNEES IN THE PICTURE!


Wasn’t me.

And finally, it wasn’t me who cried during Dancing With The Stars as the dancers paid tribute to Patrick Swayze and danced the final scene from Dirty Dancing. Nope. Not me. No way.

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Dear McDaddy

Dear McDaddy:

I am writing to you today because I have an issue.

*Big gasp*

When I arrived at the McResidence yesterday, there was a package on the porch. It was addressed to me  and had a return address of  Wholesale Gadgets or Gadgets dot com. I can’t really remember, but I know it was something to do with Gadgets.

My heart skipped a beat as I picked up the box, and held it close. I  considered the possibilities of its contents and couldn’t wait to slice the box top to meet my new laptop. The new laptop that I desperately need because this one is just about gone.

As it turns out, my new laptop happened to be a new GPS.

For you.

To replace the Tom Tom GPS that decided to lay down and die.

Now I get the fact that your civilian job requires you to travel to foreign places every week. And, I get that a GPS is much easier than the paper-accordion-fold map. What I don’t get is how come you were so quick to order a replacement GPS when yours quit working, yet, I’m still waiting for a new laptop.

Or at the very, very least, a new cord for my old Dell Hoopty laptop.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “But when you got the iPhone, you said,  you would never, never complain about another thing for a long time!”

And yes, if you said that, you would be absolutely correct.

I did say that.

But its been months now, and my complaint meter is back in business.

Just as you needed a replacement GPS for business, I need a new computer cord for business.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not be getting the apple MacBook.

That’s fine, I guess. Who really needs that sleek white look or that safari anyway?

I can still conduct my business on a Dell or an HP.

If you’re questioning the whole ‘business’ part of that sentence, feel free to talk to any of the eight people that stop by From Inmates To Playdates each day. They will verify that yes, yes indeed, the daily dose of crazy that I serve up here everyday is important to their sanity and over-all-well-being. It is hard to serve up a daily dose of crazy when I’m taking it all for myself because the stupid cord hooked in to the back of this thing has a short in it and will not stay connected.

If I happen to leave my laptop to go to the bathroom or make another trip to the fridge change the laundry around or stir whatever delightful concoction I have cooking on the stove, I have to be very careful to return in a timely matter or I’ll return to find the laptop deader than four-o-clock.

Because of the stupid cord.

When the battery is about gone, I hold my breath, cock my head to the side, twist the cord, pull it out, and in, and out, and in, and then sit real still hoping not to disturb the position of the cord as it relates to the little hole in the back.

ou know that whole scenario drives me all kinds of craz.

In addition to that little problem, you should know that the ‘Y’ button is not functioning as it should either.

So, may I request the next time you’re running up and down the halls of gadget dot com or wholesale gadgets or gadgets for crazy wives dot com, can you order your lovely wife a new laptop cord?

It would be truly appreciated.

By me and my people.

Thank you kindly,

Your loving, content wife, Julie

Thursday Thirteen – Talking About Shoes

I’m not sure where this idea came from.

It’s no secret that I love shoes.

It’s also no secret that I love to talk.

So when I get the chance to talk about shoes, well, let’s just say you can chalk it up to a really good day.

I thought this might be a cute way to showcase some of my fabulous shoes, and believe me, I have more than my share.

In no particular order, may I present to you, the winners of the 2009-2010 Shoe Superlatives.


While this shoe is unforgettable, I think you’ll admit it is fabulous. A friend of mine at our church was wearing a pair just like these and I commented how cute they were. Three weeks later, after a trip to the beach, she brought these to me. I have only two shirts that these shoes match. They are, quite possibly, the most uncomfortable pair of shoes on the planet. That, coupled with their bright, sparkly adornments make them the most unforgettable shoe in my closet.


These are my go-to guys when I need comfort. Granted, they are not the prettiest. Or even flattering. The guy that invented the Croc has my vote. The Croc flip-flop is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. It truly is the best all around shoe.


I have said it before and I will say it again. You will not find a more comfortable tennis shoe. Ever. It might be a little tough to see, but the back of this shoe is open. While that may not be such a great thing in the middle of the winter when there’s a foot of snow on the ground, it certainly makes hot, sweaty days more bearable when your kicking around town in these suckers. Nike, you outdid yourselves with this shoe. Even the cute pull string thingie is great. You’ll never have to tie your shoe strings again.


If these shoes don’t scream flirty, I don’t know what does. The only problem is that they are very uncomfortable. I always have blisters just below my pinky toe when I wear these with one of the two outfits they match.


I call these my JLo boots. Mainly because I look feel like JLo when I wear them. They are sassy and sexy and dramatic. I typically try to steer clear of heels because I am the biggest klutz you will ever meet, but the heel is big and clompy and safe. I love strutting around in these boots even though I probably look like an ostrich. Tommy Hilfiger sure knows how to make a cute boot.


If ever there was a clown shoe, the original croc would be it. I’m not generally a fan of the original croc except for kids. I am a fan of the latest shoe craze however and so I do own a pair. The only suggestion I would make is to steer clear of purchasing a pink croc because unless your OCD permits it, you will not want to wear these shoes with anthing except for a light pink shirt. And, you will only wear them if you do not want to look like a clown. Sadly, its hard to beat the comfort.


 Awww. Aren’t they sweet? I think y’all will agree that this is one cute pair of shoes. Fit for a princess, I say. Not fit for wearing when you’re driving a stick shift heap, ahem! I mean JEEP because you might accidentally almost plow your mailbox down. But, for any occasion other than that, this sweet pair will get you noticed all over town. I have these in black and brown.


 I knew when I purchased these suckers, it was a bad idea. Although they are cute as can be, they are tall and uncomfortable and tall. And when you’re talking about shoes and me, well, let’s just say the flatter, the better. Still, these are some cute shoes.


These shoes aren’t sassy or fun or original. They are just kind of blah. They stay to themselves and come out when needed from the bottom of the pile. Oh, and that middle section rubs a nasty blister on the top of my foot if I wear them for too long.


This is the shoe that I called on when I was pregnant and big as a house. I also have this same shoe in black (wow. who knew I had so many of the same shoe in black and brown?) They are easy to slide on and easy to slide off. Unfortunately, my feet swelled to about four times their natural size both times I was pregnant, so now, these shoes do not fit properly. Still, they are comfortable. Sadly, I am afraid they are way out of style.


It’s hard to explain these bad boys. The heel of this shoe is actually wood. The denim fringe you see is just as cute in person as it is here on the blawg. As with many of the others, this is one uncomfortable shoe. (Why do we do that, girls?)


in falling off, that is. This is the most difficult shoe to keep on my foot. It’s cute and sassy and whathaveyou, but unfortunately, I have a hard enough time just walking, much less walking in some kind of mess like these. I’m telling you, its not easy.

And, I’ll tell you something else that is apparently not easy.

Counting to thirteen, that’s what.

Somewhere between my shoe posing and shoe picking, I lost count and only photographed twelve pair of shoes.

I’ve told y’all before that math is not my strong suit. I wasn’t kidding.

Let me just run over to Google and grab a shoe.


Detail Image

I found this shoe at They are cute and they look like a really, great shoe.

Product Information:
  • Chic and simple, the ‘Tyra’ thong sandal is a wardrobe essential.
  • Textured leather upper.
  • Poron® padded and leather lined footbed for all day comfort.
  • Lightweight injected rubber sole.
  • Handmade in Italy.
  • 7.00 oz.
  • 1 1/4″ heel.

And at $274.95, these shoes are proof that I can pick the most expensive item out of a line-up without even trying.



A Wardrobe essential for who?

Certainly not a lowly SAHM who makes a dollar and some change from her blog each month.

Oh well.

Have a great Thursday, y’all.

Happiness Is…

I wish I could roll the bloggy clock back one little week.

Last week, Beth’s You Capture challenge was Macro. I thought that meant get real close to the subject and snap the picture. So I did just that.

Then, we happened to be camping over the weekend and I was snapping some happiness shots for this week’s challenge and I shuffled through the 593 bells and whistles on my camera when low and behold, I scrolled past one called macro.

I began to snap glorious macro pictures and I got all happy and I thought to myself, I’m totally posting these this week. Who cares that I will be a week late. I was a picture snapping fool.

See here.

Oh my lands.

The detail.

Did I mention macro made me happy? This is what You Capture is all about, folks. Learning to use our camera.

How about this one?

And my absolute favorite except for that little hair that is plainly visable and the wrinkly finger is this one….

I’m pretty sure I heard harps playing when I saw this in my camera preview screen. My wedding ring makes me happy and I still smile each and every time I look at it. Ditto for my beloved Fossil watch.

Thanks for sticking around through my macro fit.

This post is linked to Macro Monday.


Now, onto some happiness.

As I said, me and my sweet fellers went camping this past weekend. They were happy boys!

They played in the water….

And they played with their friends…

Between figuring out my macro setting and spending time with my fellers and our friends, I was one happy girl!

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And speaking of happy, head over here to enter my latest giveaway. You could win a 18×24 poster print of your favorite happy picture!

To The Beat Of A Different Drummer

Yesterday evening, I sat on hard bleachers trying to keep my bum from going numb, watching the eight high schools in our county compete in a band and majorette festival. First, may I say that in my opinion, the Charleston Daily Mail is playing fast and loose with the ‘majorette’ part of that title.

Because there were only 7 majorettes to speak of.

And 8 bands.

Do the math.

Even someone as mathematically challenged as me can see the slight problem in that equation.

It was a fun time and as always my Alma mater the bands did not disappoint. I may be a little bias in my assessment because hello? My high school band is still the top band dog in the county.

Twenty years ago last night the Capital High School Marching Band made its debut. We were a new school with a new name, new school colors, a new school mascot, a new group of kids and a new start. We had the biggest band in the county and our school pride was unmatched. Last night, I watched as my high school again took Grand Champion at our county band and majorette festival. It is also interesting to note that my high school was a result of a school consolidation. I would have gone to Charleston High School and McDaddy would have gone to Stonewall Jackson High School. As fate would have it, both of those high schools closed and consolidated to form Capital High School. The class of 1992 (Our graduating class) was the first class to attend all three years at the new school.

The Band and Majorette Festival is a big deal to band kids and band fans in our county. Here are a few observations from the evening.

1. The Announcer – I think he has announced all 63 of the festivals. Seriously, he has been around a L-O-N-G time.

2. The bleachers – at Laidley Field or The University of Charleston Athletic Compound – or whatever its called now need to be replaced. Twelve minutes into the festival, I found myself wishing I had packed my “Creative Memories” stadium pad because my butt was sore.

3. Originality – For those of you not at all familiar with the Annual Daily Mail Majorette and Band Festival, the originality was a part of the festival until three years ago. After all of the bands did their show, the bands would return to the field in a square formation while the majorettes did a thematic (is that a word?) routine to a medley of songs. Even though I get the reasoning for axing it, I miss it! One year our majorettes danced on banana boats to Day-O.

4. The two chics sitting behind me should have totally kept their traps shut.- While you don’t typically hear me refer to females as chics, I usually don’t have to think up some other name for gals. But, because these gals didn’t deserve to be called ladies, chics is the best I can come up with. First off, every kid on that field was somebody’s baby. And the fact that the two of you sat there running your big traps about twirler’s dropping, field commander’s being in la-la land and a certain grand champion band’s flag corps carrying their flags onto the field for the awards was enough to make me want to scream. It was obvious to me that you are not parents. Because if you were, you would realize that no matter what, every kid on that field logged countless hours trying to perfect a routine that may or may not have impressed you. Whatever.

5. THE AIR BLADE – The new color guard / majorette rifle some of the schools used was really cool. It is called an air blade and a scientific search revealed that there is also a Honda Motorcycle Air Blade. (I think by scientific research, we all know that means Google.) It looked lighter than the wooden alternative used when I was in school and I’m sure it is much easier to twirl.

6. The high school band that is located less than one mile from my house took 1st place in playing and 1st place in marching. They are a smaller school, so they did not compete in the same class as my Alma mater. Still it was great to see such a quality band program in our school district. 

7. The Corn Dogs – There is something about a stadium corn-dog. I eat mine slathered in ketchup and mustard.

8. Admission – Can you believe admission was $8.00? Obviously the new sign bearing the new name of the field can’t pay for itself. When I was (cough) in (20 years) the (ago) band, a ticket to the festival was $5.00.

9. The Capital High School drumline – Awesome as usual.

10. Memories – As I watched each and every band take the field, my mind flooded with memories of the fun times of competing and the many, many trophies we captured in my three years as a member of the Capital High School Marching Band. The band was an important part of my high school years, because that’s where I met McDaddy (we both played the saxophone) and I am thankful that we got to be a part of such a wonderful program. Not only did we have a fantastic time in the band, we also learned dedication, commitment, and discipline. The same band director that directed us, Mr. Scott, is still directing the band today. If you’d like to read the complete story, you can go here.

11. The West Virginia University Marching Band – The WVU Band was fabulous. The four twirlers were awesome!!! I enjoyed every minute of their exhibition performance. It was a great way to end a great evening.

12. Grand Champs – CAPITAL HIGH SCHOOL – We were the Grand Champs our very first year in existence and the CHS band was Grand Champs again last night. A wonderful history. A wonderful program. Of the last 21 years, Capital High has won Grand Champs 12 times!

What’s your favorite high school memory?