Thursday Thirteen – The Letter J.

Short and Sweet.

Thursday Thirteen.

The Letter J.

Off we go.

1. Jelly – I prefer grape, but will also eat strawberry.

2. Jaw – I had extensive orthognathic surgery to correct a serious overbite. Both of my jaws were broken, repositioned and wired shut for eight weeks. Sweet hallelujah, can you believe I survived.

3. Jeans – I was never a big fan of jeans until I found the perfect jeans at Dress Barn. It seemed that in order for them to fit my hips (ahem!) they were always to big around the waist. Westport Jeans fit as if they were tailored for me. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of them on-line anywhere!)

4. Jewelry – Two words. Love. It. I have always loved jewelry. I wear 2 rings, a watch, a bracelet and two pair of earrings everyday. If I’m feeling frisky, I also wear a necklace. I would love to be one of the thirteen women sharing a necklace. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and an incredible story. In my opinion, a girl can never have too much bling.

5. Juice – I’m not a big fan, but I do have a glass of orange juice upon occasion. My boys LOVE apple juice. It is their favorite drink.

6. Jimmy – Meet my daddy! I am a daddy’s girl and I appreciate my dad so much. He sometimes comes to my house just to “hang out” with us since my hubby is gone. My boys love their papa!

7. JEEP – I know McDaddy will be expecting to see this one. Here’s a picture of his heap (ahem! I mean JEEP).

And, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add this JEEP picture…

8. Jury – I’ve been called to Jury Duty on two different occasions. I wanted to sit on a murder/mayhem jury, instead I got insurance malpractice. Still, I took my civic duty as serious as I could at the ripe age of 20 years old.

9. Jesus – There is so much I could say… My Redeemer. My Savior. My Friend. My Help in time of trouble. I will meet Him someday in Heaven!!!

10. Jump – I have a world-class jumper living in my house. His name is Alex and without fail, he will find the highest point of any piece of furniture so that he can “make the biggest jump ever!”

11. Jive – Boy, would I love to pull one of those out. I am a big fan of Dancing With The Stars and if I had my pick, I’d do the jive with this cat….


Can you say hot? I think we would we look great doing the jive together?

12. Junk – I have my share of it. Could get rid of a truck-load and still have more. Just thinking of all the junk around here makes me want to get busy and get rid of it.

13. Jackdaw – You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to come up with 13 “J” things. I had to hit up my friend, Google because I didn’t want to use January, June or July. I thought Jackdaw was a fun word. A jackdaw is a little black bird.

Listen folks, you just never know when you might find yourself on Jeopardy needing to know what a jackdaw is.

Enjoy your Thursday, ya’ll!!!


  1. Julie says

    Julie! I can’t believe our name wasn’t included under this one – I’ve been waiting for the letter J to come!!!

  2. says

    “Off we go”? Girl, I think you’re channeling Simon Cowell now… 😉

    Alex sounds a lot like my 2nd-born son. When he was little, we thought he learned to climb just so he could have more challenging things to jump off of. He hasn’t changed that much. The surprising thing is that HE is the only one (so far) of my three who has NOT gone to the ER because of a fall. I guess he’s really good at climbing…

    And (sigh) my next post will be about a trip to the ER…because I really know better than to say all that stuff I just said!!

  3. Jean says

    I also love the pic of Stevie and his little Jeep — no fear! He is SO sweet and cute, cute, cute!! He and his family will LOVE to look at all those neat pics of him some day. His wife and kids will thank you. 🙂