With This Ring, I Thee Wed

If you were my wedding ring…..

Wedding Ring 

You’d smile knowing that you are my favorite material possession.

You’d be thinking to yourself… I can’t believe I made THE BLOG.

You would have been sad to be separated from me for 8 days when you had to be sized down due to my recent weight loss efforts.

You would wish that I’d be easier on you so that you wouldn’t have to have your prong fixed again.

You’d wonder why I didn’t clean you more often.

You would know that you are special to me because McDaddy presented you on my wedding day and I have hardly had you off of my hand except for cleaning and repairs.

You would frown when I talked of upgrading (upsizing) the engagement diamond [no real worries… I am really attached to you]

You would grin when people mentioned how much they loved you.

You would stick your tongue out at all of the other rings that must sit in the jewelry box and wait their turn to be worn on my right hand.

You’d hate getting caught on things now that you have new, sharp prongs.

You would know how excited I was the day that McDaddy placed you on my finger.

You would wonder why sometimes your metal and my skin caus a reaction.

You would know that I *triple heart* you very much.


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