Me and My Beloved TiVo

If you are a loyal fan of my blog, you know how much I *heart* my TiVo.

In my humble opinion, the TiVo is the best invention of my time. My TiVo records and files my daily docket of television shows and it allows me fast forward through the commercials and roll a portion of a show back so I can watch it again and again.
I rolled it back last year when Blake Lewis sang “You Give Love A Bad Name” on American Idol. I rolled it back again and again when Paula Deen was on Oprah and dropped a glass bowl into a mixer, spewing glass all over Oprah’s stage (this one gets my vote for the funniest moment on television) and I rolled it back again and again when two young lads from my town landed in front of Judge Judy after an altercation at the Go-Mart at the end of my street. I can still hear that kid saying he was suing for “confersation,” instead of “compensation.”  Geez, someone give that kid a grammer lesson, please and tell him not to mention that he’s from right here in the heart of my town.

I roll it back weekly as I live blog American Idol so I can decipher Paula’s ramblings or hear Kris Allen do his thing one more time.

And, I won’t even mention how many times, my sweet boys have watched I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown. Never mind that it is the middle of May. 

They love watching it.
My unhealthy addiction to this little piece of technology could be certified by somebody. Last week while we were visiting McDaddy in his six-month deployment locale during the finale week of American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, I happened to miss the DWTS finale due to a power outage. I also missed most of the American Idol finale because we went to watch McDaddy’s squadron play softball. We returned home just in time (thanks to a rain storm) to watch as Kris Allen was announced as the winner.

Last night, I had a date with my DVR and was able to watch all of the shows on my daily docket that I missed while I was away, even though some of them were a week old.

I triple love my TiVo and it works for me. Especially, since McDaddy ordered the new-fangled dual DVR that allows me to record two shows at the same time.

Pure joy my friends. Pure joy!

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    Oh Tivo…how I miss you. We had Tivo forever, and it finally died after many years of faithful service. Unfortunately DirecTv is currently out of contract with Tivo, so we had to get a DirecTv DVR. I can’t tell you how much my quality of life has gone down. It is so sad. Their DVR has got nothin’ on Tivo — NOTHING I say. Rumor has it they’ve re-signed, and will be friendly with Tivo again by the end of the year. If I can make it that long. Otherwise we are seriously considering our other options.

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    We just got DVR, and I am hooked. Since we just moved, I don’t have time to sit at the time of the show and watch, so DVR has saved me from missing my few choice shows.

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    I love my Tivo, too. I can’t imagine life without it after having it.

    I fast-forward through Paula’s ramblings, though. Since nothing she says makes any sense to me.

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