Get Off My Back

If you were Stevie’s Back-pack……

You’d look like this……

 Cars - Backpack - 16 Inch Lightning McQueen Racing Backpack with Lunch Kit



-You’d hang out on Stevie’s coat rack once you arrived home from school.
-You would sit in a cubby in Room 10 at Stevie’s Elementary School during the day.
-You’d be aggravated that the lunchbox bangs against you when Stevie walks with you on his back.
-You’d have a light jacket in you at all times so that Stevie will be prepared for cool, windy weather.
-You would have come home today with a ziplock bag full of items that the kids collected on a nature walk today.
-You would have a ring-side seat as kids had to pull tickets because of their bad behavior in Stevie’s class.
-You’d carry a nutritious snack to school for snack time.
-You would have a new library book stuffed inside of you on Mondays.
-You would be inspected by me daily.
-You would be thrilled when the weekend got here cause you could get some much-needed rest.
-You’d have S-T-E-V-I-E-S-L-A-S-T-N-A-M-E written on your strap.

-You would be thankful that you were plucked from the rack at Wal-Mart by a little boy who loves you!

-You would get wiped down every week by the crazy lady that shares a house with you.

-You would chuckle that Stevie puts you on top of his head on rainy days.

-You would carry a pack of gummies everyday in case of a snack emergency.
-You would not be happy when you had to carry a 1/2 eaten banana or 1/2 eaten string cheese back home.
Aren’t you glad you’re not a backpack?