What I Learned This Week

Welcome to another week of random things I learned this week. Besides learning more than I ever wanted to know about that The Swine Flu, I’ve learned a number of interesting things.

1. The Snickers Ice Cream Bar is the best tasting thing on the planet.

2. The Tagalong Blizzard is a very-close second.

3. The broiler is a great, quick way to cook thick steaks when the grill decides it will not cooperate.

4. The broiler is not a great, quick way to cook vegetables.

5. If you find yourself in the woods with a Jeep Club, you should probably keep yourself away from leafy, green weeds or else you may spend the better part of the next week treating the poison ivy on your leg or digging a hole in your leg because OHMYWORDITS MISERABLE!

6. When spending an hour in a waiting room waiting for your Doctor to come in, the iPhone is a great gadget to have on hand.

7.  When all of your friends are playing a typing game on Facebook, you should totally resist the urge to play it the first time, because hello?

You know you will not be able to QUIT! PLAYING! IT!

Kind of makes me understand Stevie’s obsession with his beloved DS.

8. People ride on and race ostriches.

Crazy, but true.

9. The Pampered Chef ice-cream scoop has a “Do not place in dishwasher” warning for a reason.

That’s all for this week.

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